Project and portfolio Management Overview

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Information about Project and portfolio Management Overview

Published on January 10, 2013

Author: derrisboomer



High Level review of Project Portfolio Management.

Project  Por)olio  Management  Project  Por)olio  Management  (PPM)  goes  beyond  the  typical  project  management  approach  to  offer  a  set  of  proven  business  prac=ces  that  can  help  execu=ves,  program  managers,  and  project  managers  bring  projects  into  alignment  with  the  strategies,  resources,  and  execu=ve  oversight  of  the  overall  enterprise.  This  Webinar  will  supply  some  informa=onal  overviews  on  PPM  and  sample  uses.   January  2012  BDPA-­‐NJ  Webinar   Presented  by  Derris  Boomer  of  Boomer   Technology  Group    

What  role  are  you  at  your  firm?  IT  Staff   Business  •  Project  or  Por)olio   •  CEO,  CFO,  CTO,  CIO   Manager   •  Opera=ons  •  Project  Coordinator   •  Finance  &  Accoun=ng  •  PMO  Controller   •  Marke=ng  •  Database  Administrator   •  Manufacturing  •  SoKware  Developer   •  Human  Resources   •  Services  Group  •  Business  Analyst   •  PMO  •  Systems  Analyst   •  Other  •  Q/A  Analyst   Presented  by  Derris  Boomer  of  Boomer   Technology  Group    

Common  Project  Issues  •  Frequent  difficulty  finding  enough  people  to  put  together  a   solid  project  team.  •  Excessive  project  delays  due  to  “not  enough  resources”.  •  High  turnover  due  to  “burn  out”  of  key  project  contributors   because  they  are  working  on  too  many  projects  and   spending  too  many  over=me  hours.  •  Frequent  change  of  status  of  projects  (i.e.,  moving  from   “ac=ve”  to  “on  hold”  to  “top  priority”  and  back).  •  Comple=on  of  projects  that,  when  all  is  said  and  done,   don’t  really  meet  a  strategic  need.  •  Intense  compe==on,  rather  than  coopera=on,  among   departments  and  sub-­‐organiza=ons  when  staffing  and   funding  projects.   Presented  by  Derris  Boomer  of  Boomer   Technology  Group    

What  is  PPM?  •  Project  Por)olio  Management  is  a  set  of  business  prac=ces   that  brings  the  world  of  projects  into  =ght  integra=on  with   other  business  opera=ons.  PPM  brings  projects  into   harmony  with  the  strategies,  resources,  and  execu=ve   oversight  of  the  enterprise.  PPM  provides  the  structure  and   processes  for  project  por)olio  governance.    •  The  objec=ve  of  PPM,  therefore,  is  to  create  and  maintain   the  mix  of  projects  which  are  most  likely  to  support  the   achievement  of  the  organiza=ons  goals,  aligned  with  the   preferred  strategies,  and  within  the  organiza=ons  resource   (people  and  funding)  constraints.  The  era  of  modern   project  management  began  in  the  early  1960s  as   organiza=ons  began  to  see  the  benefit  of  organizing  work   around  projects.     Presented  by  Derris  Boomer  of  Boomer   Technology  Group    

Further  Explana=on  of  PPM  •  PPM  is  a  strategy  that  allows  organiza=ons  to  align  their  IT  and  applica=on   development  projects,  resources,  and  ini=a=ves  to  corporate  business   objec=ves  by  developing  and  monitoring  measures  that  treat  IT  assets  as   financial  assets  -­‐-­‐  and  to  run  as  a  project-­‐oriented  business.  PPM  enables   integrated  management  of  pipeline,  scope,  =me,  resource,  skills,  cost,   procurement,  communica=on,  repor=ng  and  forecas=ng,  and  risk   management  func=ons.  •  In  essence,  PPM  allows  you  to  manage  a  por)olio  of  projects  much  as  you   would  manage  a  por)olio  of  diverse  investments,  such  as  stocks,  bonds,   real  estate,  and  so  forth.  By  maintaining  a  balanced  por)olio,  you  can   reduce  the  risks  of  individual  projects  and  produce  an  overall  higher  rate   of  return.  PPM  allows  execu=ves  and  managers  to  proac=vely  monitor   their  project  por)olios  for  alignment  with  business  objec=ves  and  planned   costs  and  schedules.  It  also  allows  them  to  iden=fy  project  risks  and   quickly  address  them.   Presented  by  Derris  Boomer  of  Boomer   Technology  Group    

The  objec=ves  of  PPM  are  as  follows:  •  1)  To  become  conscious  of  all  the  individual  lis=ngs  in  the   por)olio.  Meaning  all  size  projects  &  programs.  •  2)  To  develop  a  “big  picture”  view  and  a  deeper   understanding  of  the  the  collec=on  as  a  whole  with  repor=ng.  •  3)  To  allow  sensible  sor=ng,  adding,  and  removing  of  items   from  the  collec=on  based  on  their  costs,  benefits,  and   alignment  with  long-­‐term  strategies  or  goals.    •  4)  To  allow  the  por)olio  owner  to  get  the  “best  bang  for  the   buck”  from  resources  invested  using  key  metrics.   Presented  by  Derris  Boomer  of  Boomer   Technology  Group    

We  have  a  PMO  already.  •  Yes  a  PMO  at  your  organiza=on  may  be  in   place  however  a  PPM  may  add  further  value   and  produc=vity.  •  How  do  you  select  &  priori=ze  projects?  •  Can  you  measure  &  track  project  performance   from  beginning  to  end  easily?  •  Do  you  have  any  manual  repor=ng  issues?  •  What  tools  are  in  place  and  integrated?   Presented  by  Derris  Boomer  of  Boomer   Technology  Group    

PMO  is  the  Informa=on  Center  •  Supports  development  of  project  proposals.  •  Builds  database  of  poten=al  and  current   projects.  •  Maintains  data  on  resources  •  Evaluates  project  performance.  •  Recommends  projects  for  selec=on,  de-­‐ selec=on,  or  delay.  Priori=zes  projects.   Presented  by  Derris  Boomer  of  Boomer   Technology  Group    

Governance  &  Steering  CommiHee  •  Reviews  and  probes  data  and   recommenda=ons.  •  Interprets  strategic  plans  and  ini=a=ves.  •  Provides  enterprise  budget  and  resource   parameters.  •  Responsible  for  the  final  selec=on  decisions.  •  Approves  budge=ng.   Presented  by  Derris  Boomer  of  Boomer   Technology  Group    

Integra=on  Points  •  ERP  Systems  (HR,  Finance,  Payroll,  A/P,  A/R)  •  MicrosoK  Project,  Clarity,  OpenProject,  etc.  •  Workforce  Management  (Payroll,  HR)  •  Vendor  Management  SoKware  •  Financial  Systems  •  Help  Desk  Systems  •  Change  Management  Systems   Presented  by  Derris  Boomer  of  Boomer   Technology  Group    

Example  Process  A  1  Company  has  15  projects  requested  for  FY12   however  only  5  can  be  approved.  All  15  are   entered  into  PPM  system  which  calculates   projec=ons  for  resources  and  =melines  &  costs.  2  PPM  selects  project  #XYZ  to  be  the  first  out  of   five.  Four  remaining  projects  are  selected  also.  3  Project  #  XYZ  is  allocated  with  a  Cost  Center   reference  and  Budget  of  $500K.  Capital  Expense.  4  Finance  Department  receives  data  for  ERP.   Presented  by  Derris  Boomer  of  Boomer   Technology  Group    

Example  Process  B  1  Steering  Comminee  Approves  &  Commits.  2  PMO  is  no=fied  and  Resources  are  assigned.  3  PM,  Owners  &  Resources  meet  to  review   Project  inputs  and  outputs  &  schedule.  4  PPM  system  is  now  used  to  track  resource   alloca=ons,  payroll,  budgets  &  other  tasks.  5  Other  systems  are  updated  with  ac=ve   project  details  and  milestones.   Presented  by  Derris  Boomer  of  Boomer   Technology  Group    

Example  Process  C  1  PM  needs  addi=onal  hours  for  Project  #XYZ  for   external  resources.  PPM  shows  John  Doe  is  a  bener   resource  than  original  resource  and  assigns  him.  2  PM  needs  to  approve  employee  Jane  Doe’s  hours  that   were  transferred  from  MS-­‐Project  Server  to  PPM   system.  Hours  are  then  passed  to  ERPHR  system  for   processing.  3  PM  needs  to  approve  consultant  John  Doe’s  hours   that  were  transferred  from  external  Vendor  system  to   PPM  system.  Hours  are  then  passed  to  ERPHR  system   for  processing.   Presented  by  Derris  Boomer  of  Boomer   Technology  Group    

Sounds  nice  but  we  have  a  PMO.  •  Again  PPM  system  helps  your  company  not   only  track  projects  on  a  enterprise  level.  It  also   helps  the  execu=ves  choose  projects  in  a  more   concise  and  proven  methodology.    •  No  more  guess  work  in  produc=vity  and   throughput  es=mates  based  on  current   resources.    •  Lastly  data  is  integrated  partnering  systems  to   reduce  manual  reconcilia=ons.   Presented  by  Derris  Boomer  of  Boomer   Technology  Group    

Q  &  A  •  Is  PPM  SoKware  limited  to  select  pla)orms?   –  No  a  variety  of  pla)orms  are  available.  Vendor   specific.  (Wintel,  Unix,  MS-­‐SQL,  Oracle,  etc).  •  How  can  I  find  out  more  on  PPM?   –  Please  see  last  slide  in  this  presenta=on.  •  How  can  I  improve  my  Project  Mgmt  skills?   –  You  may  want  to  get  cer=fied  in  a  select  discipline.   See  next  slide  for  details.   Presented  by  Derris  Boomer  of  Boomer   Technology  Group    

Standards,  Cer=fica=ons  &   Regula=ons  •  PMI  (Project  Management  Ins=tute)  •  ITIL  (Informa=on  Technology  Infrastructure  Library)  •  Six  Sigma  •  Prince2  (Projects  in  Controlled  Environments)  •  CMM  (Capability  Maturity  Model)  •  ISO9000  &  ISO/IEC  20000  •  Sarbanes-­‐Oxley   Presented  by  Derris  Boomer  of  Boomer   Technology  Group    

The  Next  Step  •  Where  do  you  go  from  here?  Check  out  or  for  books  on  PPM.  •  Google  the  term  and  learn  more.  •  iTunes  University  has  courses  for  free!  •  Book:  “Project  Por:olio  Management:  A   Prac@cal  Guide  to  Selec@ng  Projects,   Managing  Por:olios,  and  Maximizing   Benefits”  by  Harvey  A.  Levine   Presented  by  Derris  Boomer  of  Boomer   Technology  Group    

Check  out  these  vendors  who  provide  PPM  support   services,  background  informa=on  on  PPM  soXware:  •  Artemis  Interna=onal  —  •  Business  Engine  —  •  Barometrix  —  •  Mercury  —  •  Pacific  Edge  —  •  PeopleSoK  —  •  Primavera  —  •  ProSight  —  •  IBM  —  www-­‐  •  Intersect  SoKware  –  hnp://  •  UMT  —  •  Sciforma  -­‐  •  Priority  Systems  -­‐  •   Presented  by  Derris  Boomer  of  Boomer   Technology  Group    

FYI-­‐Events  •  BDPA-­‐NJ  will  be  hos=ng  a  Scholarship  Dinner  on   Feb  23,  2012  in  New  Jersey.  Please  purchase   =ckets  via  hnp:// EventDetails.asp?event=207  •  BDPA-­‐NJ  is  looking  for  college  students  for  our   College  Campus  Ambassador  Program.  •  Our  next  seminar  will  be  Feb.  15,  2012  with   presenter  Wayne  Hicks  on  topic:  “Small  Business   Opportuni@es  in  a  Down  Market”.   Presented  by  Derris  Boomer  of  Boomer   Technology  Group    

THANK  YOU!  •  Thanks  to  Goldie  Bonney  and  the  BDPA-­‐NJ  board   for  their  support  on  this  webinar.  •  •  BDPA  New  Jersey  is  a  501c3  non-­‐profit   organiza@on  established  in  1981,  originally   known  as  the  Northern  New  Jersey  Chapter.  The   chapter’s  membership  rose  to  125  members.  The   chapter  saw  a  revitaliza@on  in  2000  and  has  been   increasing  in  its  presence  as  a  vital  organiza@on   for  Northern  and  Central  New  Jersey  ever  since.   Presented  by  Derris  Boomer  of  Boomer   Technology  Group    

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