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Published on March 3, 2014

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Il Project Manager in azienda: l’esempio IBM Edoardo Grimaldi Senior Project Manager IBM Italia Lecce, Febbraio 2014 1

Project Management Professional: roles and responsibilities Project Management professionals perform an array of project related activities, including: • Initiating and planning • Developing and managing cost structures • Tracking and reporting deliverables • Managing scope, risk, issues, and change • Managing contracts • Applying project management processes and tools • Managing customer expectations and satisfaction • ….. significant knowledge and skills in communication, negotiation, problem solving, and leadership 2

Industry Insights: Major Trends 3 Major Business Drivers forcing organizations toward greater excellence in project, program and portfolio management Slow Economic Growth + Shifting Global Market Priorities + Push for Innovation = 3

Industry Insights: Importance of PM Basics By optimizing strengths and improving on weaknesses in Core Project Management Practices, an organization puts fewer dollars at risk on each project. According to PMI’s 2013 Pulse of the Profession report, an average of 62% of projects successfully met their original goals and business intent in 2012 (down from 64% in 2011). Project Dollars at Risk % of Projects Meeting Original Goals And Business Intent 75% US$90,000 US$2,250,000 US$4,500,000 70% US$108,000 US$2,700,000 US$5,400,000 62% US$135,000 US$3,375,000 US$6,750,000 US$1M US$25M (Study Average) Source: PMI 2011 Pulse of the Profession Survey US$50M Project Size 4

IBM PM Program: The recognized its internal challenge... IBM Justification Project management was identified as key to reliably delivering business commitments Lack of project management discipline was identified as a major factor in failure ... ... contributed to by the entire organization 5

IBM PM Program: … and developed an enterprise approach to PM The Charter The Business Charter: Raise PM to a Core Competence The Change Agent: PM Center of Excellence One Consistent PM Approach Qualified PMs on Significant Projects Strong Project Performance Measurements Accountable PMs and Executives A vibrant PM Community of Practice The End Result: A Project Based Enterprise 6

Global Initiatives Pre-sales collateral: support materials and client services T-Shape / PM Eminence: Building the experience and skills to drive IBM delivery capabilities Community Programs: as part of PMKN, intellectual capital and successful eSharenets. Giveback activities to support the profession. Superior projects recognized with Project of the Year Methods and Tools, and Maturity: IPWC deployment guidance, RPM migration advice, WWPMM and WWPgMM methods definition and support. PMPMG2 embedded in GS Risk Employee Assessment Tools: PMSA to determine the education path and CRT to identify the gaps against a capability level Project Management Center of Excellence PM Profession Leaders & Capability Advisors: to assist PM Practitioners by region and Business Unit PM Mentoring Support: preferred Giveback activity for Certified PMs. Ways to identify and engage PM mentors, check-lists and support PM Education through the PM University: more than 100 courses in all delivery formats in the PMI awarded curriculum. Education, by business unit, capability level, skill, business unit, specialty and region. PM Skill Acceleration Programs: to help managementendorsed/confirmed employees to grow their PM skills through dedicated programs Career Grow & Validation: Process, Requirements and Reviewers to assess candidates 7 7

Key Initiatives: Career Growth and Validation We validate PM experience through a common global process  Tiers of qualification to provide a logical career path for PM professionals through IBM Career Framework  A formal process for validating demonstrated capabilities and existing certification programs  Common education and experience requirements with provision for specialization  Knowledge test to verify retained learning  Verification of technical experience  Professional PM experience Qualification. A yardstick must be available to measure capability for staffing.  Evidence of dedication to the profession  Periodic revalidation 8 18

IBM Career paths •Architect •Consultant •Enterprise Operations •Finance •General Executive Management •Hardware Development & Support •Human Resources •IT Specialist •Manufacturing •Marketing and Communications •Product Services •Project Management •Research •Sales •Services Solutions Management •Software Development and Support •Supply Chain •Technical Services 9

La Professione del PM in IBM  5 livelli di carriera/qualifica:  Entry PM  Associate PM  Advisory PM  Senior PM  Executive PM Level Entry Definition Prioritizes tasks with appropriate guidance. Works to develop expertise in the capability. Supervision is provided as needed, and progress is regularly checked. Associate Normally works independently, takes the initiative, follows the work plan, checks progress against objectives, and reports any deviations. Seeks guidance on key issues as appropriate, and continues to develop expertise in the capability. Advisory Works independently but keeps leadership promptly apprised of work status, raising issues of risk to the appropriate level and at the appropriate time. Works effectively and efficiently with minimal oversight. Seeks guidance on key issues as appropriate. Has a solid level of expertise in the capability. Senior Is recognized as an authority in the capability, independently handling unique situations and assisting others. Mentors and helps develop less experienced employees in the capability. Executive Is recognized as a subject matter expert within IBM, and perhaps outside IBM, in a particular area. Often handles the most challenging situations. Takes responsibility for moving the business in a specific direction. Stays up to date on external developments in the area of expertise and on the ways that IBM can address these developments or use them to best advantage. 10

Project Management Roadmap Executive PM Certified Professional (Thought Leader) Senior PM Certified Professional (Expert) Certification Advisory PM Professional (Experienced) Accreditation Associate PM Professional (Foundation) Years 11

Project Management: Percorsi di Carriera General Manager Years Vice President Validation Director, Sr. Project Exec, Portfolio Manager, Exec Transition Manager Certification Sr. Certified PM Project Executive, Program/Portfolio Manager, Hardware/Software Program Manager, Delivery Project Exec, Exec Delivery Program Manager, Sr. Transition Manager, Program Manager Delivery Project Exec, Business Area Manager, Program Manager, Hardware/Software Project Manager, Transition Manager, Sr. Delivery Program Manager, Deputy Delivery Project Exec Certified PM Advisory PM Associate PM Accreditation Project Manager, Hardware/ Software Project Manager, Transition Manager, Tech Resolution Manager Team Leader, Project Assistant, Hardware/ Software Assistant Mgr, Tech Resolution manager Years New to position 12

MP&P Validation Requirements from April 2013 Entry Associate PM / Foundation Advisory PM / Experienced Not required Basic PM: Associate Basic PM Skills: Advisory Not required 2 years Technical/Industry/Business Experience (no overlap with PM) Not required Specialty Experience Experience: Project Phases Category Basic Project Management & Specialty Skills Project Management Experience Senior PM / Expert Executive PM / Thought Leader 3 years Basic PM Skills: Senior & One Specialty 4 years Basic PM Skills: Executive & One Specialty 6 years 1 year 2 years 2 years 2 years Not required Not required Not required Not required At least Two Phases At least Three Phases All Phases - must have participanted in a Concept/Proposal phase All Project Phases - must have led a Concept/Proposal or Solution Design Phase Not required Not required 5 of 10 complexity factors spanning career 8 of 10 complexity factors spanning career and Program Management evidences. At least 1 complex project OR additional program management evidences PMO, PM Fundamentals (PMF) and Understanding WWPMM PMO, PMF, WWPMM, Contracting/Finance OR Complete PMSA + WWPMM + courses for identified deficiencies Complete Basic OR Equivalent PM Curriculum (20 hours should be in the last 3 years) + 16 hours specialty education Complete Basic OR Equivalent PM Curriculum (20 hours should be in the last 3 years) + 16 hours specialty education + 24 hrs Program Management Education 3 years - can overlap project, technical industry & business experience Experience: Complexity Not required Education Project Manage-ment Orientation (PMO) Knowledge - PMP Exam Not required Not required Not required Participate in at least 1 project as team leader for 6 months or team member for 12 months Participate in at least two project(s) – as project manager or team leader (3 FTEs for 6 consecutive months OR 3 FTEs for 12 non-consecutive months) Manage minimum of 2 projects (5 FTEs for 6 consecutive months) OR 1 aggregate with 5 FTEs over 12 months and 1 standard project (5 FTEs for 6 consecutive months) Manage minimum of 3 projects ((2) 5 & (1) 10 FTEs for 6 months; at least 1 project in specialty, as IBMer, & last 4 years). One could be an aggregate of 5 FTEs over 12 months Manage minimum of 4 projects ((2) 5, (1) 10 & (1) 20 FTEs for 6 months; 1 project as IBMer & last 3 years) At least 2 projects in specialty Not required Not required 1 instance 2 instances 2 instances Project Profiles (number of profiles as PM) Giveback Instances Pass OR complete education alternative (where applicable) 13

Accreditation: Requirements • Project Management Experience – – • Technical/Business/Industry/Experience – – • Associate - 2 anni Advisory - 3 anni Associate – 1 anno Advisory - 2 anni Education / Knowledge – Associate PM • – Advisory PM • • • Path di corsi a livello Foundation Path di corsi a livello xperienced Familiarizzazione con il PMBoK Esperienze su progetti – Associate • – Team Leader su 2 progetti di durata minima 6 mesi con 3 FTEs Advisory • Gestione come PM di 2 progetti di durata minima 6 mesi con 5 FTEs Sottomissione e valutazione di un package 14

Certification: Requirements • Project Management Experience – – • Technical/Business/Industry/Experience – – • Senior PM – 4 anni Executive PM - 6 anni (2 anni su progetti complessi) Senior PM – 2 anni Executive PM - 2 anni Education / Knowledge – Senior PM / Executive PM • • • • Path di corsi a livello IBM PM Basic Education Corsi/workshop specialistici sul PM Esame PMP del PMI (*) Esperienze su progetti – Senior PM – Advisory • • • • Gestione come PM di 3 progetti di durata minima 6 mesi con 5/10 FTEs Gestione come PM di 4 progetti di durata minima 6 mesi con 5/10/20 FTEs Gestione di almeno 2 progetti complessi Giveback activitiies – 2 attività di tipo: Mentorship, Risk Assessment, etc. Sottomissione e valutazione di un package Colloquio/intervista con PM board 15

Basic PM Skills RELATIONSHIP AND LEADERSHIP  Perform Effective Negotiations  Apply Communication Skills  Use Problem Solving Techniques  Apply Organizational Change Techniques  Manage Stakeholder Relationships  Lead Teams ................. BUSINESS • Analyze Customer Business Environment • Perform Strategic Planning • Perform Business Development • Develop Agreements, Proposals & Contracts • Apply Business Control Requirements • Perform Program Management. •................ DEVELOP & MANAGE PROJECT PHASES • Develop Project Management System • Execute Project Management System • Manage Project Finances • Manage Project Risks • Manage Project Change • Manage Project Quality • Manage Project Resources • Perform Project Closing Activities •............ 16

Managing Projects and Programs (MP&P) Specialty Skills Specialties define additional knowledge, skills, and experience that are required in different areas of IBM’s business. • Systems Integration: SI-External (SI-E) • System Integration: SI-Internal (SI-I) • Managed Operations • IT Infrastructure • Quality Assurance and Risk Management • Transition and Transformation • Software Development • Hardware Development • Service Delivery Management / Delivery Project Executive 17

IBM Internal Certification – Validation package (Expert and Thought Leader) Execute capability milestone plan Finalize documentation and verify completeness Validate and document fulfilment of milestone requirements Submit documentation for approval The Project Management Board • three Board members assigned as interviewers • consensus meeting – quarterly PM Certification Board • Board members vote to determine the outcome: approved or denied • If denied, the Board provides specific recommendations to candidate and manager to address the issues before re-applying for validation. • results of the Board is made public by BB and audit trail 18

Education requirements for MP&P Validation Item / MP&P Level Entry Associate PM Foundation Advisory PM / Experienced Senior PM / Expert Executive PM / Thought Leader Basic Education PM Orientation (PM54G) for PMs or PM Principles (PM99G) for nonPMs PM Orientation (PM54G) and PM Fundamentals (PM10G) and Understanding WWPMM (PM36G) PM Fundamentals (PM10G) and Understanding WWPMM (PM36G) and Contracting/Finance or WWPMM and Courses for identified deficiencies from PMSA Complete Basic or Equivalent PM Curriculum Complete Basic or Equivalent PM Curriculum and 24 Hours of Program Management Education Specialty Education Not required 16 hrs/specialty Currency Education Not required Not required if basic/equivalent education was completed in the last 3 years before package submission. If the basic or equivalent education was (partly) taken before these 3 years, then the candidate must take at least 20 relevant education hours within these last 3 years. 19

IBM Internal Certification – Revalidation package Certified PM (Senior PM/Expert and Executive PM/Thought Leader) are required to revalidate their certification status every three years. Failure to revalidate in the three-year period will result in withdrawal of a candidate’s certification status. Submit revalidation package three years after the initial certification or previous revalidation. Revalidation requirements for Senior PM/Expert and Executive PM/Thought Leader Professional currency Active involvement in the project management profession throughout the three-year revalidation cycle Continuing education A total of 60 hours during the three-year revalidation cycle A total of 20 hours of the 60 hours must come from the Advanced or Program Management Curriculum Professional contributions (giveback/mentoring) A total of 120 hours during the three-year revalidation cycle 20

IBM Project Management by the Numbers IBM Project Management Knowledge Network 43,000+ PMKN Connections Community members IBM’s 26,500+ Project Managers have over 100,000 years of experience* IBM Project Management Practitioners Over 18,000 IBMers have received the PMI PMP Certification Over 4,300 PM Practitioners are IBM Certified 3,023 PM Experts and 1,326 PM Thought Leaders 21

PM Professionals’ in IBM Italia PM Professionals' in IBM 334 130 167 Certified PM – Senior – Expert Exec PM – Thought Leader Others 37 PM Professionals' in IBM 334 32 20 102 46 134 GBS 102 34 51 GBS GTS/SO/ITS SWG S&D Other Certified PM – Senior – Expert Exec PM – Thought Leader Others 17 (from CF: June 2013) 22

Key Initiatives: PM Method We use a common project management method for all IBM business worldwide IBM’s Worldwide Project Management Method (WWPMM)  Defines how to shape, manage, and execute.  Integrated into the business  Adapted to different technical methods for different types of work  Portable and predictable  Expands on PMI’s PM Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) 23

The Project Management Institute (PMI) and IBM In 1997, IBM established a partnership with the Project Management Institute® (PMI). PMI is a worldwide professional association for Project Management. The partnership provides a link for IBM to the project management community at large level. With the PMI membership IBM is in position to participate in a community to exchange experiences, skills, competencies and strategy views for current and future Project Management profession place outside IBM. IBM fa parte del GLOBAL Executive Council del PMI 24

The IBM Project Manager: Preparing for the Future    Traditional PM skills are needed to form our technical expertise Additional competencies are required to meet new business demands driven by project complexity, social technology, and client requirements for agility. The new IBM Project Manager will bring additional value to IBM and to our clients with competency in:  LEADERSHIP  STRATEGIC / MANAGEMENT Strategic / Management Personal Challenge: Embrace these and build personal eminence 25

The IBM Project Manager: Putting Eminence in Context Eminence REPUTATION RESULTS Thought Leadership = X ACTIONS Communication Collaboration X Contribution Experience Skills Capabilities FOUNDATIONS © Lorian Lipton 2013 26

References PMP Handbook Project Management Center of Excellence (PM/COE) Project Management Institute (PMI) A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) PM Italy Site!/wiki/pmitaly 27

Grazie Edoardo Grimaldi 03/03/2014 Project Management Institute Southern Italy Chapter © Copyright 28 28

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