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Published on April 16, 2008

Author: Paola


Slide1:  Beijing’s Legacy to the World The world gives us 16 days; We will give the world 5,000 years Slide2:  The 2008 Olympic Games will be held in China, the largest country on earth in terms of population, a milestone event in more than 100 years of Modern Olympic history. Slide3:  Combine the Anti-elitist Coubertinian Ideal of Maximum Popular Involvement to Combat Commercialism Humanistic Olympic Walk Into the Community The Humanistic Olympic Tour In China & Slide4:  ◆ Green Olympics features three themes: ◆ Hi-tech Olympics ◆ Humanistic Olympics Slide5:  Green Olympics To create a Clean and Green natural environment to ensure people co-exist not only with fellow human beings but also with nature Slide6:  Hi-tech Olympics To streamline this mega human event with state-of-the–art technology in an age of information to draw out super sportsmanship rarely seen or dreamed of in previous games Slide7:  Humanistic Olympics the centrality of mankind in the scheme of things by developing human beings in a well-rounded, harmonious manner Slide8:  ◆ Green Olympics ◆ Hi-tech Olympics ◆ Humanistic Olympics features three themes: the soul of Beijing’s 2008 bid Slide9:  Olympic Games Global Impact (OGGI) IOC Environmental Impact Economic Impact Social-Cultural Impact 8 Years 160 Indicators Slide11:  The Humanistic dimension reflects what Beijing organizers are anxious to contribute the worldwide Olympic movement. Beijing 2008 Olympic Game is a big ceremony drawing together different civilizations of the world the carnival which attracts different races and cultures to interact and communicate with one another. Slide12:  Chinese civilization Slide13:  和 Slide14:  Beijing 3000 Years’ History 852 Years’ History As the Chinese Capital 3500 Historic Cultural Relics 200 Million Square Meters Slide15:  Beijing Forbidden City Zhoukoudian the Pre-historical Homo-sapien Archeological Museum Summer Palace Temple of Heaven Ming Empire Tomb The Great Wall Six world famous heritages in the Heritages List in the Worldwide by the UNESCO are housed in the same city Slide16:  Beijing Cultural Relic’s Resources Tian’an Men Traditional Courtyard Settlement YuanmingYuan Royal Garde Tai Temple Slide17:  It speeds up the development of infrastructure It speeds up the popular livelihood It improves the city’s image on a massive scale The hosting of the Olympic Games: Slide18:  Traditional Chinese And Folk Sport Culture Qi Gong Chinese martial art Wrestling The Dragon Boat Climbing Balls’ Games Ice Skating Chinese Go Tou Hu Slide19:  Traditional Chinese And Folk Sport Culture Flying Kite Chinese Golf Chinese Swing FIFA had already recognized Zibo city in Shandong Province as football’s birth place Slide20:  56 Ethnic Groups That Forms The Nation All Have Their Own Sports, Games And Competitions The Wrestling From Mongolia Group The Chasing Sport From Kazakhstan Group The Swing Game From The Korean Group The Wooden Ball Game From Hui Group Bamboo Dance From Dai Group Climbing A Ladder Made In Swords From Miao Group Carrying The Baskets Competition From Gaoshan Group Tui Gan Games From Qiang Group Slide21:  Peace Harmony Beauty Love ”To make the movement purer, more humane and more united” ——Mr. Roger Slide22:  Thank You! Welcome to Beijing : )

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