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Published on February 20, 2014

Author: Weshamilton22


Profits of Passion: Finding Your Words

The FUSION of Human Energy and Business Energy Human Energy – WHO you are Business Energy – WHAT you do ©2013 Core Passion Inc

Be the Magnet Go on the Journey to find your words. . . ©2013 Core Passion Inc

When you know WHO you are… • You know WHAT to do. • You know WHAT to say. • You know HOW to magnetize! ©2013 Core Passion Inc

Profits of Passion Questions for the Journey WHY HOW WHO WHY is this so valuable? WHAT WHAT do you want? WHAT does your client want? HOW do you get started? WHO are you? BRAND WHO are you doing this for? CLIENT ©2013 Core Passion Inc

WHY is this so valuable? Remember the “Y” The ONE number that you need to know “The ONLY path to profitable growth may lie in a company’s ability to get its’ loyal customers to become, in effect it’s marketing department.” Frederick Reichold, The Harvard Business Review Director Bain & Company, Author-Loyalty Rules Will you RECOMMEND ME? (9/10) ©2013 Core Passion Inc

HOW do you get started? A profitable system for moving energy. . . (WHO) (WHAT) (HOW) ©2013 Core Passion Inc

PASSION - WHO are you? BRAND • Unique words of wisdom • What WORDS do you bring to life? • Your client walks away and says . . . ©2013 Core Passion Inc

PASSION - WHO are you? Circle three Core Passion® Codes that feel like you. ©2013 Core Passion Inc

WHO are you doing this for? Stand in the CLIENT’S SHOES! Have you stood in THEIR shoes? Literally. Repeatedly Don’t assume! ©2013 Core Passion Inc

VISION - WHAT do you want? Finding Your Words ©2013 Core Passion Inc

VISION - WHAT do they want? See it through THEIR eyes! “The challenge is to view every element of every part of the business through the customer’s lens; to literally redefine each element from the customer’s perspective.” Tom Peters, Author In Search of Excellence • • • • They want They need They expect Their emotional state ©2013 Core Passion Inc

ACTION – HOW do you get started? Use your magnetic key words in: • Google ad words for your website • Tag words for social media marketing • Conversations with your friends, family, community, and peers ©2013 Core Passion Inc

Be the Magnet . . . Find your magnetic words at ©2013 Core Passion Inc

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