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Published on March 18, 2014

Author: MeganHaugh


The Eggcelent Project By: Megan Haugh

The Big Mystery? Where and how does MSU get its eggs?

Do they arrive in a carton?

Do they come from a small “Mom and Pop” farm?

Or do they come in boxes?

And already cooked in bags?

Who wouldn’t prefer breakfast that looks like this?

Um . . . I wouldn’t!

Why does MSU purchase “egg product?” Is it because of price? Why does MSU buy “egg product?” Is it because of shelf life? Is it even egg?!


What’s the cost? In terms of omelets, $1.48 from scratch, but only $0.64 with liquid egg product.

What’s the shelf life of egg product? Refrigerated, it has a shelf life of 70 days! Frozen, it has a shelf life of 1 year! Once opened though, the product must be used within 3 days.

If it’s real egg, how does is last so long? The eggs are “flushed with inert gases” to prevent the growing of bacteria.

Word from the Cook Interview of former level II student cook, Emily Evers

Which cafeteria did you work in and for how long? “I worked in South neighborhood, so Case Hall, Wilson Hall, and Holden Hall. I worked their for about a year and a half.”

What shift did you work and what work did that entail? “I worked different shifts at different times in the day, including early mornings where I would have to prepare breakfast and cook eggs.”

How did you prepare eggs for breakfast? “I would get a bag of liquid egg from the refrigerator and pour it into a large pan, like a vat, and would just move the eggs around for a few minutes. I wouldn’t cook them all the way.”

Why didn’t you cook the eggs completely? “The head cooks said to not cook the scrambled eggs completely and serve them undercooked because they will cook under the light when served.”

Do you eat the scrambled eggs you prepare and why? “No! Have you seen the ingredients listed on the box? They are so high in cholesterol and sodium. They are too unhealthy.”

Sources • • Former Level II Student Cook Emily Evers

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