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Information about propaganda techniques

Published on January 27, 2010

Author: mmaguire


Propaganda : Propaganda What is it? How is it used? What is propaganda? : What is propaganda? Spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring a cause. Therefore, propaganda may or may not be negative. However, its intent is ALWAYS to convince. The sole purpose of propaganda is to sell you something, be that an idea, a product, or a service. 7 Propaganda Techniques : 7 Propaganda Techniques Bandwagon Testimonial Transfer Repetition Glittering Generalities Name Calling Plain Folk Bandwagon : Bandwagon Everyone is doing it… Be part of the crowd… Don’t get left out… Testimonial : Testimonial A famous person endorses a product May also use someone who isn’t famous, but who claims to have used the product successfully to obtain their goals. Transfer : Transfer Using words that will get your feelings about one thing transferred to another thing. Usually deals with patriotism, but may also include Love or popularity Power and fame Money and wealth Repetition : Repetition Repeating a key word or phrase in hopes that it will be remembered. A logo might also be used repeatedly. I’m loving it! Just do it Glittering Generalities : Glittering Generalities Using words that sound good, but don’t really mean anything. Creates a favorable image in the mind of the consumer. New and improved! Bigger and better! Name Calling : Name Calling Uses words to give you a negative impression of the other person or product. Generally used in political campaigns Plain Folk : Plain Folk Just one of the guys or girls Used to appeal to the general public by saying that the people in the ads are the same as you, have the same problems, and understand you

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