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Published on February 27, 2014

Author: meproduk


Produk.Me Happier consumer relationships for life! Brand Presentation Ajay Bam Feb 2014 Ver.1.6.23 Produk Inc. San Francisco, CA

1 Problem. Brands struggle with post purchase consumer engagement! q  Low Consumer Registration Rates. q  Black hole of consumers Opinions & Feedback. q  Reviews scattered across web. q  No Incentives to consumers for feedback or interactions. q  Most engagement via text, paper manuals and is static. Brands losing $$$ and valuable insights! Produk.Me

2 Need and Opportunity. 87M strong Millennial (18 to 37yr old) generation thinks, engages and spends differently. q  q  q  q  80% view digital video often on mobile [Heidi Cohen]. 75% + carry smartphones and view data often on devices[Heidi Cohen]. 63% stay updated on brands through social networks [Ipsos]. 44% are willing to promote products or services through social media in exchange for rewards [Aimia]. Image  source  –   Post purchase engagement needs a rethink! Produk.Me

3 Solution: Product Engagement Platform. A SAAS tool for brands to gather post purchase product impressions through interactive, fun and rich consumer onboarding & engagement. q  1 Click Consumer Registration ( w/ Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn API) via intelligent tiny URLs tied to product SKUs**. q  Post purchase rich media product onboarding with consumer via mobile and tablets delivered via HTML5/web pages. q  Collect, aggregate and distribute product impressions. q  Powerful insights dashboard into the product and consumers buying them. **  Patent  Pending   Brands need a winning solution to connect with consumers! Produk.Me

4 The Interface for consumer engagement . HTTP://PDK.Me/ dyson1   Consumer   Onboarding   Insights   Gathering   Rewards   Unboxing   On  mobile  browser!   Welcome  &   Product  Videos   Fun,  Interac6ve   With  Pictograms   Gamified   Intelligent  lifelong  6ny  URL’s  6ed  to  the  box,  product,  receipt  email,  QRcode  or  NFC  Tags   that  consumer  unlocks  for  setup/engagement/rewards.   ‘Unbox’ post purchase consumer insights! Produk.Me

5 Mobile & Tablet based engagement experience! Tiny  URLs  printed  on  the  box   Or  sent  via  email   Pictograms   Fun,  Visual   &  Gamified   Mobile   Tablets   40+ Pictograms can be customized to gather product impressions. Produk.Me

6 Engagement Life-Cycle. Consumer   Registra>on   Analy>cs,   Insights,  &   Ideas   Product   Onboarding   Impressions  &   Feedback   Aggregator   Managing the critical 90 days of post purchase engagement! Produk.Me

7 Consumers / Users Segments. ü  *Super Users, aka Brand Loyalists. o  Satisfied, repeat consumers. o  Not engaged, don’t care, impulse purchase. ü  *Haters (trolls). *These segments have most influence on the Brand, need to understand why they love it (or hate it). Reward your best and worst consumers! Produk.Me

8 Manage & develop your Insights Community. Develop a community of your brand loyalists and haters: ü Participate with them. ü Reward them. ü Develop with them. Get answers on •  How do your consumers use your product? •  What do your consumers think about your product? Get ideas and insights on how to make your product better! Produk.Me

9 Produk.Me Ecosystem Vision. MEDIA  PROPERTIES  -­‐     Dashboard,  Brand  site,  Social  media  sites,  Customer  care   APIs  for  sharing  impressions  &  consumer   registra>ons   Produk.Me   Engagement   PlaVorm   Collec>ng  impressions   PRODUK.ME  MOBILE  INTERFACE   Product     videos   Consumer   Photo  stories   Consumer   Video  stories   Product  data   Interac6ons   Social  media   conversa6ons   Pictogram   reviews   SHARE, MEASURE AND LEARN FROM CONSUMER NEEDS AND READS! Produk.Me

Engage   •  Fric6onless  consumer  registra6on.   •  Fun,  interac6ve  and  rich  media  engagement.   •  Engagement  rewards.   Measure   Our unique offering. •  Visual  insights  (photo  and  video  stories).   •  Understand  consumer  needs  and  reads  at  SKU   level.   •  Distribute  insights  to  mul6ple  media  proper6es.   Opportunity   10 •  •  •  •  Reduced  care  costs  of  upto  $15  per  customer.   Upto  $1.00  savings  in  print  and  shipping  per  box.   Lean  product  development.   New  product  sales.   All engagement tied to SKU level! Produk.Me

11 Brand Dashboard Brands  can  curate  and  launch  the  onboarding  experience  in  minutes.   Produk.Me

12 Rich Analytics Dashboard for Brands. s   aly6c n ny’s  a pa r  com es.   u ith  yo rtuni6  w a6on n  oppo gr h  inte ne6za6o ric bles   ew  mo na API  e m  and  n ’s   k.Me plaVor u Prod Produk.Me

13 Business Model . Strategy   $$$   Fee  per  product  onboarding/ insights  per  customer    Performance/Licensing/ subscrip>on    Model   Product  MSRP  revenue   per    product   onboarding.  Revenue  Forecast   Series2   $0  -­‐  $100   $0.50   $101  -­‐  $200   $1   $201  -­‐  $300   $2   $460K   $301  -­‐  $400   $3   Year  1   Year  2   >  $400   Cap  at  $4   (-­‐)   (-­‐)   $85M   $18K   $4M   What our beta customers are paying us! Produk.Me Year  3   (+)   Year  4   (+)  

14 Pilot – Validate Value Proposition. No  integra6ons  are  required  and  takes  mins  to  launch!   Month  1   Select  Product(s)  for   trial     Curate  –  v  ideos,  apps   and/or  insight  Q&A.   Launch  Product  e-­‐ Book(s)   Month  2,3   Promote  e-­‐Book  to  new   and  exis>ng  consumers       Collect  registra>ons   Provide  targeted     engagement  campaigns   Month  4,5,6   Measure  consumer   engagement     Promote     engagement   Transi>on  to  broader   deployment   Goal:  Validate  ROI  =  Support  Savings  +  Brand  Loyalty+  Insights!   Produk.Me

15 Summary. Easy  1-­‐click  product   registra6on   Lean  product   development   Savings  &  upsell   opportuni6es   Produk.Me Unraveling your consumer’s needs and reads! Rich  mul6-­‐media   Engagement   Collect,  aggregate  &   leverage  insights  

16 Thank you! AJAY BAM • •  +1-781-710-1534 COMPANY NAME Produk Inc. For more information please visit our web site: ADDRESS San Francisco, CA PHONE +1-(781) 710-1534 EMAIL Team has 12+ years of experience in mobile commerce and consumer insights. Produk.Me

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