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Published on March 3, 2014

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Channel prioritisation
360 deg marketing communication


Market prioritization plan Step1: Setting up the Objective Marketing objective Grow market share Market Leader Market challenger Defend market share Market Leader Market challenger Step 2: Possible approach for market challenger + Grow market: (Segmentation) TN, KR, AP (S) UP, DEL,PUN (N) GUJ, MAH (W) Small category contribution market + High growth Large category contribution market + High growth 3 1 Small 4 category contribution market + Low growth 2 CHT, JHK,OR, BIHA R Large category contribution market + Low growth ASSAM AND NE Category contribution in terms of market share in states Source: Category Sales (Given) 70% of average is considered a large category contributor Prioritization order has been given (1,2,3,4)  High growth areas are assumed to be South, North and west, Whereas low growth area is East UTTRANCHAL, MP, HAR,BIHAR CHT, JHK,OR Approach1 Growth of the category in different states Growth of the category in different states KER, RAJ, UTTRA NCHAL, MP, HAR UP, DEL,PUN (N) ASSAM AND NE Small category contribution market + Low competitor mkt 2 4 Small category contribution market + High competitor mkt KER, RAJ Approach2 Large category contribution market + Low competitor mkt 1 3Large category contribution market + High competitor mkt GUJ, MAH (W) TN, KR, AP (S) Relative competition level in different regions Source: Category Sales (Given) 70% of average is considered a large category contributor Prioritization order has been given (1,2,3,4)  Competition level in different regions is calculated using Herfindahl index (S, W are high competition areas)

Market prioritization plan Step 3: Market prioritization Plan as per 2 previous strategies: Taking common states from both rankings of prioritization, we have listed down the states as per order of priority. PRIORITY 2 • TAMIL NADU • KARNATAKA • ANDHRA PRADESH • GUJARAT • MAHARASHTRA • UTTAR PRADESH • DELHI • PUNJAB • ASSAM AND NE PRIORITY 4 • UTTRANCHAL • MADHYA PRADESH • HARYANA • BIHAR • CHATTISGARH • ORISSA • JHARKHAND • KERALA • RAJASTHAN PRIORITY 3 PRIORITY 1 Note: From secondary Research (Source: India health stat 2010), Maximum diabetic cases are found in North (Delhi, Punjab) and South(Chennai and Trivandrum), East (Assam) which have been put in our list 1 and 2 Step 4: The above clusters can be further broken down by weightage average method applied on various key factors: Key Factors Market Attractiveness Ability to address market Intangible factors Size (Target population) Growth Intensity of competition Price sensitivity Income Expenditure per capita Market share Brand strength Distribution channel Exposure to Media Consumerism Education (health conscious) > Weightage to each of these factors to be given. Score across each factor for different cities will be calculated which will add up to give final Priority Index Score (PIS)  Cities can be then ranked according to the descending values of PIS.

360 Degree Marketing Strategy plan LAUNCH STRATEGY FACTOR ANALYSIS: 18 attributes are combined together to form 5 most important factors considered in purchasing decisions of health biscuits. FACTOR1: TASTE FACTOR2: BENEFITS FACTOR3: RECOMMENDATION FROM MEDICAL EXPERTS FACTOR4: WORD OF MOUTH FROM FRIENDS AND FAMILY FACTOR5: PROMOTIONS AND ADVERTISEMENT All marketing strategies have been proposed keeping the factors in mind. IDENTIFYING TOUCH POINTS

360 Degree Marketing Strategy plan 1 Launch SMALLER TRIAL PACKS to induce trials 2 INDUCING TRIALS AND ADOPTION > CROSS SAMPLING AND CROSS COUPONING with GSK health food products related to the category. 4 “RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS” Promote gifting of diabetic 3 biscuits to the loved ones with diabetes via social or print media.  Referral marketing SNACK PACK: Bundling balance+ with other health related products of GSK

360 Degree Marketing Strategy plan CAMPAIGN: “HEALTH METER 1 SCORE“ Packaging will have a health score written. Every time a pack is bought, these scores are added up till it reach 100 to redeem attractive freebies from outlets PROMOTING REPEAT PURCHASES AND INCREASING FREQUENCY OF CONSUMPTION MOBILE MARKETING (CAMPAIGN 1) 1  Mobile race game where a professional working in the office tires out due to excessive work but has to complete the task. His energy meter can be refueled by consuming balance+ biscuits. BUILDING LOYALTY AND ENGAGING CONSUMERS On package contest: FREE DIABETES- HOME – CHECK KIT: > Given to 5 lucky winners 2 CONSUMER PROMOTIONS: 1. Quantity promotions 2 2. Price offs 3. Coupons to be redeemed on next purchase 4. Freebies (Air tight container with biscuit pack) MOBILE MARKETING (CAMPAIGN2)  A mobile number can be provided to the customers, subscription on which, will send daily free hea lth tips to people on their mobile 3 number. Other Strategies: 1. Brand Ambassador: Shilpa Shetty (A perfect role model for health regime) 2. Tie ups with medical experts and institutions to promote both types of health biscuits especially Diabetic Biscuits 3. Tie ups with big hospitals in the country and branding in their canteens. 4. Tie up with television channels as Food Food and in other rasoi shows promoting the brands. Achieving approx 20% market share through the suggested 360 degree market plan.

Channel Mix Calculating contribution of all channels in the category. Effectiveness of a channel = Sales contribution in terms of sales (Cr.) RU (Outlet coverage) Format Revenue Effectiveness Modern Trade 5 5 Food Stores 5 2 General Stores 4 2 Grocers 4 1 Pan Plus 2 1 0% 10% 1 2% Nearby kirana store Modern Trade 10% 1 Chemists PRIMARY RESEARCH : Preference of purchasing a health related grocery item (50 respondents) 36% Chemists Pan shops 42% General Stores Others Comparative rating has been given on a rate of 1-5 (1-very Poor, 5-Very Good DERIVATIONS: 1. Modern stores are the most efficient in terms of revenue generation and effectiveness both. (FOCUS 1 AREA) 2. Food Stores, General Stores, Grocers are good revenue generators but with very low effectiveness. Focus should be made in identifying stores in the right location. (Eg. Near residential areas, Health Clubs, Work places) (FOCUS 2 AREA) 3. Less focus to be made on Pan Plus. 4. Chemists cant be ignored due to the nature of category. Better visibility in this channel will lead to better results. ALTERNATE CHANNELS: 1. Hospital canteens 2. Branded Juice outlets such as Bloom Juices, Juice Zones, Jus Boosters etc 3. Office / College canteens

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