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Information about Promotion Idea of Bio-Kult, Sandoz
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Published on February 18, 2014

Author: Taraleeha


THE BIO-KULT CHALLENGE Faisal Habib Maleeha Tarannum Tabassum Jahan Issues to consider • • • • Budget: Limited (BDT 500,000) Awareness stage of the market: Unaware Product category: Preventive medicine Price range of the product: Expensive Target of the promotion strategy • Communicate benefits of Bio-Kult • Reach a large consumer base Cons of using common mass media • Single media is not effective • Effective combination would be expensive

Phase 1(b). Duration: 4 weeks Coach Three fold strategy Coach Phase 1(a). Duration: 7 weeks Catch What: Benefits of Bio-Kult communicated through opinion leaders in existing health conscious informal groups. Why: Medicine is a sensitive issue. No “experiencer” of new products unlike other industries. However, word-ofmouth is very effective here. Apart from doctors, people try out products which friends, peers, etc have benefitted from. Pros: Catch What: Seminar held for doctors to introduce them to Bio-Kult Why: Consumers in Bangladesh, esp lower and middle class are less likely to try new medicine, which is preventive (thus not usually a necessity) and expensive (BDT 40/capsule), unless a trusted source like a doctor recommends it. Pros: The doctors will recommend Bio-Kult where they deem necessary. Carry on Phase 2. Duration: Continuous Carry on What: A horizontal band on packaging of existing popular products of Sandoz/Novartis carrying BioKult trademark, tagline, and the friendly bacteria. Why: A regular reminder to the consumers, over the gain of Catch and Coach Pros: No additional cost

More of “Catch” Paid volunteers placed in different locations will find out opinion leaders upon observation. These leaders, along with members of different health clubs will be encouraged to form “Fighting Diseases through Prevention” Association. About the Association Mantra: 'Prevention is better than cure when Bacteria is our friend‘ Aim: To make healthy Bangladesh by ensuring healthy immune and digestive system with the help of Probiotics Ritual: Taking Bio-Kult regularly Outcome: Thus, opinion leaders actually will encourage people specially the “experiencers” to use Bio-Kult through communicating them about probiotics. Flyers will support the communication process of these opinion leaders. This flyer will introduce Bluebacto, the spoke-character of BioKult. Friendly Bluebacto in soothing blue will communicate the message 'Bacteria is friend‘. Summing Up Catch Coach Carry On ‘'Fighting Diseases through Prevention Association‘ will aware health conscious consumers who are eager to try preventive medicines. Thus Bio-Kult introduced amongst common people through their trusted close ones. Consumers who are health conscious but sensitive to price or have complicated reaction to opinion leaders will be convinced via doctors who have attended our seminars The ‘Carry on’ activation motivate continuously who are already aware. Also, it will attract people who do not know already to know about Bio- Kult Catch Coach Carry On Effective Awareness

Expenses Summary Coach Catch Association’s Expenses Hall Expense and Refreshments Cost for a 200 person seminar 30000+(20 0*150) = 60000 Per Volunteer Cost for 4 days 500*4= 2000 Employee Salary per Person (average) 15000 Cost to cover 4 seminars 60000*4= 240000 Cost to cover 75 Spots 2000*75= 150000 Monthly salary for 3 employees 15000*3=45000 Flyers/booklets/ and other promotions 50000 Other expense 15000 Sub-total 200000 Sub-total 60000 Sub-total 240000 Grand Total 500000 *The Carry On program does not require additional spending since the brand name and logo of the product being sold was already being printed on the packages of those products.

Gantt Chart Week 1 Coach Inviting doctors Holding seminar Catch Searching, Sorting and Gathering Volunteers Work distribution of Volunteers Volunteers forming contact with Opinion Leaders Forming Association with Opinion Leaders Carry on Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8

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