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Published on June 7, 2016

Author: VX4G


1. Services — Professional Digital Marketing Assistant SEO. Inbound Link Building. Directory Listings We are a Los Angeles based marketing company specializing in web based marketing services. Get Started Optimize your Website Conversion Rate Increased targeted web traffic is why businesses and Entrepreneurs seek a digital marketing agency. When businesses come to Backlinkfy, they are seeking for an opportunity to have their own digital marketing assistant. Your Digital Marketing Assistant will help enhance the impact of your present web and mobile traffic. Increasing your conversion rate has the same impact as increasing your targeted web traffic. With a strong Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) plan from Backlinkfy, clients always get higher conversion rates than they previously thought possible. 1/11

2. Free Full Website Analysis Report *100% Free with plan ($299 Value) Learn more *Check Add-ons for more services and packages that will improve your website further! Build a better online presence for your website and improve your rankings on search engines like: Google, Yahoo, Bing and many more! What You Get: Dedicated account specialist New potential Customers Weekly reports on progress Weekly percentage of work done Status position on search engines Get Started Today 2/11

3. Social Media Campaigns Backlinkfy will assign a professional Digital Marketing Assistant who will build a Strategic Social Media Campaign. Instagram>Facebook>Twitter>Pinterest Monthly Management Get Started Social Media Monthly Optimization ReEnforcer Likes Get likes to your page and post on social media. This will help boost your startup efforts, if you are in the beginning stages. More established pages can increase their visibility and business identity. Shares You want your post to be seen by the masses? Now you can get your social post shared with your network of friends. This will help give your post extensive views and engagement. 3/11

4. Followers You can grow your network without followers. We will give you real engaging followers interested in the things your like and share. Build a strong network of followers and be famous. Learn More Social media marketing can increase page engagement for your business with likes, followers and shares! Websites need social media interaction for growth and brand recognition. Get the fans you need to grow on Facebook , Twitter, Instagram and pinterest. Social media campaigns to boost your sharing efforts online. Backlinkfy will mingle with new followers and send likes to your Twitter and Instagram accounts every month, so you can build your online business with less hiccups and more customers. What You Get: 4/11

5. Dedicated account specialist New followers, likes, and shares Weekly report tracking More page engagement Get Started Today Google Adwords . Bing . Facebook . Twitter . Pinterest Ads Setup your PPC Campaigns on Google and Bing. Maximize your budget for better ROI. Monthly PPC Management. Get Started PPC Campaign Setup and Management PPC Management Dedicated account manager Website consulting On-going development strategies Optimizing for higher CTR In-depth pay per click analysis and report 5/11

6. Boost volume and reduce spending On-going conversion tracking On-going ad copy and analysis Increasing conversion PPC Setup Specific goals and expectations Comprehensive Keyword research Competition analysis Build negative keyword listings Campaign creation Ad group creation Configuring Max CPC for campaign Adjust budget as needed Launch Campaign Learn More PPC Advertising & Management for better ROI PPC campaigns give your website the visibility needed on search engines for targeted keywords towards your products and services. Backlinkfy can build comprehensive keyword campaigns for special Ad Promotions, Deals and Discounts, maximizing your chances for better ROI. Lets help you setup and manage your Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads and Pinterest Ads. Getting your website on paid search is easier than you think, now you can have your ppc campaign set-up within 24 hours! We set your daily budget and manage all aspects of your online campaign for high ROI. 6/11

7. Backlinkfy will manage your PPC including the following: What You Get: No Setup fees Dedicated account specialist New Customers Better search rankings Weekly report tracking More page engagement High conversion Get Started Now 7/11

8. Get A Professional Website Design Small Business or Online Store CMS Platforms Squarespace>Shopify>BigCommerce Get Started Learn More WebSite DeSign For Any Project E-Commerce | Personal | Business | Portfolio Web Design We design professional websites for small businesses and entrepreneurs who need an online/mobile presence within a short period of time. Lets get your business started online and mobile. Features 10 Images 5 Videos Customer Polls 8/11

9. Lead Capture Mobile Friendly CMS System Add-Ons Unlimited Pictures Unlimited Videos Unlimited Landing Pages E-Commerce Analytics Marketing We Design Websites For These Industries! Transportation . Hospitality . Retail . Attorneys . Photography . Video Production Some Of Our Well Structured Designed Websites Lets Help with your project You know how many pages and have all your content ready? Don't wait, lets get you started in 1-2 business days. Get a website design quote and we will be in contact with you within 1-2 business days. Migrating your content to a new platform or need a new website with the same content. We can help! Get a quote within 1-2 Business days! Get A Quote Get started backlinkfy your website hands-coffee-cup-apple.jpg Pricing How can We Help? 9/11

10. Website Design Pricing from 500.00 All website designs are completed within 30 - 60 days depending on the project. 3-5 pages take less than 30 days! sale SaaS Directories from 70.00 You pay One Flat Fee and fill-out one form for listings in more than 200+ Targeted SaaS and startup directories. Reaches 7000+ Early Adopters + High Quality Listings With inbound links + Saves Numerous Hours and Money. 10/11

11. Media Coverage from 150.00 Get Media Coverage from sites; TechCrunch, AllthingsD etc. 11/11

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