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Published on June 22, 2016

Author: vasvas


1. INDIA’S DEVELOPMENT MY RIGHT Voice of Positive Universal Consciousness Dr. V. VIJAY ANAND SRIRAM Many things in life will come your way; Main thing will stay away, Focus on Main thing, Many things will go away.

2. Dear Connect, Greetings Thank you for considering me as a transformation specialist. After doing more than 500+ programmes, I am very happy that I have inspired 300000+ human being to dream, desire and develop an action to achieve happiness, peace, joy and wealth abundance. I am a fulltime speaker. Believe me speaking cannot happen overnight. I started giving my first speech at the age of 10 and no looking back, today I am invited to wide range of transformation forums at national and international level to speak and motivate different kinds of audience. I am a learner speaker. I strongly believe that, inner transformation is possible only when you listen to a speaker who has the ability to blend knowledge, attitude and skill in equal quantum and deliver. In nutshell to prepare you, I prune myself first. Academic serenity combined with practical validity is my offer to one and all. Ancient wisdom strongly believes in the doctrine of imparting integral values through systematic motivational speech, that churn the subconscious mind to deliver quality, purity and divinity in the action that stems out of an individual. Today 100’s of organization/institution have a very strong belief in me and my doctrine “Positive Universal Consciousness”. Their invitation is a process of achieving mutual excellence. I am sure we can achieve the same in coming hours After reading my mail, I am touch away from you. Consciously yours Initiate your Intuition to get Conclusion

3. TOPICS I believe in delivering what you want. Consumer ecstasy is what you believe then please invite me. Positive universal consciousness revealed and revolutionized Lead through action Values your resource for source Passion drives ration Stress free dress Selling my way Ancient wisdom and modern management defined and redesigned You are unique Principles of success Creative journey Your life reflects your happiness level, the less you accumulate the more you articulate, the less you fear the more you cheer, the less you doubt the more you go about, the less you fall the more you stand tall, the less you gossip the more you worship, the less you get depressed the more you express, the less you distrust the more you entrust. Forget Less- Remember More

4. AUTHOR – ORU SIRAGU PODHUM, VIKATAN PUBLICATIONS MORE THAN 200+ MEDIA PROGRAMMES CURRENTLY IN THE PROCESS Illusion will fusion good and bad to bring confusion, resulting in depression and frustration, finally making mind wander without any caution.

5. COLUMNS LIFE without Conviction is useless, Conviction without Action is baseless, Action without Knowledge is worthless and Knowledge without Attitude is LIFELESS

6. SOCIAL SIGNIFICANCE Founder President TATTVAMASI EDUCATIONAL CHARITABLE TRUST Secretary ASTRA Association of Soft Skills Trainers Managing Trustee JAGATH GURU SRI KRISHNA VISWA VIDYALAYA TRUST NATION DEVELOPMENT AND YOUTH EMPOWERMENT EVENTS 2013 CONSCIOUS CONNECTION CONCLAVE “Positive Universal Consciousness” GRT GRAND Chennai 2014 RIPENOMICS West Meets East to Explore Ancient and Modern Methods to achieve Happiness, peace, joy and wealth abundance Hotel Kohinoor Asiana NATIONAL SEMINAR ON INDIA’S DEVELOPMENT MY RIGHT Hotel Kohinoor Asiana, Chennai ACHIEVEMENT 300000+ participants trained Positive Universal Consciousness R&D Number of seminars 500+ Corporate participants 10000 + Outbound Events 20+ FACTS More than 100 Satsungs Various CSR Programmes Awards given to more than 100 worthy individuals Constant Spiritual seeker More than 5000 + Alumni followers and 300000 + concept followers all over the world Referred and studied more than 10000 + study materials Reach a level where you hate Money, Position , Pride, Authority, Appreciation, at that level believe me your organization will grow several folds.

7. BIODATA EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION B. Sc (HONS) – Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning MBA (Gold Medal) - SCSVMV University PGDHRM – Pondicherry University PGDHR – Pondicherry University PGDHRD – IHBD MS (Psychotherapy and Counseling) - IPMS Mumbai Ph D – Ancient Wisdom and Modern Management –SCSVMV University More than 10 Diplomas & Certification Programmes CURRENT JOB Joint Managing Director, RIPE Academy Passion Author, Motivational Speaker, Screenwriter, Columnist and Psychologist PREVIOUS JOB Apollo Hospitals Medley Pharmaceuticals BIJA Technologies MAGNUS (An ICFAI group) AWARDS AND HONORS 1. Most Promising Soft Skills Training Company by Big Research 2. International Gold Star Award by Indian Achievers Forum 3. Mother Teresa Excellence Award by integrated Council for Socio Economic Progress 4. Professional Excellence Award by Rotary Club of Nanganallur 5. Siksha Bharti Puraskar Award by All India Achievers Foundation 6. Bharat Udyog Ratan Award by Global Achievers Foundation 7. Outstanding Young Business Professional by JCI 8. Outstanding Young Person by JCI 9. Sevai Thilagam Award by SISCA 10. Seva Ratna Award by AICA The best reassurance in this world is what you give for your own self. Yes our life reassures our happiness. Our happiness reassures our life.

8. Invite today Dr. V. Vijay Anand Sriram to transform your team +91 44 9962514135 + 91 44 9962516138 TYPE OF EVENT Nation Development Ventures Positive Universal Consciousness Seminar Customized result focused long term corporate training Outbound training Annual meeting Fresh men induction inauguration/valediction Student orientation (200 & above) Image Consulting Media Training Media shows Movie knowledge consulting Individual department meets & orientation Motivating teams (100 & above)

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