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Published on April 22, 2009

Author: ReadySetPresent


Project Management : Project Management Program Objectives : Program Objectives Create an understanding of the basics of Project Management. Explore specifics of project management to apply to your projects. Share and create common proposed language, structures and processes. Create a baseline for leading projects virtually. Page 2 A Challenge : A Challenge Please Write a One Sentence Definition for: Project Management Projects Teams. Page 3 Definition : Definition “A temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product or service or result.” Page 4 Characteristics of a Project (1 of 2) : Characteristics of a Project (1 of 2) Includes a start and end time. Creates something new or fixes/improves something that already exists. Proposes and supports change – temporary. Page 5 Characteristics of a Project (2 of 2) : Characteristics of a Project (2 of 2) Performed by people & teams. Constrained by resources. Planned, Executed, Controlled. Page 6 What a Project is NOT : What a Project is NOT Day-to-day work Routine activities Repetitive tasks Ongoing work Page 7 Project vs. Program : Project vs. Program A program can include a number of projects. Example: A construction program might includes projects to develop new housing and other projects to renovate existing homes. Page 8 Definition of a Program (1 of 3) : Definition of a Program (1 of 3) A collection of related projects, services and resources with related goals, vision and objectives. Characteristics of a program: Ongoing. Provides structure for projects. Multiple Projects, services and resources. Page 9 Definition of a Program (2 of 3) : Definition of a Program (2 of 3) Master Schedule. May dictate processes. System Level View and Testing. Stable team at the heart. Tackles issues larger than the projects. Page 10 Definition of a Program (3 of 3) : Definition of a Program (3 of 3) Identifies overlapping areas. Consistency. Uses tools, methods, policies. Focused on a goal. Page 11 Project Management : Project Management Page 12 Project Management Basics : Project Management Basics Before developing a Project Management program, consider: What is the objective of the program? Who is the audience? What is the desired outcome? What are the key elements of the program? What is the timeframe? Is there a budget? Page 13 Successful Project Management : Successful Project Management Delivery of What’s Expected: On time. Within budget. With quality. Develop productive relationships. Page 14 The Role of Project Manager : The Role of Project Manager Page 15 Project Life Cycle : Project Life Cycle Page 16 Building a Project Team : Building a Project Team Page 17 Slide 18: What is your next step? Page 18 Slide 19: Page 19 Download “Project Management” PowerPoint presentation at ReadySetPresent.com184 slides includes: the definition of projects, characteristics of projects, what project is not, project management basics, characteristics, and successful project management. The process of project management, role of a project manager, learning from best practices, project management practices, the project management institute, PMBOK body of knowledge, connecting project with strategy, project management process, how to create a project plan, project management challenges and advantages, the cycles and challenges of project management, project scheduling, building project teams, project requirements, project processes, celebrations, recognitions, rewards, how to's and more.Royalty Free – Use Them Over and Over Again.

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