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Information about Promote Your University on Twitter

Published on March 5, 2014

Author: Touchdigi



Using Twitter to promote your University can be an effective way to attract potential students and boost recruitment. Find out how to promote on Twitter.

Promote your University on Twitter

• Founded in 2006 • Twitter has grown to be one of the biggest social media sites, with over 200 million active users. • It enables you to reach and engage with potential students. Today’s students are very active on social media sites making them easier to reach. • Twitter is accessible through smart phones allowing you to reach people 24/7 • You can promote your University on Twitter through Promoted Tweets, Promoted Followers and Trends.

Promoted Tweets • Allow you to reach Twitter users that don’t currently follow your account. • These are regular tweets which may have links attached, that appear at the top of a user’s timeline and in search results. • They are shown as ‘Promoted by (your University account) in a users timeline. Promoted Tweets appear in your newsfeed as shown above. • They are paid for on a cost-per-engagement meaning you pay when people engage with the tweet i.e.. They comment, click, retweet or favorite it.

Creating Promoted Tweets • • • • Promoted Tweets can be targeted toward specific people based on their interests, location, specific handles, keywords, gender and even the type of mobile device they use. Campaigns can be run immediately or set to appear within a certain time period. Targeted tweets allow your University to reach potential students when you want to promote University events. When targeting by keywords, your University could choose words like ‘UCAS’, ‘clearing’ or ‘A-levels’. When a user includes any of these keywords in a tweet, the promoted tweet will appear in their timeline.

Promoted Followers • These entries are used to gain more followers. • They appear at the top of the ‘Who to follow’ box on people’s twitter feeds. • They can be targeted toward users based on interests, location, gender, similarities with current followers and device type.  This is how promoted follower entries appear in a users newsfeed. • They are paid for on a cost-per-follow basis which means you only pay once you are followed.

Promoted Trends • These appear at the top of the Trends List and can be used to make an announcement about your University, start a conversation with users or kick off an event. • Trends usually begin with a hashtag. • Potential students can then click on the promoted trend to see all the search results for that topic.  This is how promoted trends appear on your newsfeed. • They are paid for a on cost-perengagement basis meaning they are paid for when users start engaging with your trend.

How do you set up Promoted Tweets and Followers? • Twitter has a separate Ads Dashboard for managing Twitter campaigns. • You much sign up for a Twitter Ads account. Then to access your dashboard, go Twitter ads found in the drop down menu of your main account or access it through • Go to ‘Create new campaign’ to get started, and select whether you want to created Promoted Tweets or Promoted Followers.

• Begin creating your campaign by setting your target audience! Do your research to make sure you reach the right people.

Tips and Advice • Check on your campaigns regularly. • Optimize your promoted tweets – check which ones are working well and driving greater engagement • Watch your followers – are you getting the right people following you? • Get advice from the experts! If you have any questions or want help with Promoted Campaigns for your University on Twitter please get in touch with Touchpoint Digital. @Touchpointdigi Visit our website

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