Products that were showcased at July 22nd 2007

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Information about Products that were showcased at July 22nd 2007

Published on July 22, 2007

Author: anumks



Products that were showcased at July 22nd 2007



Altrion Technologies is a Chennai-based global IT services and product company. After an extensive research they have created a software product for proactively analyzing and managing the Business Performance of an Enterprise called ALTRION Business Performance Suite (ALTRION BPS) Altrion-BPS helps align Individual Goal to Organizational Goals, Pro-actively drive for performance at all levels in the organization and achieve the functional and organizational goals. It also aligns with a lot of management models like Balanced Scorecard, TPM, TQM, Six-Sigma, etc. and provides a single window control for driving these initiatives. Altrion-BPS is built on flexible open framework and can be implemented in multiple verticals and functions.

Auth Me focuses on Secure Online Tractions. Auth Me secures all the three entities in any authentication infrastructure namely the Client, the Server and the Channel (Medium). Auth Me secures client from Trojans, key loggers and other client side attacks by user to keep a cognitive based one time PASTCODE. To protect the channel from Pharming and Man in The Middle Phishing attacks. Auth Me uses a new patent pending method, where user authentication is tied to the secure session empowering the organization and the client to see when they are connected by a direct link without integration.

MDT (Multimedia Display Technologies) has overcome the breaking point of providing low cost RFID readers and low cost RFID tags for the consumption of target industries as well as mass consumers. This cutting edge technology and cost advantage will enable the company to promote the use of RFID technology in almost all targeted applications. String engineering resources have helped developed innovative RFID products, being patented in Japan, China and eventually worldwide markets. Besides offering reader module to potential reader makers. MDT also offers full fledge RFID solutions in terms of system configurations and infrastructure deployment and integration of software system. Involved in other industry such as advanced display and software engineering to provide competitive edge in terms of technical application know-how and new market opportunities. Set with a mandate, in exploring new technologies for providing low cost chipped and chipless tag that will further tap into new markets that are previously hindered by cost.

TISS MSC was founded in 2003 to compliment the business of Millennium Hallmark Software as the sales and distribution arm of the organization formed in 2001. MHS found it's niche in the market place in the Internet Content Security product and began it's distribution operations in October of that year. TISS gained much Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) status in March 2003, for it's contribution to ICT development in Malaysia. TISS continues to fulfill it's passion and obligations under this status umbrella. TISS primary business is to provide protection, (preventive) security and control for users of desktop computers, laptops, email and internet browsing by utilizing TISS's unique integrated, portable Total Internet Security Solutions (TISS)

Development Platform

BriteSoft focuses in the business of Highly Rapid Application Development Tools that eliminate coding. With it's extensive application development experience, BriteSoft has changed the rules of the game when it comes to programming and building applications. Tot's flagship product, BriteWorks is an award winning platform that helps customers deliver applications 20 times faster, yet with higher quality and hugely reduces costs. Developers need not know Java, VB, C++ or any other programming language or technology. BriteSoft's philosophy is 'zero code generation' and 'develop once, run everywhere' (i.e. client server, web, PDA). BriteSoft has a series of line-of-business applications that have all been powered by BriteWorks.

Pramati Technologies founded in 1998 has many products and one of them is Dekoh. Dekoh is desktop platform for applications that deliver integrated experience of web and desktop. Along with free Dekoh Desktop, comes a gallery of personal media applications and Dekoh Network service that helps users share content/applications directly off their PC. Dekoh is a product of Pramati Technologies.

Tekriti Software is a New Delhi based startup founded by Ex IIT'ians, Ex Microsoft and Ex Infosys employees. They were showcasing TekMedia a product for Video Publication, Syndication and Community Portal System. TekMedia is a set of reusable technology components that can be used to add rich media functionality to existing or new websites.


Aumega Networks was founded in 2004 and they are in proto to showcase their product Lukup. Lukup is a mobile search application that indexes very frequently updated data and provides precise and up to date results to mobile users. Lukup is based on the Indus SDK which is a peer-to-peer, network and device neutral, software-as-a-service development platform. This platform is being licensed by Aumega since 2005.

BuzzWorks vision is to create a Indian mobile voice search engine that helps people publish and search for extremely localized information. Their factor of success is making our mobile device that gets us business, without any knowledge of technology. Currently they are rolling this service out in Hindi and English with roughly more Indian languages in the pipe.

Mocodile® is a mobile content exchange service that uses patent pending technology that is unique and simple. Mocodile is a friendly software to send photos, documents, audio & video from a PC to a mobile phone, anywhere in the world, across any telecom provider, in any language. Mocodile is from Rarefind Engineering Innovations Pvt. Ltd. group.

Wifin Technologies was founded in 2003 at Proto they were showcasing their product Mobistream. Mobistream offers live, streaming market information on mobile devices and PDA's with secure trading capability. Their vision is to see this product as the most preferred trading medium by the discerning investors. Apart from this, Wifin also has a desktop/browser-based streaming solution, mobile banking product, Learning solution.

Ziva Software is a VC-backed company that has developed an innovative and intelligent platform for mobile search and access. Ziva's platforms are being used by a number of market-leading companies. Ziva's flagship "search networking" service (called provides exact and actionable answers to mobile users. It not only provides quick and precise results to user but also enables them to get information and relevant updates from their friends.

Internet / Web 2.0

Circko is a new media interactive cricket network which incorporates the philosophies of Web 2.0 and is aimed at cricket fans worldwide. It's a product of Skilworth Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Genie Interactive Pvt. Ltd is self funded and was founded on 1999. At proto they were showcasing their product Voiee. Voiee is an easy to use, cost effective, simple yet versatile voice mail and messaging platform. It allows one to seamlessly and creatively integrate audio (voice) into their WWW universe. Their aim to make Voiee as the default platform for lot of voice based services. is an online hotel booking service in India. It brings 3500 hotels from 400 cities in India just a couple of clicks away. Inasra was founded in 2005 and is self funded.

Minekey is a Silicon Valley based VC funded start up incubated out of IIT Kharagpur. Minekey recommendations service makes the content discovery on blogs and websites a lot easier. It can help each of your sites visitors find the golden nuggets of content that would be most interesting to them, based on what they are currently reading or have read before.

RouteGuru is India's #1 routing and driving direction services provider on the Internet and Mobile. It provides directions in the good old way.. i.e. using Landmarks. Their vision is to make geographical information accessible, usable and valuable in day-to-day lives of consumers and local businesses in developing countries. is from Pennywise Solutions Private Limited. Tolmolbol is a place to search for trusted local businesses, voice out your opinions, meet interesting people in your community, communicate interesting events and advertise local classifieds and get free SMS with information regarding businesses, events and classifieds.

Tyroo is the largest self served Indian ad-network. It's pay for performance contextual advertising network, provides a unique platform for advertisers and for publishers to come together and do business, including the smaller players who haven't participated online before. The combination of Tyroo's Self-Serve system interface, sophisticated targeting and optimization technologies and localized features are it's biggest competitive advantage. Yahoo has recently acquired between 35 percent and 50 percent of Tyroo for an undisclosed amount of money.

New Frontier

Ayper Analytix core focus are is semiconductor design automation. As per Hyper Analytix, functional verification is the biggest pain point in today's IC design flow and none of the upcoming solutions offer any chance of addressing it. The founders of Hyper Analytic come from leading edge companies, such as TI, HP, Cadence and others. Armed with unique insights and technology, they are developing a next-generation solution that will enable an order of 10X improvement in verification quality and productivity. With this value proposition Hyper Analytics will be able to take a significant portion of the $700M verification market.

Lucid is a Software Solutions provider to the Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) market and was founded by alumni of IIT Madras and Roorkee. The results of their pioneering research work based on key industry requirements, is a software product platform - NDT Muulam. Their vision for NDT Muulam encompasses creation/setting of industry standards for data formats, visualization and integration of NDT data into business systems.

Thinxworks was founded in 200 and is self funded. Their focus are is animation and their dream is to be in the league of Dreamworks.


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