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Information about Professional programming foundation - Baabtra - Starter slide

Published on February 23, 2014

Author: BaabtraMentoringPartner



This is only the first slide of the professional programming foundation. Baabtra conducts training in Engineering colleges on professional programming which will help the engineering students to get jobs.

Professional programming Foundation Prepared by Muhammad Haris NP, baabtra 22nd – Feb - 2014

Before we start • Why are you here? • What is a career? – an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person's life and with opportunities for progress.

Contents • • • • Introduction Programming Languages Project Management Questions and Answers

Introduction • Software engineering is important and not programming • Programming is important not the programming language

FORMAL and Natural Languages • Natural Language – English, Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada • Formal Language – Languages that are designed by people for specific applications – Ex. 2H + O  H2O – Programming languages are formal languages – Strict rules and syntax

Difference between formal and natural languages • Ambiguity – Natural = Contextual • Redundancy – Natural = More verbose • Literalness – Formal = Exact meaning. No symbolic meaning

Programming Languages What is a program? A program is a sequence of instructions that specifies how to perform a computation. It can be written in any language.

Programming • Video • It can be defined as the process of breaking complex, large task into smaller and smaller subtasks until the subtasks are simple enough to be performed with sequences of these basic instructions

Basic Instructions Input Get data from the keyboard, a file, or some other device. Output Display data on the screen or send data to a file or other device. math and logic Perform basic mathematical operations like addition, and multiplication, and logical operations like and, or, and not.

Conditional execution Check for certain conditions and execute the appropriate sequence of statements. Repetition Perform some action repeatedly, usually with some variation.

Project Management • In Industry – Project Kick off/Initiation – Planning and Design – Execution /monitoring and controlling – Closing

Project Kick off/initiation • Once the proposal is accepted • Budget is also finalized • Clients and top level management

Planning and Designing • Technology – Client requirements considered • Resourcing – Important for you. You need to find out where you will fit in. • Planning for the deadlines (Entry and Exit criteria are set for each of the phase) – – – – – – – SRS Software Design Document Development Testing Implementation Maintenance Hand over to the support team

Planning and Designing • SRS – Exit criteria : Sign off of the SRS Document • Design – Exit criteria: Sign off the design Document and Testing Document • Development – Migration to the testing environment of the client

• Testing – Done by a different team – Exit criteria • Sign off of the testing document. Mostly prepared along with the design document. • Implementation – Go live – Done by a different team other than the development

• Maintenance – Initially done by the development team • Handing over to the support team – Technically less competent

Closing • Once all the activities in the planning and design phase are executed successfully, the project closing is done. • With team, top management and clients

Excercise • Your career path in a company • Skills required for the job

Where do you fit in?

Skills required for a software engineer • Patience – No one can become an engineer overnight • Problem solving skills • Presentation Skills • Mapping real world requirements to software modules • Programming Skills and identify cases(how the system will break) • Working in Team • Typing speed – Very important

Contact Us Emarald Mall (Big Bazar Building) Mavoor Road, Kozhikode, Kerala, India. Ph: + 91 – 495 40 25 550 Start up Village Eranakulam, Kerala, India. Email: NC Complex, Near Bus Stand Mukkam, Kozhikode, Kerala, India. Ph: + 91 – 495 40 25 550

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