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Published on March 13, 2014

Author: sixthform



Mr. Wright's presentation on the changing face of higher education, the meaning of progression to us as a sixth form, and how this impacts us as an institution.

Progression Evening


In 6 months time…

…in 12 months time…

…in 18 months time…

…in 30 months time

Higher Education  Graduates earn more – accountancy firm PriceWaterhouseCooper estimate on average £160,000 (after tax) over a lifetime. Another figure estimates graduate salaries as 40% more than non-graduate  University broadens your horizons. You meet new people, go new places.  You learn!

14 Your income per year Monthly repayments (including interest) £21,000 and under no repayments £25,000 £30 £30,000 £67.50 £40,000 £142.50 £50,000 £217.50 £60,000 £292.50 Written off after 30 years / no levy on early payment WHAT ABOUT FEES?

So what does a good student look like?

What do Cambridge say?  “We're looking for students with the academic ability and potential to flourish at the University.  “We're looking for an indication of your ability to think critically and independently, and your willingness to argue logically but to keep an open mind to new ideas as well.  “You also need self-discipline, motivation and commitment, and the desire and potential to go beyond what you've learned so far.  “We're looking for students who really want to learn about the subject they've applied for and aren't just interested in the degree at the end  “Instead of selecting the course you think you ought to do, think about which course and subject area(s) you're most enthused and inspired about studying for the next few years.”

What does that mean?  SKILLS  KNOWLEDGE  OPPORTUNITY


Study skills

From Schooling

To Independent learning

How we do it…  Two dedicated members of staff offering a rolling program of one-to-one study skills surgeries  Tutorial program of study skills lessons  Internet study skills program  Half-Termly visits to academic libraries to learn university style research skills  Revision skills tutorials in exam season

Social skills

From teenage

To adult

…how we do it  Residential course for all year 12 students at the start of the year  Leadership opportunities within the school  Expeditions and fund-raising  Public Speaking training  Community volunteering  Work Experience placements  Interview training



To A-level

…how we do it  Three assessment points every year, each followed by one-to-one feedback  Five progress points every year  Every teacher receives training direct from exam boards  All teachers team-teach  Progress Mentors offer targeted support  Assistant Director of Sixth Form monitoring student progress holistically

…and beyond

…how we go beyond  Extended Project  Allows students to follow their own passions, and to achieve outcomes significantly beyond what the A-level curriculum can assess  Allows students to achieve outcomes impossible to cater for within a school curriculum

Past projects…  Design and make a dress  Four part radio program on the history of radio  Production of a Shakespeare play  Coding an operating system  Investigation into the impact of income on health outcomes in the NHS  Short film  Long film

 Global Perspectives  Allows students to develop rigorous skills of argument and critical thinking  Allows them to produce an essay style piece of work that is explicitly marked on its ability to go beyond A-level standard

GPR projects  Should we move to a system of presumed consent for organ donation?  Is Virginia Woolf’s writing realistic?  Should casualty statistics from the occupation of Iraq include non-military fatalities?  To what extent are psychoanalytic approaches to reading appropriate for Book I of Spenser’s The Faerie Queene?


Visitors and Upcoming talks  Cambridge University spokesperson meeting with applicants: May 2nd  Cambridge University Higher Education talk: September 29th  Leicester University Employability skills talk: October 8th  Durham University Physics talk: October 15th

Changes in Sixth Form  School Participation Age raised to 17 from September 2013, and will change again to 18 from September 2015  A-levels are changing. A whole new curriculum will be announced in 2014 for first teaching 2015.  A new range of vocational qualifications, traineeships, internships and apprenticeships is coming.  ‘Study Programmes’ which allow students who do not get ‘C’ in Maths or English at GCSE to continue these subjects will be introduced.

Be prepared

Important dates  First summer half term – second sixth form interview  2oth June - Official opening of the sixth form  26th/27th June – Induction days, including the chance to meet your teachers, tutors and fellow students  10/11th October – Residential trip to Derwent Hill

 @Southmoor6th

Assessment – With Mrs Ormston  How your progress will be tracked over the course of Year 12 & Year 13.  Find out about the assessment process across the two years of study.

Preparing for Higher Education – With Mrs Teasdale  Find out about the expert guidance available, starting in Year 12.  Receive expert assistance on UCAS applications and processes.  Parents and the UCAS process.

Enrichment – With Mr Lavery  Extra curricular enrichment such as Duke of Edinburgh awards.  Find out more about the opportunity to take part in an International Expedition.

Tutoring and Pastoral care – With Mrs Saints  Study Skills program  What happens during tutor period  Extended Project

Mentoring, Sixth form Finance and Extras – Miss Stoddart & Miss Sewell  Meet the Sixth Form progress mentors.  Find out about the financial support available to help everyone progress.  Get details of the added extras and discounts available as a student at The Sixth Form.

Universities  Newcastle  Durham  Leeds  York St John  Northumbria  Teeside  Sunderland

Employers  Sainsbury’s  Northumbrian Water  Milltech

 Where do you want to be in ten years time?  Who will you need to be to get there?  How can you become that person?

How can we tell the dancer from the dance?

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