Promoting Tourism through Inbound Marketing

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Information about Promoting Tourism through Inbound Marketing

Published on November 27, 2016

Author: meleader007


1. Digital Marketing Summit 2016 Promoting Tourism through Army Institute of Business Administration (AIBA), Savar

2. 85% of travel research is carried out via search engines 42 percent acquired a customer via Twitter 48 percent acquired a customer via Facebook 57 percent of companies acquired a customer via LinkedIn 57 percent of companies acquired a customer through their company blog

3. Subject: Promoting Tourism Proposition: Using Inbound Marketing Objective: Focusing on creating quality content that pulls people toward the company and product.

4. BIG Concept Feel the SOIL and NATURE of MOTHER EARTH in Bangladesh ““

5. Website and Application: Categorized Spots, Blogs, Newsletter, Digital Whitepaper, eBooks etc. (Launching: 1st month of campaign) SEO of Website (Launching: 2nd month, when website is fully ready) Google AdWords: Ads on different adventurous and seasonal spots of Bangladesh (Launching: continuing from the 2nd month of the campaign till 11 month) Others: Using all these campaign media we will also publish season based tourism information Steps and Timeline Social Media Marketing : Facebook Page, YouTube Channel, Instagram etc. (Launching: from 5th month of campaign)

6. Digital Whitepapers for every tourism spots as guidelines and accommodation details with total budgets of the tour Categorized Options for adventurous tourists, like, Sea, Forest, Tracking, camping etc. Subscribing Newsletter Option for travelers Blogs for the travelers to share their experience and rate our tourism spots The maps of the spot with all the shops, restaurant, movie theaters, ATM around it as eBooks for Tourists’ help Focusing on Cultural events and Festivals of tribes and Bengali in Bangladesh Short Videos of every Tourism Spots Forums

7. Focusing on the word “Hills, Beach, Forest, Festivals etc.” On search Google AdWords:  Ads to popular webs  Cheaper in price  More reach to targeted customers abroad then any other medium Links Products Ready Linking with Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and other social sites will drive SEO Pay Per Click**

8. Facebook Regular Spot Updates Special Events for attracting tourists from both home and abroad Boosting Videos of Tourism Spots YouTube  Live Video streaming from tourism spots  Short Documentary as ad to YouTube  Interview and review from Tourists Instagram 1. Posting beautiful Pictures 2. Short (10sec) videos Email Marketing Sending Invitation to customers with link of our website

9. 1 2 3 4 Tracking visitors of the website Per click in Google Ads Noting how many emails are read Video viewers in FB and YouTube 5 Number of Blog Readers

10. “Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”

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