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Published on February 27, 2014

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Reliable Equestrian FlooringProduct Overview 2009/2010 Systems

Requirements for good equestrian flooring: Perfect grip Dust-free Slightly springy In dealing with horses responsibly, their health is your main concern. The old English saying: ‘No hoof, no horse’ sums it up – legs and hooves are the most precious parts of a horse and need to be protected. Whether a horse is involved in sports or recreation, the flooring that it moves on every day is most important. Longterm stress due to improper flooring can lead to serious harm and injuries. While a surface that is too firm stresses the joints, a floor that is too soft puts a strain on the tendons. Wet and heavy surfaces can cause thrush, and dusty ones are bad for the lungs of the horse and rider. A surface that is too firm stresses the joints A surface that is too soft stresses the tendons An equestrian flooring system transfers the forces into the ground layers Drawing from years of experience in this area, ProEquus® provides customized solutions for perfect equestrian flooring systems. ProEquus® is your partner for the construction and renovation of riding arenas as well as stables, open stables and paddocks, providing professional consulting and custom concepts.

Product Overview Page 4 Riding Arena Footing Layers 5 Riding Arena Separating Layers 6 Riding Arena Maintenance 7 Fences 8 Flooring for open Stable/Paddock 9 Rubber and PVC Flooring for Stables 10 Horse Solariums 11 ProEquus Cooperations 11 All products available from ProEquus® are purchased directly from the manufacturers Riding Arena Design Contact Information 12 ® Detailed product information is available for download on our website and can also be ordered through our hotline: +43 (0)664 / 450 53 11 3

Riding Arena Design ProEquus® offers the right flooring system for all requirements. Based on the experience of international equestrian sports, permanent riding arenas are always built using a 3-layer system. FOOTING Layer Separating Layer Sub-base Layer The use of a separating layer allows for major material and cost savings regarding the footing and sub-base layers. Also, a thinner, high grade footing layer significantly reduces maintenance. 4

Footing Layers ProEquus® offers the right footing layer for every discipline. Various types of high grade silica sand, geotextile shreds and fibres as well as eco-friendly additives to prevent freezing and accumulation of dust are blended to create stable yet elastic footing layers with maximum grip. Requiring little maintenance, they continue to provide good drainage and produce minimal dust. High quality silica sands for a low-dust ground with good grip Good performance in all weather conditions! Eco-friendly Additives to Stabilize the Footing Layer According to an independent expert’s report, the ProEquus® selection of additives is extremely ecofriendly and completely safe for the health of the Fleece shreds for optimum elasticity and moisture absorption horse and rider. Special fibres to improve shearing resistance and grip Magnesium CL for hydrogen storage and to prevent freezing 5

Separating Layers Grid and Mat Systems A range of synthetic riding mats is used as a separating layer between the footing and sub-base layers. With their sophisticated structures, perfect elasticity and permeability, these mats provide durability, stability and improved grip. EcoRaster® Riding Mat EcoRaster® Suitable for all disciplines of equestrian sports: Jumping, Dressage and Western. The honeycomb grids are connected with a bonding-plug system, filled with gravel and covered with the footing layer. OT 40 Water Retaining Mat This mat is suitable for Jumping and Dressage. OT 40 Due to its structure it can retain and slowly release moisture – an important advantage during summer and in warm climates. WE 40 Western and Event Mat Perfect for Western Reining and, due to its tongue-and-groove assembly, also suitable for all WE 40 6 kinds of events.

Riding Arena Maintenance Indoor and Outdoor Irrigation Systems Irrigation systems made in Germany ensure an even humidification in order to maintain optimal firmness of the ground. Due to decreased trituration of the sand, they extend the life span of the footing layer considerably. Model: Premium NLGW for fleece shred arenas • Raintrain Plus (Bus system) • Nozzle Jet Irrigation • Outdoor Arena Irrigation Track and Riding Arena Conditioners ProEquus® offers track and riding arena Model: Basic for fleece shred arenas conditioners of various types that loosen, homogenize and level footing layers, removing humps and holes in the process. The range includes models for all-sand arenas and sand/fleece shred arenas as well as models with watering systems. Model: Classic for all-sand arenas Model: Groundmaster with watering system for Western arenas Model: Auto SF includes tractor 7

Fences Vinyl Fences Plug joint fence ProEquus®-fences are made from high-quality materials. They are durable, stable and look perfect for years. Posts and rails are made from NEW PVC which is extremely resistant to deformation, fractures Screw joint fence and splintering due to its wall thickness. The vinyl parts are weatherproof, tapes and straps are UVresistant. The manufacturers grant a 20-year rot-resistance guarantee. Yearly maintenance like exchanging Paddock fence posts and painting is unnecessary. Plug joint, screw joint and clip joint systems make assembly a breeze. All models are available in white Optional: paddock and pasture Pasture fence fencing fencing in natural gray Mobile Fences: „RoFlex System“ Simple fencing systems for tournaments and events. Posts are made from high-quality aluminium profiles with cone ends made from refined metal for easy setup. The integrated paddock tapes are extendable and UV- resistant. Power is supplied by integrated high-performance battery packs that can also be recharged via an automobile charger outlet. HQ-Model 8

Open Stable/Paddock Flächenbefestigung ohne Bodenversiegelung Open stable and paddock flooring should Patentiertes Sicherheitsverbundsystem be dry, firm and provide good grip. Bis zu 350 t/m2 belastbar Niedriger Abflussbeiwert Ökologisch wirtschaftlich EcoRaster® honeycomb grids with their stabilizing bonding-plug system require a minimum of sub-base, and assembly is very simple. Top quality ground condition can be retained long-term with minimal maintenance. A clean solution! EcoRaster® E50 or EH40 9

Rubber and PVC for Stables Rubber and PVC floors for use in stables are superior to wood or concrete flooring. They are urine resistant, hygienic, wear- free and feel very similar to natural ground. Unlike wood or concrete, these floors do not trap ammonia, thus Stable Mat „BM 16 Belmondo“ reducing unpleasant odors. The horse enjoys a no-slip, heat-insulating, shock and soundabsorbent floor. Joints and hooves are protected; the risk of injury is minimized. Stable Mats Reduced amounts of litter mean less work, less dust, and an improved stable climate. Stable Mat „ES27“ Seamless Rubber Flooring This flooring consists of natural rubber, EPDM rubber granulate and hardener. It is seamless, impervious, elastic, hygienic, shock and sound-absorbent, making it ideal for stable aisles, stalls and trailers. Impact Protection Mats Perfectly suited for minimizing stress and risk of injury in stalls and trailers. Drainage Mats and H-Block Paving Optimal for stable aisles and, due to their permeability also perfect for wash areas. 10

Horse Solariums Apart from their positive effect on the immune system, these solariums are mainly used to quickly warm up and relax muscles and tendons before a riding session. Summerwind „DELUXE“ They can also be used to dry the horse afterwards. In combination with colour therapy, these systems can also accelerate the healing of wounds. Summerwind „LIGHT“ ProEquus® Cooperations The ProEquus® range of products was specifically selected to represent the state-of-the-art products currently available in the market. For ProEquus® it is most important that these products excel in the areas of material composition, durability, workmanship and weathering. By purchasing these products directly from the manufacturers (avoiding middlemen), ProEquus® is always able to provide the best possible value for money. Please contact our sales team headed by Dipl. HFW Joachim Längle for a non-committal offer. For a realistic calculation, please provide us with key parameters such as area of application, approximate amounts and special local conditions. Also, please let us have your address and telephone number so we can contact you should questions arise. Hotline +43 (0) 664 / 450 53 11 · 11

Feel-good Flooring systems ProEquus® Equestrian Surfaces Design & Consulting Proprietor: Joachim M. Längle Mailing-Address: 1060 Vienna, Gumpendorfer Straße 138 / 4, Austria Hotline +43 (0) 664 / 450 53 11 Headquarters: 6833 Weiler-Klaus, Wiesenstraße 18 / 4, Austria Phone +43 (0) 55 23 / 55 933, Y our local dealer: Legal Disclaimer, Reproduction & Copyright All rights reserved. The reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission or republication of any material from this publication is strictly prohibited without the prior written permission of ProEquus®. For our general terms and conditions, please refer to our website: Released May 2009

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