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Published on June 3, 2008

Author: bebeee


Slip and Score: Know Your Ceramics : Slip and Score: Know Your Ceramics By: Brandi Garibay Audience : Audience High school grades 9-12, Ceramics I course (beginners) Middle class, suburban community A student who wants to take an elective and learn pottery Environment : Environment Individual In a computer lab, viewing from a computer I will be walking around, available for help Objectives : Objectives Students will be given an hour on the computer and are expected to review and pass a quiz with 100 percent accuracy. Navigation : Navigation At each corner at the bottom of every page are three specific buttons that will help you get around… If you click on this button it will bring you to the main menu. If you click on these buttons they will bring you to the previous and next page. If you click on or after reviewing they will bring you back to the question. Back to pre-quiz Back to quiz Main Menu : Main Menu Video Artists Stages Coil Pot Works Cited Coil Building : Coil Building Artists : Artists Maria Martinez John Astbury Jeff Schmuki Maria Martinez (1884-1980) : Maria Martinez (1884-1980) A native American who created internationally known pottery. Her pieces reflected the Pueblo peoples legacy of fine crafts. She created black on black pottery. Her unsigned pieces dated between 1918-1923. Her later work is signed as “marie & julian”. She received the grant for National Endowment for the Arts. Back to quiz Maria Martinez Pictures : Maria Martinez Pictures John Astbury (1688-1743) : John Astbury (1688-1743) Produced yellowish-glazed red earthenware decorated with bits of white pipe clay. Credited being the first to use flint for improving the quality of earthenware mixture by making it whiter. Typical figures are soldiers and esquestrians, rather crude in appearance. Back to quiz John Astbury Pictures : John Astbury Pictures Jeff Schmuki : Jeff Schmuki American ceramic sculptor is known for his hand-built, laminated and compressed sculptural objects, installations, and clay drawings representing the Mississippi landscape. He is head of ceramics and art history at William Corey College in Gulfport, MS. Jeff Schmuki Pictures : Jeff Schmuki Pictures Back to quiz Pottery Stages: Stage One : Pottery Stages: Stage One Slip -Watered down clay in a muddy form. -Used as a form of glue for plastic clay. Back to pre-quiz Stage Two : Stage Two Platic -Workable stage; molding stage; can be recycled; can join to other pieces. Stage Three : Stage Three Leather hard -Stiff and will hold it’s shape; can join to other pieces; can be carved into; can be recycled. Stage Four : Stage Four Greenware -Bonedry; can be carved into; very fragile; can be recycled. Stage Five : Stage Five Bisqueware -fired once in kiln; can not be recycled; glazing stage. Stage Six : Stage Six Earthenware -Second fire-lowfire; can not be recycled. Back to quiz Stage Seven : Stage Seven Stoneware -Second fire-highfire; can not be recycled; vitrified. Coil Pot: Roll Out Coil : Coil Pot: Roll Out Coil Squeezing the clay into a coil or rolling between your hands are two ways to make coils. This technique can be difficult to make a smooth round coil because of the uneven pressure from your hands and fingers. Roll Out Coil : Roll Out Coil When hand rolling coils, use a smooth surface and spreading your hands to apply even pressure. Gently roll the clay back and forth. A Good Thickness : A Good Thickness Roll the coils so that they are thicker than a pencil. Then stack the coils one on top of another. Back to quiz Scrape Inside : Scrape Inside For strength, force the clay together on the inside of the piece. Use your finger and scrape the top coil onto the coil under it. Smooth Inside : Smooth Inside When smoothing the inside of the piece hold your other hand on the outside so you do not damage what you have completed already. Leveling The Top : Leveling The Top If you want the top level, gently turn your piece over and lightly tap it on a smooth surface. Dry Slowly : Dry Slowly When you are finished with your piece let it dry slowly. The grooves in the piece are weak spots and if this dries too quick it will crack. Back to pre-quiz Pre-Quiz : Pre-Quiz What is the first stage of clay? A) Plastic B) Slip C) Greenware D) Bisqueware Pre-Quiz : Pre-Quiz 2. What is the last step in making a coil pot? A) Roll out coil B) Smooth inside C) Level the top D) Dry Slowly Quiz : Quiz 1. How did Maria Martinez sign her earlier pieces? A) marie & julian B) MM C) Pueblo D) Unsigned Quiz : Quiz 2. Who’s work is this? A) Maria Martinez B) John Astbury C) Jeff Schmuki D) Picasso Quiz : Quiz What were Astbury’s typical figures? A) black on black pieces B) soldiers C) installations D) handbuilt landscapes Quiz : Quiz What stage is where the lowfire- second fire takes place? A) greenware B) bisqueware C) earthenware D) stoneware Quiz : Quiz How thick should the coils be for a coil pot? A) a thumb B) a pencil C) as thick as you want D) a hotdog CORRECT : CORRECT INCORRECT : INCORRECT Review for pre-quiz 1 Review for pre-quiz 2 Review for quiz 1 Review for quiz 2 Review for quiz 3 Review for quiz 4 Review for quiz 5 CORRECT : CORRECT CORRECT : CORRECT CORRECT : CORRECT CORRECT : CORRECT CORRECT : CORRECT CORRECT : CORRECT Works Cited : Works Cited, March 21, 2008., March 21, 2008., March 21, 2008., March 21, 2008., March 21, 2008., March 21, 2008., March 21, 2008., March 21, 2008., March 21, 2008., March 21, 2008., March 21, 2008., March 21, 2008., March 21, 2008., March 21, 2008., March 21, 2008., March 21, 2008., March 21, 2008., March 21, 2008., March 21, 2008. Congradulations! : Congradulations! You did an excellent job learning the material and being able to put it to the test!

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