Projet 1200 מדפסת שולחנית לייצור תכשיטים

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Information about Projet 1200 מדפסת שולחנית לייצור תכשיטים

Published on February 28, 2014

Author: Caliber_Engineering



מדפסת תלת מימד שולחנית לתכשיטים.
מדפסת תלת מימד שולחנית לדנטלי

ProJet 1200 High Precision, Low Cost Professional 3D Printer 2014年2月28日 v11.22.13

ProJet 1200 Small, precise parts and casting patterns with micro-SLA quality at a breakthrough price

Beautiful parts at an amazing price ProJet 1200 3D printer: US$4,900 • Includes everything needed, no extra equipment to buy • UV curing station built in Low per part cost $0.50 per dental unit $0.50 - $0.80 per ring

Tough plastic that’s castable Use prints directly as casting patterns Cement Crown Sprue Mold 99.99% ash free burnout

Democratizing prosthodontic 3D printing Full anatomy pressed crowns

Revolutionizing digital jewelry production A 3D printer right on your workbench 2 hour build time 28mm tall $0.50-$0.80 each

Virtually any small cast metal part

Key features: precision Exceptional feature detail and smoothness

Breakthrough economics • From the printer itself to the easy to use material cartridges, the ProJet 1200 is amazingly economical to use • The printer, at $4,900, is inexpensive enough to buy and put right on your desk • Furthermore, part cost is exceptionally low – less than $1 for a ring, and around $0.50 per dental unit • VisiJet FTX Green material cartridges are just $49, and each cartridge is enough for 50+ rings or 100 dental units

Built-in post processing Built in UV curing chamber

No additional consumables or parts that wear out Material cartridges include everything you need Peel off top Teflon coated print window built in

3D print right at your desk • • • • Compact Self-contained Network ready Factory calibrated

How it works – micro-SLA Resin is in the bottom of the build cartridge and the build platform is lowered. Build Platform Build Cartridge Mirror Imager Resin is cured by imager through the window on the print cartridge and onto the build platform

How it works – micro-SLA Repeat the process one 30 micron layer at a time until part the precise part is finished Part Imager

Hassle free materials • 30 grams of material per cartridge • 90 units for dental • 50 – 100 Rings • 30 connectors • $49 per cartridge 15

Print Material– VisiJet™ FTX Green VisiJet® FTX Green Properties Condition Composition Values UV Curable Plastic Color Dark Green Cartridge Quantity 30g Density @ 80 °C (liquid) 1.02 g/cm3 Tensile Strength, MPa ASTM D638 30 Tensile Modulus, Mpa ASTM D638 1700 Elongation at Break, % ASTM D638 10 Flexural Strength, Mpa ASTM D638 40 Ash Content Description 0.01% Wax-up castable

ProJet 1200 Specifications • • • • • • • • • • Build Area (xyz) : 43 mm x 27 mm x 180 mm Resolution(xy): 587 effective dpi Layer Thickness: 30 micron Vertical build speed: 14mm/hour Material: VisiJet FTX Green Material Delivery: All-in-one cartridge with built-in print window Built-in UV Curing Station File input: STL Power: 100-220V 50/60 Hz System size: 200 x 200 x 300mm 17

ProJet 1200 Summary Small, precise parts and casting patterns with micro-SLA quality at a breakthrough price • • • • Economical to own Safe to operate anywhere Simple to use Prints accurate ready-to-use parts and castable patterns that cost less than one U.S. dollar

ProJet 1200 For more information, visit Thank You Return to navigation 2014年2月28日 v11.22.13

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