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Information about Programs File Types Icons

Published on March 19, 2009

Author: reyesk


Programs, File Types, Icons : Programs, File Types, Icons ESL Digital Storytelling MiraCosta College Kristi Reyes, Instructor Take notes! : Take notes! Use the handout provided by the instructor to take notes Please note: The actual picture-image of the program icons can change for different versions. It is more useful to memorize the extensions of the file types to help remember what type of file they are, and which program, or programs either created the file, or can play/display the file. There will be a quiz on this information! Folder : Folder Right-click Choose New Choose “Folder” Give a name to your folder Important: always save your digital story project files (Movie Maker, images, audio, etc.) together in one folder on your USB device (flashdrive) Audacity : Audacity Audio recorder and editor Can record voice and mix music Can save projects (to be edited later) Can export audio files (.wav and .mp3) to be used in making digital stories Audacity project file : Audacity project file xxx.aup Saved file can be changed later Cannot yet be imported into Movie Maker or emailed Waveform audio file : Waveform audio file xxx.wav Most common audio file format for Windows Can be imported into Movie Maker Can be emailed Cannot be changed unless it is imported into an audio editor, such as Audacity Joint Photographics Experts Group : Joint Photographics Experts Group xxx.jpg or .jpeg Most common type of image file Bitmap photo : Bitmap photo xxx.bmp Another common photo/image file type Windows Movie Maker program : Windows Movie Maker program For creating “movies” with audio, video, images Has options for titles, credits, effects, and transitions Microsoft Movie Maker project file : Microsoft Movie Maker project file xxx.mswmm Not yet a movie Cannot be emailed Can be changed after saving MUST be saved in the same folder as project media (images, audio, video) Windows Media Video file : Windows Media Video file xxx.wmv A finished “movie” project made in Movie Maker Cannot be changed unless re-imported back into Movie Maker (some elements, such as transitions and effects, may be lost) – for that reason, always save the Movie Maker project file in the event that you want to change the digital story later Microsoft PowerPoint : Microsoft PowerPoint xxx.ppt (2003 version) xxx.pptx (2007 version) Presentation software Good for image manipulation (for example, changing background colors) – just insert pictures and save file as .jpg rather than PowerPoint Microsoft Word : Microsoft Word xxx.doc (2003 version) xxx.docx (2007 version) Word processing program For typing digital story scripts

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