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Published on January 25, 2008

Author: Mattia


State of the Condominium:  State of the Condominium Open House – Celebrating 30 Years Projects Overview Brian Olivia 16 October 2004 Who’s Here :  Who’s Here Board Members Staff Visitors Bill Viverito, Chevron Energy Solutions Robert Fatovic, AIA Facility Consulting Bruce Ramsey, Original Shadowood Resident Co-Owners and Residents Refreshments, Snacks, Lunch 30 Years and Growing:  30 Years and Growing Shadowood Administrative Staff: Bill Martin, GM 22.5 Years of Service Tracy Williamson, AGM, 8 Years of Service Mamie Smalls, Office Assistant, 1 Year of Service Shadowood Maintenance Staff Ivan Martinez, Maintenance Supervisor, 1 Year Roger Lansdowne, Maintenance Engineer, 9 Years Hernan Contreras, Maintenance Engineer, 2 Months 30 Years and Growing:  30 Years and Growing Shadowood Board of Directors President, Brian Olivia co-owner since 1985, board service in early 1990s Lois Lynch, Director, Co-owner since 1982 Darrell Millner, Director, Co-owner since Tony Coombs, Vice President Co-owner since Adjunct Board of Directors Members Tracy Williamson, Secretary Mark Brabrook, Hearings/Covenants Committee Cody Parket, Landscape Committee Dave Tomasso, Activities Vacant, Communications Vacant, Treasurer State of Shadowood:  State of Shadowood Board/Community Relations Issues Excellent Location and Property Generally Well Maintained Rapid Price Appreciation ’03-04 High-End Condo/Commercial Market METRO – Finally (or not)? Only Self-Managed Large Condo Stable Condo Fees, Good Reserves, but No Renovation/Redevelopment Plan “Presidential” Goals:  “Presidential” Goals Unify Board –Vision and Plan Develop Board/Community Vision Sound Financial Management Upgrade Systems and Property Motivate Staff – Execute Develop Staff, Training, Enrichment Succession Planning Increase Services / Decrease Condo Fee Better Place to Live and Invest Heating/Cooling Background:  Heating/Cooling Background Aging/Obsolete heating/cooling infrastructure Increasing Costs to Operate (> 5% 04-05 alone) Instability in Natural Gas Pricing Highly inefficient (< 5 SEER, 60-70% gas) Obsolete A/C, Sub-Meter, EMS Equipment Lighting and Other Equipment Control High Gas/Low Electricity Prices Costly & Painful Switch From Heat to A/C Poor Air Flow / Temperature Control Poor Humidity and Air Quality Controls Condensation, Mold, Wiring/Control Issues Heating/Cooling Background :  Heating/Cooling Background Stairwell Enclosures—Wanted, but no Board Would Fund Stairwell Tiles Obsolete; Lights Ugly & On All Day Concrete Approaching EOL/Fatigue Mailboxes at EOL and Too Small for Code Trash, Loitering, Noise, Safety, Energy Loss, Insects Condenser (Outdoor) Unit Noise and Appearance Unfair Cost Burden on All Co-Owners No Ability to Budget Utility Costs High Vendor (Sole-Source) Maintenance Fees Limited PM by Condo Staff Heating/Cooling Background :  Heating/Cooling Background Questionable EMS & Sub-Metering Functioning No Ability to Adjust or Monitor Actual Performance Wired Technology Subject to Cuts, Surges, Tampering, Vandalism Obsolete – Cannot be Upgraded or Modernized Single-Source Vendors for Maintenance SCA Staff Cannot Operate, Manage or Repair Stable Electricity Prices until at least 2012 Further Lowering Through Competition—Additional Nuclear Reactors Real-Time Pricing Model in VA is Open Among the Lowest USA Cost per Kilowatt Hour High-Efficiency Heat Pumps Produce 130-140 degree hot air At Least 13 SEER, Water-source are up to 20 SEER Reston is “Solar Enabled” Unstable Gas Prices Oil at $55 a Barrel is Not an Option Winter 2004--2005 Forecast :  Winter 2004--2005 Forecast Temperature is expected to be BELOW Normal Precipitation is expected to be ABOVE Normal Natural Gas Supply is Low: High Overall Demand Low Supply Hurricanes, Economic Growth Using Natural Gas for Electricity Prices will Approach Record Highs At least $1 per Therm (2-3 Times Normal) Expect Dec-Feb Heating Bills Higher than Ever for This Year FOR MORE INFO... Options:  Options Continue Status Quo – “Go Until it Blows” Replace from Reserves Special Assessment Innovative Financing/Implementation Partner with State-of-the-Art Vendors Partners and Vendors on Board Chevron Energy Solutions * Comcast * Robin Technology Solar Mining * H2Options * AMSi * Dominion Virginia Power Ways Forward:  Ways Forward Test Program: Staff/Board Check for Smoke Alarms/batteries (free & free alarms) Website (free / $75/month) Landscape/Covenants (free committee) Test Program: Vendors H20ptions: 20% savings, free repairs AMSi: $20,000k + annual savings “Grant Finder:” Hourly or Performance-Based Payment CitiBank: Full Reserve Fund Management (free) Amex: Investment Seminars for Residents Insurance Broker: Seminars and Get at Least Three More Bids Self-Insure Losses up to $100,000 All 100% Successful – Low Risk, No Cost Technology:  Technology Water-Source Heat Pumps Year Round, 80-degree Water Supplies/Removes Heat Cooling Towers Dissipate Excess Heat Solar Supplies Primary Heat and Domestic Hot Water Natural Gas Boilers & Water Heaters Back-Up Solar Co-Owner Decides When Heat or A/C is On Hot (120 degree) Air in Winter, Cool, Dry Air in Summer High-Volume, Low Velocity Air – Quietly Gets to Front Rooms Programmable Thermostats Zoned HVAC in Community Center (TBD) Humidifiers in Each Apartment HEPA Air Cleaners Optional at Co-Owner Installation and Maintenance Cost Shifts Most of the Heating Cost to Unit Owners EMS / Sub-Metering (Wireless?) Outdoor Lighting Replacement with Astronomic Timers Automatic adjustments for Seasonal Lighting and DST/EST Technology:  Technology Cooling Towers: 11.5' long 4' wide 8.5' high 75 decibels (sound) Fenced Landscaped RA Approval Easy Technology:  Technology Heat Pumps Single Unit Replaces Air Handler (interior fan coil) Heating Coil Three-Way Valves Condenser (through-the-wall outdoor blower) Connects to Existing Heating Pipe Loop Highest Efficiency on the Market Quiet 5-10 Year Guarantee Technology:  Technology How Does it Work Solar Panels Harvest Boiler Boosts Tower Rejects Pumps Move Water WSHP Heats or Cools Closed Loop System No Outdoor Blower No Outdoor Noise Technology:  Technology How Does it Work Programmable Thermostat Humidifier Optional Air Cleaner Technology:  Technology Dominion Power Schedule Technology:  Technology Dominion Power Schedule Classification A will apply for no more than 28 days during any calendar year, and classification C will apply for no less than 60 days during any calendar year. Yearly Profiles: FOR MORE INFO... Chevron Energy Solutions:  Chevron Energy Solutions Large, Experienced Performance-Based Contractor Millions of Square Feet Under Management Team Completed Feasibility Study: Estimated Annual Savings $ 250,000 ($555/apartment/year) Urgent Need to Replace Equipment Replace Current HVAC with Water-Source Heat Pumps Replace Energy Management System Replace Electric Sub Metering System Replace/Upgrade All Common Element Lighting and Lighting Controls Enclose Stairwells, Install Access Control System Optionally Replace Doors and Windows Partner with Solar Supplier Switch to Real-Time Bulk Electricity Pricing from Dominion Do Not Switch to Individual Dominion-Read Meters Success Guaranteed – Low Risk, No Cost Why Chevron Energy Solutions:  Why Chevron Energy Solutions Absolutely NO Upfront Cost Upgrades Completely Financed Through Energy Savings Guaranteed Energy Savings Professional Design, Engineering, Construction and Project Management Maximizes Comfort, Control, Appearance and Savings Highest Efficiency Equipment on the Market State-of-the-Art Controls and Real-Time Electricity Pricing Three Fuel Choices: Solar (Primary) Electricity (Secondary) Natural Gas (Back-up) Funds Stairwell Enclosures Success Guaranteed – Low Risk, No Cost Saving and Cost Estimates:  Saving and Cost Estimates Projected Energy and Operational Savings Energy $135.000 per year * Operations EMS/Meters $25.000 per year Operations Boilers & A/C $30.000 Dominion Rate Change $60.000 Avoided Cost for Switchover $6,000 (2 x per year, 3 staff) Total $250.000 HVAC and Controls Cost: $2.380.000 Energy Management System Cost: $472.000 Stairwell Enclosures: $1.595.000 Doors and Windows Cost: $1.995.000 Lighting Upgrade/Replacement Cost: $ TBD * Does not include value of solar energy Schedule – New HVAC Lighting:  Schedule – New HVAC Lighting High-Level Schedule Milestones FOR MORE INFO... Solar Mining:  Solar Mining Largest Solar Installation in the World State of Wisconsin (!) Solar Energy Vendor Can Harvest Electricity and Hot Water Tax Credit to SCA (Confirmed) and/or Co-Owners (TBD) Potential Tax Abatement to all SCA Co-Owners (TBD) 100% of Hot Water for 100 Days Works on Cloudy/Rainy/Snowy Days Provides Domestic Hot Water (120 Degrees) Provides Heating Water (80 Degrees) Pollution-Free Energy Source Renewable Energy Source No Fuel Price Increase Ever--Guaranteed Positive, Forward-Looking Shadowood Amenity/Image Booster Solar Mining:  Solar Mining Two Models: We Buy and Install 100% Cost Up Front 100% of Benefits Immediately 4-6 Year Pay Back Utility Model No Up-Front Cost 20-Year Contract Guarantee at least 10% Less than Gas or Electricity SCA Owns Equipment in 20 Years Subcontract to Chevron for Maximum Savings FOR MORE INFO... Landscaping, Lighting, Buildings:  Landscaping, Lighting, Buildings Kate Davidson Updated Plan “Pots on Steps” Experiment Resume Long-term Renovation Plan Streetscapes and Building Fronts—Wait for Enclosures? Tree and Erosion Control Bulbs, Perennials, and Native Plants A Real Mess Behind the Buildings! All New Streetlights with Baskets, Flags, Seasonal Lighting—Fewer Flood Lights FOR MORE INFO... Contact Cody Parker at 703-476-9137 or Landscaping / Lighting:  Landscaping / Lighting FOR MORE INFO... Contact Cody Parker at 703-476-9137 Complement a traditional colonial atmosphere with the Colonial fixture. These fixtures are best suited to illuminate walkways, residential communities, small parking areas and residential roadways with forward-facing lighting pattern. Landscaping / Lighting:  Landscaping / Lighting FOR MORE INFO... Contact Cody Parker at 703-476-9137 Like its predecessor, the Carlyle Acorn lighting fixture is best suited for park walkways, residential and urban roadways and small parking areas. The Carlyle is a high-efficiency acorn style with with superior optics, focusing the light in a sharper area. Landscaping, Lighting, Building:  Landscaping, Lighting, Building FOR MORE INFO... Contact Cody Parker at 703-476-9137 Fairfax County has approved street lighting and sidewalks or paths along South Lakes and Soapstone Drives and at the traffic light at the intersection of these two roads. Implementation depends on county funding: 2005-2006 and passage of the bond referendum on 2 November. Please Vote! Cable HSI:  Cable HSI Cable Originally Provided in Fee Discontinued by Cable Co. in 1985 Documents Indicate Inclusion Vast Changes Since 1970’s 92% Take Cable, 22% Take High-Speed Internet Average Cost Today is $79.00 per SCA unit. Options Comcast (Cable) Robin Technologies (Satellite) Do Not Change (status quo) Comcast:  Comcast Incumbent Vendor – Fewest Changes No Construction No Changes for Most Residents Highest Cost (50-75% of List Price) No Choice of Programming Stuck with Fairfax County Channels and Taxes Charges for “Shadowood Channel” Free Service for Community Center No IP Phone Service for 2 years Large Company; Poor Service/Price Reputation Robin Technology:  Robin Technology New Vendor – More Changes Requires Satellite Dish (1 Meter) Requires New Cabling (No Charge to SCA) We Choose Our Own Channels No Fairfax County Taxes (about $20,000 per year) Widest Channel/Programming Options Cheapest Price (35-45% of Comcast List) Free “Shadowood Channel” IP Phone Service Today Smaller, MD-Based Company May Help Eliminate Some Private Dishes Other Board and Staff Projects:  Other Board and Staff Projects Collecting Interest on Delinquencies “Automating” Rules Enforcement Wireless LAN in Community Center Real-time Board and Community Info High-Speed Internet for Visitors Board & Committee Member Stipend Fairfax County Police Living on Property Staff Development Day on Friday Afternoons Changing Office Hours – Same as AMSi Self-Funding $100k Insurance Deductible Update all Policy Resolutions / Bylaws Rules and Regulations Legal Review of Employee Manual “Brian’s Backlog” List Fairfax County Grants for Redevelopment Compressed Landscape/Woodlands Cleanup Project Basketball Court Reclamation Plan Many More—Limited Only by Time, Talent, Volunteers, Interest More Projects – 2005 & Beyond:  More Projects – 2005 & Beyond Streetlights and Sidewalks along South Lakes & Soapstone – Fairfax Co. More and Nicer Community Lighting Direct Debit of Condo Fees Even Monthly (Budget) Billing for Condo Fees and Utilities Payment Coupons Rather than Monthly Statements (Less Mail and Postage) Community Center Renovation (gym, theatre, kitchen, others – Resident Programs Trash / Recycling, Gardens, Picnic Area, Water Feature on BB Court? Building Exteriors Parking (islands, decks, garage, solar carports)? More Condos on Shadowood Out Parcels? Rent Space in Com. Center? Please volunteer for one or more more these committees! Your Suggestions and Projects? Current Status:  Current Status Sign Contract for Comprehensive Engineering Analysis (No Up-Font Cost) October BoD Meeting Budget Workshops – Early November Community Wish List For More Information:  For More Information Feasibility Energy Analysis Bill Martin / Brian Olivia Schedule Bill Martin / Brian Olivia Landscaping Cody Parker Submit questions

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