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Published on March 20, 2014

Author: johnmccain131


Tooth Decay. Believe it or not, tooth decay is the second most prevalent disease in the U.S next to common colds. When plaque combines with sugar or starch from the food we eat, it produces acids that destroy the tooth enamel. Tooth Sensitivity. If you're experiencing discomfort while consuming hot or cold food and beverages, it means you have sensitive teeth. It's affecting millions of people worldwide. The good news is that it can be treated. Enamel Erosion. Described as the loss of tooth structure, erosion can be a sign of tooth sensitivity. It's commonly caused by acids from the food and drinks we consume. The acids attack the enamel and weaken the gums. Mouth Sores. There are different types of mouth sores (fever blisters, oral thrush, cold sores) but they all have a thing in common – they're bothersome. A mouth sore usually disappears on its own after a week or two.

Oral Cancer. A serious dental problem, oral cancer can spread to the lips, mouth and throat. According to Oral Cancer Foundation, an estimate of 300,000 new cases is diagnosed every year. But just like other forms of cancer, prognosis can be good if identified in early stages. Malocclusion. Known as 'bad or improper bite', malocclusion is the presence of fault with the top and bottom dental arches. It is usually due to an improperly developed jaw or the bad habit of thumbsucking. Severe cases can affect speech and chewing. Unattractive Smile. Crooked teeth can make cleaning the oral cavity difficult. But more than its aesthetic aspect, unattractive smile is a dental problem that can lower your self- esteem and sense of confidence.

Proper Dental Care 1. Brushing – It plays an essential role in dental care health. Brushing serves a lot of purpose – removes food particles, eliminates plaque, cleans and massage gums and freshens breath. Doing it everyday can prevent a number of dental problems. ●Straight and aligned teeth makes cleaning easy ●Prevents gum diseases and tooth decay ●Provides an attractive smile ●Boosts self-esteem and confidence ●Stronger and healthier oral cavity

According to Orthodontist Greensboro, it is recommended for children to visit an orthodontist no later than age 7. Early detection of problems is an advantage. Don't wait for simple dental concerns to worsen. Find a trusted orthodontist now.

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