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Published on July 24, 2014

Author: jameelboothe



Assignment 1

Introduction to Music Production Assignment 1 By : Jameel. B Toronto, Canada

WhatisPropagation? Propagation, in regards to sound, can be defined as the time it takes for a sound to travel through an object, such as water, metal, air plastic and other mediums.

AverageSpeedofSound? SpeedThrough Air 340 meters per second 1 ft/ milli sec 1 Km / 3 sec 1 mile / 5 sec When covering the topic of propagation we must also explore the speed of sound. Here below are is the general speed of sound with respect to air in different metrics.

Propagation inoureverydaylife The time it takes for sound to travel through different mediums can be detected by the human ear, in fact it helps us determine the distance of an object when we hear it. It adds to our space and depths perception.

PropagationinMusicProduction Within in music production propagation can be manipulated in different manners. Some examples of this are the use of delays and reverbs. Click the sound button on the right hear a s808 kick normal, with a reverb and delay. 808 Kick 808 KickWith Delay 808 Kick Reverb

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