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Published on June 5, 2008

Author: sgdean



A system to provide healthy competition, friendship, and a guidance system to members of Project Start. By Parsons Design + Management students: Monique Connelly, Ayse Cueto, and Julian Lee

Monique Connelly Ayse Cueto Julian Lee

team project Start 08765 165497-1C Ayse N00431070 N00000008 792 Monique N00345583 This is a mambership identification card of Project Start game community. Its use is governed by Project Start regulations and it must be carried at all times while on the property. the Startcard is non-transferable and must be surrendered upon demand. If found, please mail to: Project start, 65 Fifth Ave., Room MZ101, New York, NY 10003. For lost, stolen or possible unauthorized use of the card, please contact either the Project Start Registrar 212.229.3213 or Public Safety 212.229.7001 Julian N00445258

idea generation Crime Health Dance

idea generation Video game Community center Music Expression Wii STREET FAIR Is this going to be appealing? Competition DDR Video Dance Festival Healthy lifestyle Culture DANCE is it possible to get sponsers from these game companies? safe environment Game Thwhich community centers? Persona? era HEALTH who do we target? How can we attract multi distribution? Where can we place this event? spirit Healthier for teenagers Appeal ph Street Fair body y How can we raise the fund? Discipline Community CLUB STREET how can these three be connected? Event Dance what could be the prize for the event? street Center Medicine ALCHOHOL competition city DEA Disease how can this be helpful to lower the crime rate? ple peo Execution? TH how many community centers? DRUG involve would this effective to lower the crime rate? How do we make this competition? what is the trend now? CRIME IS this helpful as a theraphy or treatment? Are we on the track? Music Culture

problems Child Obesity

problems Serious Violent Crime Rate in U.S. Schools Juvenile Crime Rate Per 1,000 Students Ages 12-18

problems Students Threatened or Injured with a Weapon at School area Unsafe or unavailable community environment

personas Hellen Bleeker Pedro Sanudo Denise Caruso Catalina Piazza Jamal Raymond Community Center Nintendo Whole Food Student Student

Solution Safe Place Fun element Healthy food + Social gathering = Pre fabricated set up

needs vs functions Pedro Sanudo Hellen Bleeker Denise Carruso Jamal Catalina (Nintendo) (Community (Whole Foods) Raymond Piazza Center) Attract new members and customers Safe environment to spend time and engage in social activities Create positive brand image through social responsibility Provide a safe environment for users Interaction with peers using newest gaming technologies

Features Experience: A system to provide healthy competition, friendship, and a guidence system to members of Start 1. Playing the games must be fair, members should only play with others at their own experience level 2. Levels must be organized and have catchy names 3. Members must have incentive to keep playing, a goal to look forward to 4. Members must have a support and guidence system 5. When they feel comfortable, ready, and have earned enough points members must have an oppurtunity to challenge a peer to a showdown in order to move up in experience level

Features Level System Brown Box Odyssey Pong Atari Nintendo

CHI Denise Bleeker Hellen Carruso Mr. Pedro Sanudo Y User Experience o Regional PR Director, Whole Food Market center o Marketing Director of Harlem Community Program coordinator, Nintendo U.S. LD O ESIT o Needs: method to evoke program to attract teenagers o Needs: growing numberschildren the store New “wowable” in domestic sales : o Wants: all pdemographic of peopleshop atvendor: Food o Wants: great tcommute to comelow cost PR ity More brand image with to the Whole por unity: n d” O ” Opportu “Dance Dance “Dance Dance ” Provide safe environ video game video game EENAGEB S BCRIM SAFE ENVIRONME O E IT $$$ Educate teenagers a $$$o $$$ “w Ki-chul Cha D el Reid wii $ a,b $$$ Piazza Catalina $ $w$ waya$$$$ living drog of L lo ge”op fit, Age: 17 (11th Grade) Age: 9 (3th Grade) I Background Background coo bra School: P.S. 152 Queens School Y School: High School of Fashion Industry nd ipod r nm 225 W 24th St 75-02 162nd St Flushing, NY 11366 kin d ,im and often comes to the city to break dance with New York, NY 10011 H Address: 35-44 166th St Hea gProvidee environment ppl as Union Square. When he can’t find a group of Address: 111 Worth St, Apt. 8E Flushing, NY 11366 ag er he often does not have many opportunities or New York, NY 10011 Family: Father, Mother, 2 Brother and 1 Sister Family: Father, Mother lthy mam practice. Although he has a great interest in video Hobby: Computer Game, Math, and Physics ot own any gaming consoles. He is a big fan of Hobby: Dance, Shopping, Drawing $$ C Dream: Professional gamer or Scientist on and Nintendo Wii. Dream: Fashion Designer Character: Competitive, number oriented, sensitive video games such as these with friends is a fun Character: Competitive, Organized, Active foo a, e Likes: Computer games, video games, and math exam uch like dancing together in a troop. Likes: Flamingo dance , Clothes, shoes, Dislikes: Sports, any kinds of out door activity dance in his neighborhood because it is local drug Latin Music, Gellato teenagers to socializ Favorite place in the city: His house where his compute afe and unpleasant. d tc. community center would give Michael and his ds a place to not only dance but but also socialize. is a place where they can come and engage in Dislikes: Metro Favorite place in the city: Union Square, SoHo, 5th Ave Favorite Color: Pink Role model: Frida Gianini of Gucci X-box, PS3, and recent X-mas present Wii at Favorite Color: Green Role model: Einstein ive activities that would keep them off of the Benefit of the opportunity: Possibly address her to the healthier eating habit Benefit of the opportunity: make him more outgoing as well as give her a space to dance w/ friends other expose him more to the soc than going to illegal place for the teens like her. WITH a tint of FUN n give him more time to hang getting healthier as he get and excercise through danc

User Experience Everyday around 3pm, Jamal comes out of his school

User Experience Jamal wants to hang around in his neighborhood, but its known for crime and he concerns about his safety

User Experience Jamal likes to play video game, but he does not have any device at his place. So when he has free time, he goes to the GameStop to play his favorite games. He also enjoys the social environment there

User Experience However, there’s so many people waiting to play, most of the time he just waits there and doesn’t get a chance to actually play

User Experience One day, Jamal blah blah blah.... OH! hears that there’s a “project Start” is in our new game station community called “project Start” center! in his local community center

User Experience game station x4 Jamal decided to go check this new thing called “project Start” at his local community center registrar Showdown stage community couch snack bar game station x6

User Experience Jamal visits the “project Start” for the first time

User Experience As he walks in, the staff of “project Start” recognizes that Jamal is new, greets him and explains the system of “project Start”

User Experience After a quick registration process, Jamal gets his project start membership card

User Experience Now Jamal can play the games he wants anytime under safe environment

User Experience He decided to play wii fit and plays with the one at the same level as him. Jamal enjoys the healthy competition and social environment project Start presents

User Experience Jamal makes more and mote social connections as he comes to project Start more frequently.

User Experience As Jamal earns 1,000 points, he calls a showdown to move to the upper level. Usually when there is a showdown, all the others gather around and watch

User Experience Jamal beats the opponent and he gets cheered up by his friends as he moves up a level and gets 500 “food dollars”

User Experience With his 500 “food dollar” he decides to celebrate with his friend by ordering pizza (20food dollar) from the Whole Food snack bar

User Experience Jamal really enjoys the whole experience at the project Start, and he’s also very happy that he now has a safe environment to hang around with his friends. He can’t wait to eventually become a mentor and hopefully get a nintendo DS

Prototyping Framework ID cards Blue prints Brochure Model mock up Press kit

Prototype I ID cards Bob Smith N00000009 N00000009 Bob Smith N00000009 Brown Box Nintendo Odyssey Erica Hoerl N0000008 Erica Hoerl N00000008 Pong Atari Atari

Prototype II cooking mama station Blue Prints ouch yc snacks showdown stage n it u m co m showdown screens register wii fit station cooking mama

Prototype III Brochure

Prototype IIII Model mock up

Prototype V Press kit

Finalizing Prototype ID cards Pre-fab model Video clip of experience

Final Prototype I ID card

Final Prototype II game station x4 Pre-fab model registrar Showdown stage community couch snack bar game station x6

Final Prototype II Pre-fab model

Final Prototype III Video clip

Future Ideas could team up with with to create a program to be set-up inside hospitals. Games created for the system could replace Wii Fit in a compact version of the arena. would be beneficial to as it would create a fun and encouraging environment for children with cerebral palsy to interact with one another, while still practicing their physical therapy.

Future Ideas could team up with to set-up an arena at the camp for troubled youth. The system would be for the most part, similar to what is setup in community center, but differ in the fact that it would be a 'fast-track' version. Because is a weekend camp, the points needed to call a showdown would be modified to fit a one day schedule. So users could experience the entire system, showdowns, gaming, and levels in a 5 hour period. would be beneficial to as it would teach troubled youth about healthy competition and encourage friendship, promote technology, and fun.

Future Ideas Games Once Project Start gains a a certain level of prestige, Nintendo could possibly create games specifically for the project. Games which addressed the specific needs of users while still being technologically advanced and fun.

Shortcomings o Limited space for the set up o Since users interact with their virtual characters, the program may not foster the social skills and interaction initially intended o Malfunction ofgaming systems and consoles o Parents may not be keen on sending their child to a program based on video games o Nature of competition may cause fights amongst users o May become over run with users because it is a free service

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