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Published on October 27, 2016

Author: SrikanthBairu


1. Presented by -Srikanth Bairu

2. What is it ? How is it made ? How is it used ?

3. What is jacquard Jacquard is a type of weaving which is invented by - Joseph Marie Jacquard.

4. What is Project Jacquard  It is a wearable technology revealed a new vision for wearable technology that won't make you feel lame to wear. The effort in inventing this consists of two separate-but-related ventures: ProjectJacquard, with an assist from Project Soli.  Founder of this project is Ivan Poupyrev

5.  The brainchild of Google’s Advanced Technology and Progress (ATAP) department, Project Jacquard was announced at their I/O developer conference in San Francisco  Google’s Project Jacquard is experimenting with conductive threads woven into garments that transform nearly any area into a touch sensitive panel much like the screen on your smartphone.

6.  They form a new innovation involving special fabrics woven with conductive yarns and motion sensors.

7. How Is It Made  Spinning Conductive Yarn  Weaving Interactive Textiles  Embeding Electronics  Producing at scale

8. Spinning Conductive Yarn  Jacquard yarn structures combine thin, metallic alloys with natural and synthetic yarns like cotton, polyester, or silk, making the yarn strong enough to be woven on any industrial loom.  Jacquard yarns are indistinguishable from the traditional yarns that are used to produce fabrics today.

9. weaving interactive textiles  Using conductive yarns, bespoke touch and gesture-sensitive areas can be woven at precise locations, anywhere on the textile.  Alternatively, sensor grids can be woven throughout the textile, creating large, interactive surfaces.

10. Embeding Electronics  Developed innovative techniques to attach the conductive yarns to connectors and tiny circuits  These miniaturized electronics capture touch interactions  Captured touch and gesture data is wirelessly transmitted to mobile phones or other devices to control a wide range of functions

11. Producting on Scale  Jacquard components are cost-efficient to produce, and the yarns and fabrics can be manufactured with standard equipment used in mills around the world.  One loom can generate as many different textile designs as there are people on the planet. Now that same loom can also weave in interactivity.

12.  unlikely existing conductive threads project jacquard yarn works with different fibers ...wool,silk, polyester,cotton and comes in a full range of colors  Levis and denim have made a contract with google for this project

13. How Is It used  While initially geared towards clothing, Google documents also mention that it could be used for toys, furniture, and construction materials.  it can moniter heart rate and our body temperature.

14.  it is used in enabling smart phone activity with hardware music control.  it is usedin sending short messages.

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