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Published on August 4, 2009

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how to make product innovation through processes innovation in the company

Products Innovation through Processes Innovation "Doing Business in times of crisis" miniCamp at BolognaIN – April 20th, 2009 Claudia Miani

My experience Executive Consultant in Management & Engineering 15 years in multinational corporate’ and small companies’ R&D, operating on mech engineering, telecommunications and biomedical markets, been at last the Development Director of a major international medical company Development of a wide range of products: automatic machines for packaging, plastic components, telecommunications equipment, medical devices and equipment Wise mix of technical/scientific competences and curiosity, with strong passion for coaching and growing people. Motivation and long-deep experience. Technical and managerial Advisor to lead companies in improving their Innovation and New Product Development awareness and in adapting their products’ range to the "new market“ needs Organization Development (structure and processes) to improve interaction between R&D and the other departments 090420 CMiani Copyright© 2009 CM Consulenze Manageriali 2

How Innovation is defined Innovation is a discontinuity in knowledge and know-how that could generates a significant productivity increase either doing more things with the same resources (development), or doing the same things with fewer resources (sustainability). It becomes systemic when the productivity increase generates sustainable expansion in the broadest sense: extended (for all) and persistent (over time). According to the OCSE (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), "Innovation is the ability to manage knowledge in order to generate competitive advantage through the production of new goods, processes and organizational systems." 090420 CMiani Copyright© 2009 CM Consulenze Manageriali 3

Innovation in business The company, an End-To-End process to be "innovated" in all its component Select a process, define the vision, implement it, learn from experience, extend the concepts throughout the company! ... With the only one objective: increasing the company profitability! think BIG start small, scale fast BIG, 090420 CMiani Copyright© 2009 CM Consulenze Manageriali 4

Products Innovation with new Design Processes Make new Products Medium-long term products strategy with relative RoadMap Modular Product Architecture (MAP) Product Variants and use of Product Data Management Make current products with new Production Systems Concurrent Engineering for “Product + Process " Lean Production together with Lean Development High-tech Manufacturing Engineering, with high automated production Updating current products with new Services Customer oriented Sale, Pre & Post Sales Spare Parts, Maintenance, Repairing Update the current products with new Costs Design To Cost Lean Production and Lean Thinking 090420 CMiani Copyright© 2009 CM Consulenze Manageriali 5

Processes Innovation: Human Resource Management The staff is the biggest "asset" in our companies The keys to success are: Having the best one and handling it the best Personnel Selection and Career Path LinkedIn, Video CV, Virtual Fair Performance culture and meritocracy Internal Job Posting and Job Rotation Resource Management and Training Lesson learned E-learning, webinar and funded courses International training to increase professional and cultural exchange Innovative and creative Team Building Compenban Tools for participation in saving business costs Campaigns for energy saving and environmental protection Discount cards and corporate conventions 090420 CMiani Copyright© 2009 CM Consulenze Manageriali 6

Processes Innovation: Projects Management Define the team with clear roles and responsibilities - with innovative approach Define the unequivocal design requirements - with innovative processes Define all the interfaces and verify the correctness Essentials: Project Documentation Registration of all the crucial steps, calculations, decisions, references, piece of information Risk Management To highlight unknown/possible problems, which may arise during the planned activities Concurrent Design Activities of multi-design that take place simultaneously Lesson learned for continuous improvement (Kaizen) 090420 CMiani Copyright© 2009 CM Consulenze Manageriali 7

Avoid projects failure 1. Incomplete / unclear requirements 13.1% 2. Little involvement 12.4% 16% success 3. Lack of Resources 10.6% 31% partial 53% failure 4. No support from management 9.3% 5. Late specification changes 8.7% 6. Lack / insufficient planning 8.1% 7. False expectations from achievement and performance 9.9% 8. Abandoned Project 7.5% s ure f ail e or ons th f of ere reas e N on w ical n ch Sources: Standish Group te 090420 CMiani Copyright© 2009 CM Consulenze Manageriali 8

Processes Innovation: Production Resources Management Lean Production Six-sigma TOC TRIZ In fact, the most recent theory of the Improved Production Processes states that the optimal process is a "wise" mix of Lean, Six Sigma and Theory of Constraints, which has to identify and capitalize our company financial levers 090420 CMiani Copyright© 2009 CM Consulenze Manageriali 9

Processes Innovation: Products’ Service Management (1) Pre Sales Direct contact with customers to understand what they perceive as “value” and to reposition our products on "that" value Spare Parts Replaceable Unit in the design process (to reduce WIP) Standardized products (to facilitate distribution chains and reuse - WIP) Manual (is part of the product or service?) Written in a flexible way (products changes are easily up-to-gradable) Possibility to be used in a flexible and innovative way Same language in all contexts (Language Sharing) Repairing How many/which components (only high value comps, all or a defined mix?) What is the “real value” that our customer perceive and for what he’s available to pay? 090420 CMiani Copyright© 2009 CM Consulenze Manageriali 10

Processes Innovation: Products’ Service Management (2) Maintenance MTBF evaluation and proper predictive Maintenance Repeatable and high quality Maintenance processes "Portable Maintenance book” on multi-media tools Sales Customer orientation, demand analysis, consumer needs evaluation Demand creation, "pulling" the market form the bottom Logistic/Distribution Total integration with suppliers and sales/distribution Transportation "On Time In Full" managed with integrated and innovative SW Customer Support Integrated, direct line to the end-user Multi-media communications Cases recording and traceability What is the “real value” that our customer perceive and for what he’s available to pay? 090420 CMiani Copyright© 2009 CM Consulenze Manageriali 11

Processes Innovation : Financial Resources Management Determine the "Trade-offs” Model the business structure in order to monitor it effectively and to make predictions that enable more objective decisions Always have an indicators dashboard to monitor all processes Create Baseline Model Model Expense Model Cost Model Performance Model Overrun Overrun Shortfall Schedule Delay Determine Total Profit Impact of Missing Objective 090420 CMiani Copyright© 2009 CM Consulenze Manageriali 12

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