Project in which Secondary Students Experience Real Work

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Information about Project in which Secondary Students Experience Real Work

Published on October 23, 2018

Author: SchoolMars


slide 1: Read further and get to know about EDUCATIONAL INNOVATION. Choosing a path or another form is part of the process. Therefore choosing is important. And more than choosing it ’ s about β€œch oos in g w el l ” taking into account the personal desires skills and abilities of each person. In this case the students from the beginning of their school life until they finish it walk the path of the election deciding at all times their response regarding the obligations or knowledge they acquire. As the years go by and the course progresses the options are presented to be taken or discarded and form an important vital structure in each student. From the Secondary Education the choice of itinerary begins to mark an important direction in the professional future of each young person that although never it is determining if it is going to have an important paper in the later decisions. Read more here: innovador-proyecto-los-alumnos-secundaria-experimentan-trabajo-real/

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