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Published on March 12, 2014

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Project on brand asset valuator model of Samsung



Samsung Product Lines

Brand Asset Valuator (BAV)  Brand Equity Differentiation Relevance Esteem Knowledge

Brand Health Is Captured on the Y&R Power Grid Aspiring Brands Power Brands Niche/ Unrealized Potential New Brands New Unfocused Declining Leaders Eroding Brands Samsung (Lagging Indicator) BRAND STATURE (Esteem & Knowledge) (LeadingIndicator) BRANDSTRENGTH (Differentiation&Relevance) Base: USA Total Adults BAV 2000


Differentiation  TELEVISION:  Emotional connect with indian families  More value for the money that customers pay.  Focus on designs  Launched “Finger-Slim” super slim LED in march 2009.  First company to launch HD 3D LED including 3D Blue ray play and 3D Glasses.  Introduced smart Tv and Internet Tv.  Mobiles:  Leader in the smart phone segment  Launched the Galaxy series having features like HD Amoled display, mobile high definition link.  First to introduce dual sim phones.  First movers into the smart phone segment.  Brand ambassador like Aamir Khan.  Huge range for different classes of the society. For example Samsung Guru to Samsung Note 3.

Differentiation  HOME APPLIANCES:  Launching Priyanka Chopra as the brand ambassador.  ACs for different climatic conditions, washing machines which suits all types of cloth materials.  Samsung appliances are energy efficient and saves electricity bills.  Refrigerators are wi-fi enabled connecting you to cooking sites.  VRT (vibration reduction technology) and silver nano technology being introduced in washing machines .  LAPTOPS/PCs:  Focus on light weightedness  Focus on slim designs  Importance given to super display, safety in the form of spill proof keyboard and longer battery life.  Introduced Notebooks as the slimmest laptops.  Availability in various colors and designs.

Differentiation  CAMERAS:  Not much differentiation in this case.  Reflex angle views and multiple views.  Wi fi enabled smart cameras  USB enabled.  Differentiation taking place in the form of Tablets and Phablets and smart watches.

Relevance  Relevance is a source of a brand staying in power.  There are three main factors that lead Samsung to be cutting edge product leader: (lee’s top to bottom new management strategy for Samsung company) • Samsung hired new group of young designers who created sleek, bold, innovative and stylish product targeting high- end users. New product development • Every new Samsung products have to pass “WOW” test. If it didn’t get wow during market testing, it has to go straight back to the design studio. Product “Test Marketing” • Samsung abandoned law- end distributers, and decided to choose to work with specialty retailers such as best buy • Samsung clearly showed that they are no longer the cheap brand. They revamped their positioning. Positioning Commercialization

Relevance  Real proof of this strategy which made Samsung a global product leader is that:  Samsung’s revenue rose up from $8.3 billion to $117 billion in the year 2009 and it positioned itself as a global brand.  This drastic rise in its profit was due to consumer satisfaction towards Samsung products.  Samsung differentiates their new innovative products to some certain helpable high-end areas of electronic devices such as Samsung Kiwi Laptop that are very light and handy for user, Blue-Ray Sky Touch DVD player.  Samsung’ product had satisfied customers need by providing high-end products such as Samsung Luxia TV’s that has 55 inch size and 49 pounds weight to ease the customer adjusting it wherever they want to move.  Samsung’s TOP TO BOTTOM STRATEGY combined a customer-centered approach with team- based new-product development which help them to gain a big competitive edge by getting the right new products to market faster.

Esteem  Samsung's electronics' arm that is perhaps most visible to the public with consumer products like flat-screen TVs, mobile phones and microwave ovens.  In spite of its strong position globally, what’s extraordinary about Samsung Electronics is the way it has managed to reinvent itself as a brand of quality despite decades of consumer perception that it manufactured low-end, cheap knockoffs. Today, consumers appear to take Samsung seriously as a quality brand of VCRs and TVs, and even consider it a superior brand in areas like mobile phones where it competes with Nokia, Apple and Sony-Ericsson.  Samsung’s approach is holistic reaching the world customer. It created its branding in multiple ways, ranging from traditional adds to billboards, racing, Olympic games, cricket matches, marathons. In short, wherever it saw the crowd, it communicated Samsung message by presenting itself as a leader of innovation with affordable price.  Successful branding is all about establishing a long-term vision and crafting the company’s operations to meet that objective.’ In 1993, as a first step in its globalization drive, Samsung acquired a new corporate identity. The company changed its logo and that of the group. In the new logo, the words “Samsung Electronics” were written in white colour on a blue colour background to represent stability, reliability and warmth.

Knowledge  When Samsung entered the Indian market, it realized that people here were not aware of the brand name. In order to establish its name in the minds of the Indian consumers' mind it launched corporate advertisements highlighting its technologically superior goods

The several strategies followed by Samsung are as follows:  celebrity endorsements  corporate advertisements  Introducing smart team and tech gurus and smart gurus.  opening up their flagship stores or so called Samsung stores  several offers being offered during special occasions  Used sponsorships during Olympics and atens Olympics  Tied up with Indian cricketers during world cup and other events.  Tie ups with different award ceremonies and fests.  Tie up with MTV to reach out to the youth  Direct mail strategy  Higher margins offered to retailers and distributors.  Product and need oriented advertisements  CSR activities for children, culture and sports development Knowledge

What is a Power Brand ?  A product/ service or a brand itself that has the ability to penetrate the market on its own without the support of any other product r product lines  In other words, it is a brand that is a household name associated with a successful company. Why is Samsung one ? Over the years, Samsung has emerged as a power brand because: • Of its high degree of differentiation , thus increasing its strength over its competitors. • Allow Consumers to clearly identify and specify products which genuinely offer added value. • Deep respect for the way products fit into consumer’s lives = “core” of success • Focusing on continuous creation of new products matching the technological advancements . • Responsible for creation discontinuities in the market place. Why is Samsung a Power Brand?

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