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Published on September 29, 2015

Author: JlioCsarNnaDeMoraesBarros


1. 1 Popular initiative Law project of the: (0%) Corruption Method Rio de Janeiro 06/04/2015 Idealizer author: Pajé Goitacá sapoti (Apoena Apeîara Abaetetuba) *9 Pg. 16 Link > A Tenda do Pajé Document’s uploads > Overview: The basic survival instinct of Hyenas (corrupts) is associated with an evil nature, rooted deep down, part into their DNA, the motto is: "F#ck the world and all the foolish peoples! If you can do it Fast, effortlessly and without any risk that’s, even better!" We just can’t change the nature of the corrupted peoples! No laws and enforce rules of conduct can dissuade corrupts of there goals, criminals in general, are absolutely unaware of any concept related to public ethics and morality of an honest citizen; this is not written in their DNA. These do not have the psychic disposition required to understand the basic mining of rules in society! for the simple reason: predator animals aimed at prey, they only react by instinct, not with reason! (Profits and benefits are at prime focus) For them “If is not profitable, It doesn't make any sense, it is just wasting life time." But changing our perspective of view, Hypothetically speaking, would corruption have the minimum conditions to germinate, where the rate of benefits were so low to reduce motivation of bribery to 0% while the failure rate rises high enough to carry out punishment and damage at 100%? To get positive results like this seems something fanciful, very difficult to be considered possible, but that is exactly the essential purpose of the present method, it does not attempt to the treatment, but at prevention and eradication of the disease, i.e. the definitive cure! This can only be achieved by abstracting de evil from its roots surgically! The method proposed here, is designed to prevent and suppress any manifestation of the basic situation, in which corruption can sprout, inducing a miscarriage, even before its conception; in this sense the method, acts as a contraceptive agent, keeping infertile and totally sterile, the gestation organism of illegality, preventing any potential fertilization of corruption, just at the early beginning stage of incubation in the uterus! (The full document is also available on-line at the link above, also in Portuguese). 1.) Index / Overview 2.) Remarks / Introduction. 3.) Laboratory Analysis / The elements are: 4.) Dose a magic potion exists? / There we go... The method prevents and avoids bribery / The Formula: / 5.) A practical example /Oxalá! The Solution was right in front of us / Formal issues / the Reward 6.) Conditions to receive the reward/ Remark: / The 1st clause: /the 2nd clause: /the 3rd clause: 7.) The 4th Clause/ voting in plenary / costs and benefits. 8.) Areas of application / Goodbye Overvalued fees The Personal black box. 9.) Funds Lack at the city hall? / The SUS: /the INSS / Goodbye "offstage" commissions: / withholding/ money laundering Ghost employees and bogus advisors! 10.) Never more buildings collapsing around: / Only good cops defending the law: /Goodbye smuggling! Histories of the past: Traffickers of all kinds. 11.) Farewell to fencers: / Bye bye Piracy, /No more chartered crimes! Ecological issues: / Goodbye clandestine activities: "To squeal or not to squeal that is the question!" 12.) The “Exodus” The reasoning of a cornered corrupt: / Conclusions: 13.) Author Details /Digital encryption: / If willing to support

2. 2 Remarks: Of course this document in its current state, it is actually the prologue, the fundamental basis of a law project, and needs to be re-edited by a professional committee to comply with the formal requirements of a well articulated Federal law Project from a Popular Initiative. Therefore keeping the original guidelines of the author's thought and his authorship, the supporters civil organizations willing to sponsor the project, can form this committee to work on it together, publishing the final document on the internet and uploading it at the link above, so that the author can approve it before its presentation to the internal regiment of the Deputies chamber. Introduction: Every nation has the politicians that deserves! It also lives up on those who are missing! (Have you voted on them? Hold on cowboy!) Feudalism still reigns disguised as "representative democracy" which only represents the interests of the despot himself! Not the represented one. Anyone can see the expression of despair stamped on the faces and the silent cry for help trapped deep in the throat of Brazilian citizens, Hostage of a chronic cancer as a giant squid, chokes with their sticky tentacles, expanding in true the viscera, sinking the country deeper and deeper into the rotten mud of corruption. For those with a minimum of civility, the situation is huge absurd! It's not what every citizen sigh for, and for its family, but in a way, unconsciously perhaps, each one is colluding and has its share of responsibility, Indifference is an great disguise to hide own cowardice, staying still, apathetic toward the situation, letting tings go without reacting, while installed, the disease rots in silently, eroding body, (the country.) and soul, (the Citizenship). This should not be, and can not go on like this! Urgently we need a definitive solution: the ultimate cure! Corruption to germinate needs an enabling environment for development, infected with the parasites of: illegality, immorality, dishonesty and total lack of social consciousness and patriotism. We know how much is harmful to any nation, and therefore for each of its citizens to be impregnated and sinking in generalized corruption; All sectors of the administrative machine and the private sector are infected, since the simple traffic keeper policeman to the men’s and women’s in public positions of trust at the highest levels, and without any exceptions, passing through the three power branches of government and the business community in general, (This always was so, and without tight rein will get worse!) Consequently corruption prevents essential resources to reach their destination for the maintenance of government policies of a social nature or facing economic development and is also a major factor that drives away foreign investment in Brazil. Corruption happens only by lack of seriousness in the state administrative machine, and complete lack of a control mechanism; to avoid corruption, it is not enough to assume corruption as a crime, having law’s to punish the criminal’s, must prevent its occurrence absolutely! According to a study by the World Bank, published in “Veja” magazine no. 1491, DE14 / 03/2001, concluded that if corruption levels diminish by half would result in the reduction of the following social factors: (a) 51% lower infant mortality. (B) 54% less inequality in income distribution. (C) Less 45% of the population living on less than two dollars a day. GARCIA, 2008, p. (13). The precariousness in providing most of the public services does not result from lack of resources, but of poor enforcement. The Getulio Vargas Foundation in research concluded that "the Brazilian economy lost to corruption every year, from 1 to 4% of GDP (FGV). This amounts annually to a minimum value of 30 billion dollars "(NÓBREGA, 2009). It is essential to recognize that the phenomenon of corruption in public administration is an obstacle to the achievement of the fundamental objectives set out in Article 3 of our Constitution (CF / 88), in Verbis: WILMAR VIEIRA MACHADO JUNIOR ART. 3. FUNDAMENTAL OBJECTIVE CONSTITUTES FOR FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF BRAZIL: I - BUILDING A FREE SOCIETY, AND FAIR SOLIDARITY; II - GUARANTEE THE NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT; III - ERADICATION OF POVERTY AND MARGINALIZATION AND REDUCE of SOCIAL AND REGIONAL INEQUALITY; IV - PROMOTING THE GOOD OF ALL, WITHOUT PREJUDICE OF SEX, COLOR, AGE AND ANY OTHER FORMS OF DISCRIMINATION. (This article was the inspiration and goal to idealize this project.) The only weapon against corruption is still “Denunciation”, but most often this ends in Pizza due to corruption it self! It is essential to create mechanisms to prevent in the cradle the occurrence of corruption, indeed, we must create a situation where the benefits of corruption are so insignificant that they won’t be even taken into consideration and at the same time denouncing and injury should be an inexorable fact not a mere risk of minimum odds. For a better Brazil: The importance of awareness and the rescue of morality and honesty are core values in the construction and consolidation of a true democratic state of Order and Progress. Any political program for more elaborate it can be, and however driven by serious people and truly committed to the cause, whit the corruption as the major opponent it is inevitably doomed to failure and flop. First of all we need to identify the tools already available today really effective for the control and prevention of corruption ... But the evidence in the media speak for themselves, there is nothing in sight, so far! The only really effective instrument that works even avoiding indeed the occurrence of corruption is the present method! (It's up to you now Marina) The ball is there, in front of the goal, just needs to be kicked! Changing is possible, the word: "Corruption 0%" should be included in our national flag! The party or organization able to approve this project into a federal law by popular initiative will have legitimized

3. 3 representation by genuine trust of all the voters to elect not only the next President of the Nation, but all followers! Without relying on costly political campaign and corporations "sponsors" (who sends the bill later.). United we’ll get it! Translated copies in English of this method were sanded to various countries around the world, let us bee the first! not allowing a foreign country to lead, approving Corruption Law (0%) Before us, National pride is at stake! It is a matter of sovereignty. Politically it would be a legendary ball out, Imagine the embarrassment of any Brazilian politician at an international meeting! (No prestige at all even and whit good reasons labeled: "those corrupts, they sold the ball...") Losing (7-1), at World Cup champ. Would seem a little in comparison! But frankly if it’s Brazil or another country the first, what really matters, is to approve the law anyway, all else country’s, inevitably will have to follow the example to stay in stag at the global market, surely, because the country that won’t join the project (0%) Corruption will be politically isolated and stagnant in all terms, social and economical aspects! Who will do any business with an officially corrupted country? (Let’s get down to the facts... The Method! For god sake) Laboratory analysis: What explains the high incidence of corruption at the state level in relation with Brazilian society? What causes people who have a very affordable life, greedily willing more and more and being about to risk everything they have by taking part of unscrupulous and illegal schemas to divert public or private resources, to pay and accept bribes, inciting bribery etc? I am not a sociologist technocrat at it, but I know that money alone is not the primary motivator, the biggest incentive of all is simply the absolute certainty of success and impunity coupled with an overly inflated Greed and also Boredom, tasting life dangerously, because life makes no sense if you do not take risks, is a game where the risk is currency trading, that is a scientific fact, there are people jumping off cliffs with homemade parachute for the same reasons: addiction in Adrenaline! (Baksheesh fee in this case). We live in a society where corruption is synonymous of status and power, to achieve the goals and consider someone as of the "Family" (Mafiosi) the target person, has to adhere to the established corruption consortium (of the family) they can be quite "convincing”, to death if necessary! We hear often on the media: accident of all types involving important people! This is the plain truth, honesty and social consciousness... story’s of fiction, just scenic makeup, useful only to keep appearances! The green reality of the Brazilian State (the obvious symptoms of the disease) urgently needs a miraculous cure! (Marina! call at ones a shaman Pajé!). Generally, what are the elements involved in a transaction of active or passive corruption? We have the "Trading Object " Usually a fine, a contract to be signed or a document to be approved etc.; we have the "corruptor" someone who owes or want to get something of a certain value, that is above he’s expectations, To achieve at a "fair" price, he needs the approval of an authority, the "corruptible", willing to make concessions and sell his soul in exchange for the capital element, the "baksheesh fee " (Morphine? Both are addictive!). The lack of any Concurrence in this sector promotes and feeds such illicit business. The basic elements are: 1.) The Trading Object (e.g. fine or contract etc.). 2.) The Pretender corruptor (who initiates bribery). 3.) A corruptible Authority (who accepts the bribe). 4.) The Bribery value (the baksheesh fee). 5.) The Concurrence (element missing in the bribes market). We will not bare stick in detail, everyone knows what it is, how it works, and certainly feel the harmful (or Beneficial) effects of corruption in he’s monthly budget. So far corruption is institutionalized, (as indeed is being in Brazil), and while the 2nd and 3rd element of the scenario (The corruptor and corruptible) are in grate agreement satisfied with the baksheesh fee, less more than the value of the Trading object, (fine or other interests) and when the goals are justifying the means without the involvement of related ethical and moral values there is no escape! Corruption is inevitable; while both sides are at profit, the criminal act of corruption is only considered a good deal! The basic survival instinct of Hyenas (corrupts) is associated with an evil nature, rooted deep down, part into their DNA, the motto is: "F#ck the world and all the foolish peoples! If you can do it Fast, effortlessly and without any risk that’s, even better!" We just can’t change the nature of the corrupted peoples! No laws and enforce rules of conduct can dissuade corrupts of there goals, criminals in general, are absolutely unaware of any concept related to public ethics and morality of an honest citizen, this is not written in their DNA. These do not have the psychic disposition required to understand the basic mining of rules in society for the simple reason: predator animals aimed at prey (profits and benefits) only react by instinct, not with reason! "If is not profitable is a delay in life, It doesn't make any sense" But regardless of people’s nature, to be unconditionally followed in the prescribed way in conformance with established rules, a code of conduct has to have three inlaid crucial factors: (A) Motivation: A person is motivated by getting in 100% of cases, a desired reward inherent to a fair conduct (B) Dissuasions: A person is dissuaded by suffering in 100% of cases serious harm inherent to misconduct (C) Honesty: One is already 100% Honest by nature. (In this case, Mother Teresa from Calcutta! Only) Meanwhile if the two factors, A and B could be coexistent, unconditionally there will be no margins to deviate from the established code of conduct. That’s a good guideline to follow in our journey! This leads us to the following strategy: We have to attack the cause deep at the root, aiming at the prey, (i.e. Profits!) Hence it’s noted that the 5th element Concurrence, is missing in the bribes market. Any trade without competition is an "unfair Cartel"! But changing our perspective of view, Hypothetically speaking, would corruption have the minimum conditions to germinate, where the rate of benefits were so

4. 4 low to reduce motivation of bribery to 0% while the failure rate rises high enough to carry out punishment and damage at 100%? To get positive results like this seems something fanciful, very difficult to be considered possible, but that is exactly the essential purpose of the present method, it does not attempt to the treatment, but at prevention and eradication of the disease, i.e. the definitive cure! This can only be achieved by cutting de evil from its roots surgically! The method proposed here is designed to prevent and suppress any manifestation of the basic situation in which corruption can sprout, inducing a miscarriage even before its conception; in this sense, the method acts as a contraceptive agent, keeping infertile and totally sterile the gestation organism of illegality, preventing any potential fertilization of corruption just at the early beginning stage of incubation, in the uterus! Such a scenario would only be plausible if the head of each corrupts, were on award, and a sticky reward hunter on each corrupts, ensuring the rescue of award in case of any misconduct, and as Allied a relentless interference of an unfair Concurrence with very aggressive advertising on media type : Clearance Sale! We cover any bribe offer, paying cash 10xs more! It’s just hard to resist. This would be a totally atypical situation, devoid of motivating incentives for corrupters to practice bribe with each other, preference will always be at the concurrence side! There it is, the Cure! The base from where to beguine our development of the Magic formula! (What a fake Pajé you have arranged Woman?! Talking only nonsense!) Does a Magic potion exist? Returning to the real world, how would this be in practice? Who would be the Concurrence and how and who will be the sponsor of the Clearance Sale? A sticky reward hunter for each...?! At first glance, (and also at the fiftieth!) All this is nonsense, pure fantasy; in practice it is technically impossible! Except by a divine miraculous intervention, but it is known that faith can move mountains! (In this case it will move the entire planet!) The miraculous Magic potion does exist! And it is real, only the smell of it is enough, and suddenly all affected (corrupts) will turn into an honest and incorruptible person forever! (What’s up Women!? now, he's gone crazy at ones! put this bogus Pajé to work seriously! we never know...) Crucial clues were overlooked by forensic investigation in the crime scenario, until now! (Elementary, my dear Watson!) Analyzing carefully, the full formula of incorruptibility and unwavering honesty is finally available! The solution was not technical, but a laboratorial matter! To facilitate understanding, first a metaphorical analogy of the subject: (are you Kidding, The Pajé decided to make a Mandingo and needs:, a Muzzle Gag, sum rotten meat, a laughing bitch a very large ax, and Ducks! as oblation to be sacrificed to the spirits of the treacherous anacondas from the swampland; just that so far?! So hurry up get whatever he needs ... These Pajés, nobody knows what's on there mind!). Patience, we're almost done! There we go... Does anybody can figure out the impression of someone guilty, then suddenly surprised, being violently sodomized by other one of trust, and immediately after, charged! With a bill of an absurd amount, that hurt’s at soul level, and besides, being forced by law to pay the bill to he’s own rapist in recognition of the outstanding service? Don’t even try to know how it feels! But surely, this would be the exact impression of a ruthless crook, being involved in an illegal Trading, while denounced by other one involved, and next, legally fined to pay a salty award to the squawker himself as a reward for he’s honest behavior! (Caught the idea?) Let's see it in detail: Assuming a common scenario prone to corruption: What would happen if participant’s in this contrivance knew that there is: (for those who report bribery) an irresistible reward, guaranteed by law, (Whose value is: twice the value of the Trading object, or higher) and the denounced corruptor (who initiates bribery) beside prison, would be intimated by a judge to pay this reward to the denouncer!... (Thus, becoming the reward sponsor) So... who will give the first bid of bribe in this scenario? Absolute silence... (That’s a tricky billboard) No bids at all? Of course not! Since now the corrupts, are required to audit each other mutually, whereas henceforth the imminent denunciation risk become an irrefutable fact, and not merely a possibility with minimum odds, those involved are in a dead end now, and can’t even grumble! Finally each of them, folds he’s tongue swallowing its own poison, certainly unhappy, (spouting fire from nostrils!) But they will have to do everything in the prescribed way respecting the rules as required by law! This is the code of conduct with unchallengeable authority because it will be followed anyway regardless of people’s nature! In full agreement with the factors A and B mentioned above: Motivation and Dissuasions working together to achieve the goal! (0%) Corruption. The method prevents and avoids bribery! Putting potential criminals themselves as the good guys of the story at the scene stage,, starring the role of honest and incorruptible citizens, to denounce corruption, but this is not a scene of a film, it will happen in the real world! Observing well, just the fact that the Concurrence establishes a reward whose value is, at least twice the value of the Trading Object, this already by itself is the imponderable obstacle for anyone to initiate an illegal trading, “This Concurrence is unfair” says a corrupted guy: “There is no bribe fee that can compete with this unrealistic and abusive price! This is fully disrespectful to our class! We’ll go on strike indefinitely" (is there someone who will miss them? Certainly! The Malu_fund-raiser! This one will be in the front row of the strike). Now, the Pajés lesson... The formula: nothing magic about, only pure mathematics, applied to business rules (supply and demand) where: The amount of the reward __________ (r) _____for who denounces corruption It is twice, or greater than __________ (m) ____The trading Object, fine or others The baksheesh fee ________________ (p) ____ to be competitive in the bribe market... It must be greater than the reward ____(r) _____this makes no sense! bribe is much more expensive than the fine it self. There is no business. The result is ____________________ (C) 0% 0% corruption rate! it makes sense? It s even cheaper to pay the fine! Under these conditions bribery is impracticable! This is justified by the "unfair competition" the overvalued reward guaranteed by law. Paid by the denounced to the denouncer if this eventually report’s a fortuitous attempted of bribery. The squawker, involved in the Same case, whatever disrespects he’s participation, he is exempt from penalties foreseen by law inherent to the particular case. A simple mathematical equation solves the problem! Preventing the occurrence of corruption without public funds and repressive acts (I think this Pajé hide the game, he is actually an undercover mathematician E.T, and a good one!). (C ) 0% = p > (r >= 2·m)

5. 5 A practical example: Say I want to get rid of a traffic fine (The trading object) knowing that if I try to bribe the guard, he would denounce me to be rewarded with the value of the fine in double! And above, the guard can be promoted to a senior position; in addition the baksheesh fee must be greater than the reward! It makes no sense, can’t compete with this value, I have to pay more than double of the fine anyway! So for me is far more advantageous to pay the fine itself and avoid a conviction for bribery, and perhaps even the suspension of my driver's license for a long time. In the opposite case, the guard will never suggest me to do a hit with him knowing that I will surely denounce him so I can not only get rid of the fine, but win the same amount as a reward; The guard, having to pay double the amount of my fine anyway, in addition will be fired and convicted of corruption. So each one on its own initiative (Compulsory honesty) follows the standards set by law. But getting to the point of being denunciated will never be needed in practice, because no one will even try bribery in the first place, (for obvious reasons "unfair Concurrence") staying away from being denunciated at second. Here the impending denunciation is a simple decorative accessory for awards hunters (corrupts or not!) But its existence is fundamental to the basic functionality of the method, which in a simple exchange of perspective, reveals the new order, established through a conceptual leap, reversing the dynamic regency of the rules in the bribes market, where on one hand it's absolute improbable to find someone who’s foolish enough to take the initiative of bribery, with such a unfair Concurrence, stalking with their aggressive reward advertisements, and on the other hand less likely is still to find those who believe they wouldn’t be denounced by other’s, eager to win the coveted, (now almost intangible), reward, which became merely symbolic, serving as a Contraceptive to: "Prevent the possible fertilization of corruption, in the womb of the gestation organism, And this, in all spheres of society (Here on Earth, on Mars and even in hell itself!). Although if a spunky ruthless crook appear proposing bribe, what will be the baksheesh fee? Greater than the reward? Indeed, who will propose or suggest a bribe whose value is two to three times the amount of the fine itself! This is totally out of the question; logically paying the fine is chipper! It's like the TV ad: (We cover any offer in general! We pay triple the price cash, only need to provide the Seller address of the Stolen goods) Here the ad is from the police! And who will pay triple the price is the denounced thief or fencer! (The method is easily applied also repressing: fencing, robberies and thefts View Pg.13), the best of the facts is that the "mui amigos" members of the gang they will work for the law denouncing partners without state effort! Oxalá! Finally the oracles have spoken! "The sweet honey-milk from the union's tit’s dried up baby, you will have to wean! If not, the Pajé bogeyman will get you, boooo!", henceforth the Corrupts, they will swallow throats down nothing else sweet, but only the bitter Magic potion with immediate effect:" Compulsory Honesty " , that suddenly, as by a miracle, turns who is affected, in to honest and incorruptible person, in an unshakable Way! Making it friendly and staunch collaborator, respectful of the laws in general and that’s for ever! (If this is not pure magic, it can only be God's miracle! Bet that the Pajé is the incarnate Messiah, Returned to save the world!) The solution was just right in front of us! But in 10 thousand years history of the human wit, no respectable sage could see it, (Not even the Dalai-lamas of Tibet, with there divine wisdom), it was enough to enter the missing 5th element: The unfair Concurrence, with the "Overvalued Reward", (i.e. The Pajés oblation to the spirits of the treacherous anacondas from the swampland), and the "Award sponsor", the 2nd element (The sacrificed duck, who pays the bill) or the "denounced corrupt" paying the reward to he’s own squawker, (the treacherous anaconda). Hence with the "big axe" at the neck, in front of the "Carrion" the "Muzzle gagged "Hyenas, (the laughing bitches) encumbered to growl or bite, they become meek and laughing! Translating: Due to imminent denounces hovering on air before the opportunities, all corrupts with there heads at Award, being encumbered to bribe or to accept bribes, they become affable and law-abiding. (That’s Just a simple Mandingo of a Pajé, from a Brazilian bush!). Formal issues: Once the present method is approved and gets effective in law, corruption simply doesn’t happen anymore! And it can’t, because the environment in which it needs to develop is fully sterilized and disinfected from any virulent traces of illegality. So in these conditions the Cure for the malignancy cancer "corruption" has been found and can be viscerally eradicated from the bowels of Brazilian society and perhaps in the entire world! And whit no invasive and costly means. (Miracles happen! The charm of bribery fell apart, and corruption is in checkmate!). The reward: Actually is a fine determined by the judge, (besides the prison penalty inherent of the crime itself.) To be paid by the defendant to his squawker, (regardless if it’s only an attempt or effectively the crime it self in question.) of a minimum value, which is at least twice the trading object value, this amount may be grater depending on the nature and severity of the crime; the calculation is simple: the minimum value is multiplied by the years of prison sentence which the defendant is convicted, rounding any fraction always up (we do not save in favor of the defendant, he is the sponsor!) i.e. "Two years three months and eight days" the multiplication is by 3. if sentence is less than two years: the amount to be paid by the defendant will never be less than the minimum listed above, then the value of this fine is fully and tax free remitted to the denouncer of corruption (or any other crime) in the form of a reward (This is the very true awarded giveaway! Regardless of how many people are integrating de corruption gang, each of the denounced party will have to pay the established sum of ted reward to the denouncer. ) And since by law, the reward must be paid by the denounced defendant all his goods will be blocked until the third parental generation and related close friends (Grandfather, father, brothers sons, loyal dogs, birds, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, cousins, uncles etc. ) everyone will be investigated! Must ascertain any irregularities of there fortune. (Have to avail, where is one, there should be more hyenas burrowed) these may be covering up corruption with values in property on there own name, but in reality belonging to the defendant. Hence the confiscation of goods in general will be auctioned and converted in cash to cover the amount of the reward, the process costs,

6. 6 and third-party losses if any. The surplus will go to the union's coffers! (Instead of spending funds against corruption the state will raise even more!). Conditions to receive the reward are linked to the assumption that the complainant provides compelling and irrefutable evidence of the attempt, or the actual bribery (or any other offense) documented and / or recorded on audio and video choice. (Just a report is not enough, have to provide proofs) But it is better and cheaper to be cautious and walk in the line not to be fined at the first place and secondly if fined, pay the fine and avoid being prosecuted. In rare cases the corrupts denounced is bankrupted, (or worthless globetrotter) i.e. he has no where to get the money to pay the fine, in this case he will owes signing promissory notes in registrar's office, Bad luck for the squawker, he will receive the reward one day ! In any case the informer, made his civic citizenship duty on reporting a crime and that serves as consolation. But it is unlikely that this happens, all corrupts has property and money acquired illegally or fraudulently legalized, result from their illegal activities, and needs to be carefully investigated on the background. Remark: The following clauses are only figurative sketches to be taken just as guideline for the formal wording of the present method. The 1st clause: If the " reward sponsor " were the state, or a private sector, institutions "NGO" etc. (As it was to be expected according to logical reasoning) one of the possible fraud aimed at dividing the reward would be: The agreement of corrupts involved, setting a very high value for the trading object; where one takes the blame for bribery, the other stands as the good guy, (the denouncer), forging an alleged bribery situation caught in audio and video, this will outweigh the jail time of one of the accomplices, (in Brazil one is killed for a pair of tennis shoe!) And no doubt, members of the main rewards sponsor office would be involved! Therefore, a critical factor for the bandstand functioning of this method of anti-corruption lies in clause (1) “legal guarantee, that, the payment of the reward must be unconditionally retrieved from the denounced chattel and passed to his squawker. In any hypothesis the origin of the money can’t be coming from any other source not belonging directly or indirectly too the denounced chattel” (he can even try to borrow money from someone, if he find’s one, because those who lends will also be investigated!). The 2nd clause: Another way to try to circumvent the law of this method is in a gap detected by the author, (ancient technique used by corrupts in the past and still in use today) where corrupts in agreement they seal a pact of cavalier (pact of Hyenas). With the commitment not to denounce each other, continuing the corruption trading as usual; but as guarantees, all formalities are recorded on audio and video by both parties and each gets a copy of the recording for his own safety, so that none of those involved may denounce the other, right? Wrong! This worked perfectly until now! (But the Pajé is a millennium ahead) the law anticipated this possibility and provides in: 2nd Clause "Appreciated and applied by law, will be only the first report of bribery; denounces made later by others involved in the same case only has the power to confirm the first one "So, the first who denounces will carry the reward paid by the others involved! And for being "honest" the denouncer (beyond the stipulated reward) in addition, also gains exemption of any penalties disrespecting he’s participation in the case! (There's no way the Mandingo of the Pajé is too strong!) If the Hyenas try to bite from this side, they will break there teeth, and would be digging there own hole to be buried alive. The 3rd Clause: In an ordinary situation for several reasons a person (corrupts or not) is unconditionally under domination of a hyena (tail bounded to a corrupt), being coerced into cooperating with the interests of his dominator (blackmailer): In this situation hence one of the involved in, is beforehand committed, corruption is almost inevitable because willingly or not, acts of corruption are made any way. (there wee got a problem) the present method with the first two clauses is virtually ineffective before a situation of blackmail, because the object of blackmail can be chummy and personal (adultery, homosexuality, addictions etc.) not necessarily of a criminal nature (but the Pajé has a powerful oracle!), to circumvent these obstacles wee have to apply drastic measures which at first glance may seem inappropriate but they work solving the dilemma. So In situations where the object of blackmail is not of a criminal nature The 3rd clause in Article 1 provides: Being denounced by the blackmailed, the blackmailer will pay for he’s crimes according to the law usually as already mentioned above, but preventing revelations of personal secret of the denouncer, in addition to the natural sentence of the blackmailer, a lifetime conditional sentence will be added with heavy prison and fine! in case that somehow the secret of the denouncer comes to light, the denounced will be much poorer and more time kipped in prison (In practice the blackmailer is now lawfully blackmailed not to reveal the secret!) Someone would say, "But if the secret is revealed by someone else without the real involvement, direct or indirect of the blackmailer? Apply conditional sentence in this case would be unfair "(Poor little blackmailer, do you want to gain one of you’re own at Christmas?) The law says: Unfair is to blackmail someone! First of all the defendant being the "only" suspect can’t prove it was not him! And if so, he has to point the responsible providing compelling and irrefutable evidence, in this case the responsible will inherits the defendant’s conditional sentences. In Second place, being aware of all implications of the law, the defendant already beforehand assumes the risk of suffering the consequences. He can’t complain later! (It's like when you assume the risk of killing someone, if somebody dies ...) Hence the best attitude is: Give up, not practicing blackmail! Then you won’t “risk” to be "unfairly" sentenced. In situations where the object of blackmail has a criminal nature, the 3rd clause in Article 2 provides: “rewarded spontaneous confession” which exempts any penalties provided by law to people who spontaneously surrender and confess there crimes, these committed willingly or coerced by a blackmailer; The criminal has a partial exemption for

7. 7 crimes considered heinous; Full in other cases, but always being linked to the fact: denunciation of his blackmailer and / or who more is involved in the criminal schema. Besides the prison sentence for blackmail the blackmailer and / or others involved will have to return back all of what they managed to extort and all benefits gained from crimes arising from the blackmail it self This multiplied by the amount of years of the prison sentence in the case. This article is not closely linked to the presence of the blackmailer's figure, being in full accordance with the 2nd clause of the law. It means that whoever is, accused will have to pay dearly for crimes in which they are directly or indirectly responsible. This is more than enough to avoid interests to practices blackmail, or any other crime! Which is, after all the main aim of the law (0%) Corruption! But what if the identity of the blackmailer is unknown? well Anyway the blackmailer loses control over, whereas the victim opted for “rewarded spontaneous confession” the object of blackmail and the blackmailer potential power over the victim becomes outdated, ending with the entire chain of inherent illegal actions, and this is what really matters, and by the way other corrupted hyenas involved beyond the blackmailer will be denounced automatically in the case, This worth more than all. The 4th Clause: Contracts signed fraudulently between state enterprises and / or the private sector, of a Brazilian or foreign origin based abroad and / or Brazil. If the contract is not signed and registered legally in Brazil and the trading objects of it (manufactured works, services, legal character of trade, buying companies and goods, real estate property) are not physically met, running, and transiting on Brazilian soil, there is no remittance of monetary funds, directly or indirectly linked to the contract from Brazil to the outside and vice versa, there is no restriction, but if all, or part of the above items are in some way related to the national territory, above all the signature and the contract registration, any one on Brazilian soil whether Brazilian citizens or not will be subject to denunciation, made by someone with the acknowledgment of the facts involving the illegal practices, and will be framed in criminal articles under Brazilian law; The denouncer, foreigner or Brazilian, providing evidence of the offense will receive the reward; This suits foreigners and Brazilians corrupts to be highly motivated to giving up their evil intentions, but being guests to behave in a respectful manner to the Brazilian laws without giving up business conducted lawfully. Do not think that consignments of monetary funds made illegally are exempt, by their nature they are more concerned by the informers! (This is a tetravalent ears slap on the out-foxed hyenas). The four clauses of the method are crucial to seal the law hermetically and making it leakage free, without these clauses there are no solid margins to sustain the law. For those who think that the (0%) corruption law will fill up the jails and police stations, can rest easy because the law on itself is not repressive, it does not represent a potential rise of arrested peoples, it just simply prevent the happening of crime, and consequently without crime there are no criminals to be arrested, depending on the (0%) corruption law prisons will be crowded, But only with jailers! and this is a fact to be taken into consideration, the (0%) corruption law with it’s 4 clauses, in practice, will never be need to be applied, for the simple reason: It will not be necessary, while never being violated! Criminals faced with the (0%) corruption law they will give up the practice of crime before! The main factor of dissuasions is simply the absolute certainty of punishment and the non-profitability of the business, criminals are discouraged because seen from the perspective of a criminal, crime literally does not compensate any more! "if is not profitable, it's a delay in life, it makes no sense!" and the calculated risks, are always at 100% against criminals! Because now every corrupt has a sticky personal reward hunter on he’s back forever! And if needed will be, the (0%) corruption law will be there stalking ready, to kick any out-foxed hyenas butt off, and to assert the reward to the squawker. Voting in plenary session: At the time being to vote on (0%) Corruption Law All politicians should voluntarily give up the secrecy of voting in plenary, proving to people that their vote really is representative, representing the voters who elected them! Who dares not to abdicate, fatally he would be taking a position contrary to the (0%) Corruption law and even if not, he will be marked on the social networks as a corrupt, and he can kiss goodbye to his political career! Because he will never be elected to any office by the people from then on! The People are sovereign! (And the Pajé is out there to remind them!) The right thing would be to convene a constituent assembly to include a federal (0%) corruption law in our charter as an iron law of the Nation! And it must be done because the inherent method of the law works as an intermediate link on which depends the unconditional respect of all other laws already in force! Its sounds fantastic and surreal, but is absolutely true and functional, and should be put into practice by priority basis, even if needed, applying a provisional measure by a presidential decree! that’s for obvious reasons, just look around to realize the high rates and chaos in which we are immersed at to the neck due to corruption and widespread crime, it is in fact an emergency matter!, We are in war! At this point it makes no sense to guide, more laws and other issues related to the "intimidation" of criminals (putting the cart before the horse) witch is the law that really intimidates and is fully respected by criminals in practice? So far the only laws that a dishonest respects and complies strictly speaking are those who he himself establishes, and all are related to what goes in and comes out of he’s pocket, First of all we need to have a legal instrument, which promotes with incontestable authority a compulsory Respect of the criminals to all other laws already in force! (0%) Corruption Law is the instrument now available! Functioning as a moderator in full accord and harmony with the other laws in force and the torrid concepts of criminals, allowing these to evaluate on advance the costs and benefits of the illegal targets and finally having the chance to give up! Or bear the relentless losses due to unfair competition! Here who dictates the rules is the market law: “supply and demand” where finances and freedom of the criminals are on auction! (Cutting off cause from its roots surgically, annihilating motivation by attacking profits!) Criminals they come to the conclusion by themselves that crime literally doesn’t compensate any more!

8. 8 Costs and benefits: To promote the anti-corruption method proposed here, we do not need deep academic studies and million dollars of public funds spent on human resources and mobilization of half of the world! The method works autonomously and its application is automatic; it just needs the proper legal support, based on a well-articulated federal law at the cost of almost 0.0 dollar investment for society (Who sponsors the costs of reward, if any, are the denounced corrupts). The advantages of the method are much broader than they appear at first sight, not only cases of corruption can be avoided, but several others offenses and criminal acts, (as we will see further on) can be virtually banished from the scene decorating the underworld of crime in general. So it is imperative to adopt a well-articulated and robust federal law so that appropriate rewards to squawkers are guaranteed by this law relentlessly. In case the law shall guarantee the legal support to prosecute denounced, investigate, and have their bank secrecy and communications broken, all goods blocked, and then sentence the defendant by a federal court as prescribed in law for its crimes and also to pay the reward through the confiscation of their chattel. Application Areas: In fact, without diminishing the effectiveness of the method, this can be applied Not only to active or passive corruption, but also to any business where the putrid stench of illegality, illicitly, contravention and in general, Crime, is unmistakable; All of these in some way, they owe their existence to Corruption, therefore we need just to make some small adaptations for each case referred to the value of the reward, enabling application in numerous cases of illegal practice. All sorts of laws challenging crimes and also all kinds of "behaviors" against good manners as: power abuse, harassment, intimidation, threats, psychological warfare, Extortion, Blackmail, personal offences, physical assaults etc. They can be denounced, not only by the victim, but by anyone acknowledged of the facts can report in exchange for a good reward, (always paid by the offender to his squawker). this is also convenient, because the victim in most cases does not denounce the aggressor for fear of reprisals, hence sufficient to establish a hefty value, (but hefty even!) for each case that may discourage the abused attackers. For example: physical aggression: 10,000 US$ Harassment 3000 US$ Abuse of power 7000 US$ Etc. not to be economic and pity, who pays the bill is the culprit! And this fear more monetary loss than prison itself! Therefore life will be much more safe and pleasant in society, without invasive approach by the state. Each case is treated separately: Denounces and rewards in a process and the crime itself separately in the other. In this sense, the legal issues related to underage do not conflict with the method with regard to denunciation and reward; So that a underage who is caught on any offense, prone to a reward, he (through his legal guardian) must pay the reward (like any emancipated). The squawker will receive he’s reward in accordance with the law even though underage, as cited above; penalties for children already in force do not enter in the merits of the question in the case of Denounces and rewards process, and will be treated separately. In this sense the method also contributes to the reduction of crime among underage. Goodbye fees and overvaluation of budgets: A simple pleasure, like a bottle of wine (or other), if it is proposed or required before delivery of any benefit, is no longer a pleasure, it is disguised bribe! Blandishments are gained by merit not called up! In cases of contracts signed in fraudulently ways between stakeholders, usually between sectors of government and private companies. We always hear news of budgets overvaluation involving important figures. In this case the method works the same way: If a government employee enforces payment of baksheesh fees and the overvaluation of budgets: the entrepreneur, who denounces this act, gains the contract for twice the stipulated budget and receives the value of the bribe doubled. The entire value of the contract, will be paid by the corrupt official, this will be fired and sentenced according to the law. If a corrupted entrepreneur in exchange for a contract proposes an overvaluation of budgets and a bribe to a public official, this undoubtedly will denounce the bribe attempt for convenience, welling to receive double the baksheesh fees and all profits of the company relating to the overrated contract! Witch the entrepreneur must pay as a penalty in addition to being convicted under the law for bribery he'll have to deliver the service any way within time, profiting only loses! So that corruption is no longer so attractive, it has lost its charm becoming a bad bargain for both sides involved. And since the risk of being denounced now is a inconvenient fact and not a probability; whenever there is a business meeting, those involved should be more cautious and require recording audio and video of all meetings; ( as a matter of fact,, since the conditions to receive the reward are linked to the assumption that the complainant provide overwhelming evidence of the offense) this will be a standard behavior in any compromising situation where the practice of a potentially plausible corruption is real. Not only to protect, but above all because it can be a very "rewarding" business! A Personal black box: this lids us to another law project (out of this document contest) just as an idea, we can promote “A personal black box”: witch needs a law support: the Law of "Personal Big Brother" that guarantees: "The full and unrestricted right to record audio and video of our immediate environment; regardless of location (public or private) in which third-party witnesses and we find ourselves."(Of course all within the limits of ethics and common sense) would be like having a personal black box to the strip lap to ensure our physical and social integrity (and also to ensure the striking of a possible attempt to bribe or a crime). And no one! Neither the authorities nor the President of the Republic nor the Pope may require to turn off the device without of the carrier consent (may even be kindly ask you to leave the place, only if the place itself is not public) but if someone forces the issue, it is at least suspect, and when using violence to shut down or destroy the device then, that would be committing the crime of "breach the physical and social integrity" featuring the reasons; This alone (not counting prison penalties applicable in case) will already cost a lot of money to the attacker. (And the evidence undoubtedly would be recorded) I imagine that not only corruption, but all sorts of abuse and assault that perhaps we suffered will be recorded and can be used as evidence in court. The device would be connected to the internet and all recordings are immediately filed in the clouds where each file would be properly identified, dated and contain the information of the location by GPS. (Thus preventing that perhaps the files cold be destroyed by the attackers at the scene) only by intimidation rates of urban violence, especially against women would fall off drastically, without police intervention and involved public funds. (More details example of using PBB unit: "Google Glass" and the mandatory use of the appliance by police pg.12).

9. 9 Funds Lack at the city hall? The authorities use a very common argument "lack of funds" to justify the low number of fiscal service and inspections; For now this argument will no longer serve as an excuse because, we can have thousands of ordinary people, armed with a video camera of a cell-phone or the ("Personal Big Brother") as an independent fiscal, to record in time irregularities in any sector, such as in the sectors of traffic, health, schools, (where a lot of the violence has occurred in recent times) in public and private offices etc. and especially in urban sanitation works, maintenance and healing of cities and municipalities. Independent fiscals have no employee linkage with the state, and will be paid only through rewards to be paid by the law offenders fine, we just need simply to create a site where everyone can register and post the evidence of offenses receiving the reward in his bank account at the convenient time, (after the emission of fines and the payment by the offenders). this will provide In addition, an extra income to many people, reducing unemployment and crime in general (it’s less risky and easier to take a picture than to be involved in an assault) beside we can creates a much healthier environment in society and effectively increase government tax incomes, without extra hiring, and no extra charges to state administration. (Of course, if these are not themselves caught with pants down, making shi..Piii!). the SUS: (United health system) We also have the issue of fraud in the medical sector involving the department with fake surgery and treatments, doctors who charge out in front, perform surgeries usually paid by the SUS; Here no one can take fraud ahead alone and needs several accomplices who would gain further much if reporting fraud as having some active participation in it. The patient himself who is constrained by the physician to pay “out in front” must denounce and earn rewards worth three times what is requested by the physician and the full treatment in a private clinic chosen by the patient and all bills paid by the bastard that in addition of paying the reward will have another process at he’s back losing also the medical license. The INSS (National social security Institute) is also, and always has been the preferred scenic stage of fraud. Pensions of deceased and/or totally unwarned people (or not) are the target, where someone receives benefits on behalf of themselves or for others. Here the scheme is articulated by a gang and needs peoples linked directly to the competent office to have access to files and official documents to be faked, certainly the reward for report is much more attractive than the benefits, reaching scale values at millions of dollars! No one can resist, (not even Mother Teresa from Calcutta, and imagine a corrupt crook). Goodbye "offstage" commissions: Another situation very common in business is: where a supposed buyer of private enterprise (or state enterprise), only closes the deal with the supplier who pays him a "offstage" commission; Here the supplier may denounce the buyer and receive a reward equivalent to twice the value not only of the required baksheesh fee, but the value of all the goods in course of negotiation, there is no sale much profitable than this! Selling your goods at double the price and still earn a commission of up to 30% of the sale value! Paid by the greedy and dishonest buyer; this is enough to dissuade this illegal practice. Goodbye withholding and Money laundering: A simple attempt to sell something without giving the customer the invoice before he lives the store, is already a serious offense of withholding! Many customers do not care about it, but if reporting this behavior mean earning a reward for the customer which is equivalent to twice the value of the goods purchased? Then, no doubt the customer will report to get the goods for free! And the same amount of money as bonus! To be paid by the company. Witch is the trader who would dare withholding? Goodbye money laundering! This practice exists only because there is so much dirty money and many laundries charging cheap! For example: We have to revise the laws governing the fees of lawyers who usually receive money from gangsters and corrupts; if the client is a criminal and earn stealing, the source of the money can only be the result of illicit contrivance committed by this criminals, Therefore any lawyer who receives money from an illicit source, is also committing a crime and should be punished according to the law and even lose their license, we have criminals enough, we do not need another accomplice. as a matter of fact,, as I'm acknowledged, in any service is prohibited to receive money from a questionable source, are lawyers excluded? Well justice is blind, and how about prosecutors and judges are they blind also? We never hear of any news that a lawyer was punished for receiving money from illegal and unknown sources, even those who defends highly dangerous drug traffickers and crook businessmen’s denounced for fraud, which is the incoming address out there money? On the other hand we have many reported cases where individuals and corporations are targets of the tax authorities for the same reason: illegal money, if the bad guys and well suited criminals have to prove the origin of the money paid to their lawyers on their income tax statements, this will greatly hinder their lives, hence, bribe the own lawyer (or someone outside) would be the only option to create a legal source for the money, here comes a dilemma: who will accept the bribe without reporting them giving up the reward? (This is: 10 times the total amount of money, to be legalized). This is suitable for all money laundering attempts derived from underworld crime deals and fraudulent business in any sphere of society using bank’s churches and corrupt companies for the purpose. Another example: The cashbook keepers of the companies that are impelled to forge false data and information on the accounting and declarations of the corporate income tax can report it and earn the reward that can run into the billions of dollars, in multinational companies. Ay ay, if the cashbook keeper doesn’t report, and himself is denounced by a snooping employee! (New profession: graduated snooping employee he’ll be rich soon!). Goodbye ghost employees and bogus advisors! We can not calculate with certainty the reward value in cases of corruptions, for example, when the very object of negotiation and bribery are abstract coming from an illegal source, such as the exchange of favors and traffic of influences in these cases we must set a estimated value according to the monetary benefits obtained deriving from this acts, but when it we have a job in exchange for the approval or denial of any project or to

10. 10 divide the salary, there is always a way to account and converted into monetary values the rewards derived from illegal abstract source. There are many reported cases of ghost employees and bogus advisers where someone in position of trust, abusively hires employees and / or and bogus advisors, getting most of their salary for himself; In this case, usually the admitted can get along the contractor's expense, he just need to get the first check of payments or an audio and video record as evidence, then report the fraud to the competent authorities, receiving in return cash and tax-free the sum equivalent to 15 years' salary including all inherent legal benefits paid at the amount appearing on the contract! And this should com from the contractor's own pocket as fine, (besides, the contractor loses he’s office and will be prosecuted in accordance to the law) this is enough to discourage anyone who chooses unethical and criminal conduct of this nature. (Hence now on, ghost employees, only at cemeteries! And bogus advisers only in Paraguay! And even these will claim the reward!) Remark that this is suitable for any other type of illegal employment as working without a formal contract, slavery, of underage, illegal and/or clandestine labor, compulsory prostitution, etc. (The best of the facts is that members of the schema "mui amigos" will work for the law denouncing partners.) Never more buildings collapsing around: Consider another situation: A building inspector overseeing a construction that apparently has evidence of irregularities and the owner of the edifice is notified. Hence now on everyone involved would be tempted to corruption, one to avoid additional spending on costly structural changes, another to make pompous bribes in exchange for project approval, including irregularities. But then the unfair competition gets in to the scene, who will take the first step? Knowing with no doubt that the other party will denounce the bribe attempt to be rewarded with a value equivalent to twice the value of the additional costs of the work and the fine. No one involved will risk having to pay hefty finds, and prison, because it is cheaper for each to do what should be done by law, and society thanks because everything works as it should be, because there are no reasons justifying bribery; a matter of fact, builder knowing in advance the inconveniences of being involved in bribery, suddenly (for convenience) they discovers honesty as an ally, taking the appropriate measures to prevent the risk following the requirements in the building regulations preventing any confrontation with supervision. In cases of public works, the method is very effective preventing dirty games with marked cards in public works auctions where the corrupts combine in advance witch company will give the last bid; In these cases the denouncer itself as entrepreneur wins the auctions object for the agreed price, but the corrupt company is who will pay the bill not de state. Only good cops defending the law: Every policeman should necessarily use permanently the PBB unit (Personal Big Brother) as part of standard used arsenal of accessories, being at internal service or any external diligence, (in this case only the prosecutor and / or judge has unrestricted access to the recordings) very useful in a situation where a thug drug and / or weapons dealer is arrested by the police. Unofficially it is known that usually in these cases where big money is at stake, there is always a hit between the dealer and the deputy chief of police; the dealer offers bribes, which can be cash or drugs and / or weapons to get rid of prison and ready sometimes have to pay periodically to keep free. if chief of police and / or any of the police officers accept bribes, and let the dealer free, the dealer can get rid of the accusation and prison for free without having to pay anything to anyone he has just to go the prosecutor and report the bribe event, and as a reward he may be considered a free citizen (it is better to have a awarded "repentant" on the street than to have a lot of hungry animals running around, released by a corrupted cop) beyond that the corrupted cop must pay the dealer 10 times the bribes fee and all the value of confiscated goods. Of course all this is well be documented in PBB Recordings, the chief policeman, knowing this, he undoubtedly will refuse the bribe denouncing the fact recorded in audio and video showing the entire procedure of the capture, and the possible attempted of bribery by the trafficker. If this really occurs, the police and all the contingent in duty will share the reward as mentioned above pied by the dealer who besides continuing arrested gets another process for bribery and in this case his sentence will also be doubled. Here the anti-corruption method also works perfectly; both the police and the miscreant has much more loses than gains. Goodbye smuggling! We have the issue of smuggling that fits perfectly in an environment prone to corruption, historically smuggling was that lead to corruption) we always hear that customs reports and traders who make arrangements for the release of goods on the docks and in border regions, while the setting value is convenient for both sides, corruption will run wild; But what will happen when itself the bribe fee can’t compete with the reward value guaranteed by law to the squawkers? (Which is 3x, or more, the value of the commodity itself to be released). Of course nothing! There will be no trust between those involved to start any negotiation and corruption doesn’t happen, then one discouraged knowing that he can’t get alone with bribery he has no options but an approach within the law to make business Histories of the past: Traffickers of all kinds. About drug trafficking: any drug user purchasing drugs for their own use, being in possession of illegal goods, may be easily squawked by another person who has knowledge of the facts, the squawker gets as award many times the drug value (The anonymous squawker can be the dealer himself since there is no evidence of the sale against him!) Now if someone with knowledge of the facts decides to report the trafficker, he also receives multiple times the value of the drug as a reward. One of the bandits in the gang would be very tempted to denounce the boss who just received a large shipment of drugs (there we go again! there is a

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