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Information about Project Juno: Draw passwords!

Published on February 17, 2014

Author: theeluwin



Simple project for "draw passwords, rather than typing a string". Used Life-Like Cellular Automata for hashing images.

Juno [u∶no∶] draw passwords 연세대학교 수학과 설진석

Abstract • alternative cryptographic hash function • image based • using Life-Like Cellular Automata • algorithm development

Preliminaries • Classical Mathematics • Automata Theory

Cryptographic Hash Function • given a function f: X → H, H = L(w{n}) • f is called cryptographic hash function if • • • Pa, b ∈ X (f(a)=f(b)) ≦ p -1 for ∀h ∈ H, “answering f (h)” is a NP-problem where • X : given set • p : desired probability • n : natural number

Cellular Automata • In n dimensional grid, given a • • T : transition rule • • S : set of states B : neighbor Each cell’s next state is determined by current state of the cell and neighbor applied by transition rule.

one-dimensional CA example • each row denotes step • each column denotes cell’s state history

Life-Like Cellular Automata • In two-dimensional grid • S : “alive” or “dead” • T : “survive”, “birth”, or “death” determined by number of “alive” cells in neighbor • B : Moore neighborhood (adjacent 8 cells)

LLCA example: Conway’s Game of Life • rule string B3/S23 • A cell survives if 2 or 3 neighbor is alive, and births if 2 neighbor is alive. Otherwise, it dies.

Object • drawing password, rather than inserting string • using LLCA as cryptographic hash function

Algorithm Raw Drawing Simplify Encode Hash via LLCA

Encoding 1 0 0 0 1 Original 0 1 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 Binary 8611d Result fixed sized image = fixed sized string 8 6 1 1 d Hex

LLCA as Hash? • LLCA is a function • • CA itself is a deterministic inverse LLCA is NP • checking answer is P • using “number of live neighbors”, so inverse can be calculated with non-deterministic turing machine

Limitations • sparse initial state generates sparse output • • requires minimum alive cells to be meaningful value infeasible to control or calculate collision probability p

Benefits and Applications • At least, it is valid cryptographic hash function • Calculation can be parallelized • Easy to control complexity • • • changing rule string terminating condition Can be used for signature authentication, or fingerprints

Implementation • Using coffee-script based LLCA library “Plasmid” • • Result:

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