Production management and material management project report on GOMA Engineering Pvt Ltd.

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Published on February 20, 2014

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Production management and material management project report on GOMA Engineering Pvt Ltd.



CERTIFICATE This is to certify that this project report entitled “PROJECT ON PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT AND MATERIAL MANAGEMENT OF GOMA ENGINEERING PVT LTD.” submitted to Joshi-Bedekar College , is a bonafide record of work done by “Amey Chopa, Darian Alvares, Bipin Tiwari, Bipin Sharma, Philip Dias and Sachin Thomas” under my supervision from “20-08-2013 ” to “12-09-2013”. Prof. Gauri Gawde B.M.S Department, Joshi-Bedekar, College Place- Thane Date-10-09-2013 2 |PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT AND MATERIALS MANAGEMENT

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We would like to express our special thanks of gratitude to our teacher who gave us the golden opportunity to do this wonderful project on the topic-PROJECT ON PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT AND MATERIAL MANAGEMENT OF GOMA ENGINEERING PVT LTD. , which also helped us in doing a lot of Research and we came to know about so many new things. We are really thankful. Secondly we would like to thank friends who helped us a lot in finishing this project within the limited time. We are making this project not only for marks but to also increase our knowledge. THANKS AGAIN TO ALL WHO HELPED US. 3 |PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT AND MATERIALS MANAGEMENT

INTRODUCTION Engineering demands perfection. At Goma, Engineering is a passion that finds expressions in machinery and solutions. Committed to innovation and built with precision, Goma's engineering division is geared to innovate and create solutions for specific purposes that meet the needs of diverse industries. Goma is committed to investing in people, resources and infrastructure to attain the cutting-edge through design, R&D and innovation with adherence to high quality standards. Goma is headquartered at Thane, in close proximity to Mumbai, and is adequately equipped with infrastructure & resources including the administrative precincts and warehousing facilities for spares. The sprawling modern manufacturing facility at Wada, in Thane district, is spread across 5 acres. It is fully equipped with modern infrastructure for Manufacturing, Fabrication, CNC Machining, Assembly, Painting, Testing, and Warehousing. Enhancements in systems, processes, skill-sets and machinery is a continuous process here to achieve excellence in offering products and solutions at par with GMP. We have branches in Bangalore & Chennai (Southern Region), Kolkata (Eastern Region) and New Delhi (Northen Region). Company Type: Manufacturer Main Products and Service: Homogenizer,Pasteurizer,Crate Cleaning Equipment,Butter Churn Sanitary Pump,Storage Tank,Storage Tank,Batch Tank,Ageing Vat,Cream Separator,High Pressure Pump,Plunger pump,Piston pump,Triplex pump,Reciprocating Pump,Hydrotest pump,Homogenisers,Pasteurisers,Milk plant,Dahi plant,Juice Plant Annaul Business Volume: US$5 Million – US$10 Million Target Market: North America;South America;Eastern Europe;Southeast Asia;Africa;Oceania;Mid East;Eastern Asia;Western Europe< Number of Staff: 101 – 500 People Year to Start: 1985 4 |PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT AND MATERIALS MANAGEMENT

COMPANYPROFILE GOMA started it’s operations in India in 1985. It has completed 28 years in the industry. GOMA is headed by Mr. K. M. Gosrani (CMD) who have vast experience of over 30 years in the industry. The company is supported by Dr. J. V. Parekh-a leading Dairy Technologist, who advises on issues related to Turnkey Dairy & Food Project. It has a dedicated team of 100 qualified and self motivated workforce in different departments of administration, design, R& D, marketing, manufacturing, dispatch, quality control, installation & commissioning and after sales servicing. As early as in 1991, Goma Engineerin g recognized the need for developing new generation homogenizers in India. The Group pioneered the first 100% indigenous high pressure homogenizer which was so far an import substitute. This homogenizer was certified and approved by National Dairy Developm ent Board, Anand. Over 600 Homogenisers are currently employed in government dairy plants, milk co operatives, MNCs and private sector dairies for different applications. Goma Homogeniser has also been exported to - Algeria, Australia, Bangladesh, Belgium, Denmark, Ethiopia, France, Iran, Kenya, Muscat, Nepal, Nigeria, Oman, Russia, Sharjah, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Switzerland, Tanzania, Tashkent, U.A.E., and U.S.A. After the success of manufacturing Homogeniser indigenously, Goma expanded its range by manufacturing HTST Pasteuriser in technical collaboration with foreign companies. We also has a range of dairy equipment like Butter Churn, Sanitary Pumps, Storage Tanks, Batch Tanks, Ageing Vats and Cream Separators. Built on scientific research, cutting -edge design, world-class manufacturing facilities and excellent customer service, Goma is not just the pioneer but a leader in Dairy and Food Processing industry. 5 |PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT AND MATERIALS MANAGEMENT

VISION At Goma, our vision is to be among the frontrunners in the manufacturing of equipment which aids the processing industry and exceed the expectations of our clients by delivering world class products to them. MISSION It is our mission to grow in the realm of the products we manufacture by setting up stringent benchmarks and then surpassing them in an effort to stretch our capabilities and serving our clients better. People Men of Commitment: The people at Goma It is the people that make a company. Goma Engineering is fortified with the top management helmed by the Chairman & Managing Director Mr K.M. Gosrani. Other leading men are Joint Managing Directors Mr.Jayesh Gosrani and Mr.Chetan Gosrani who not only propel the growth and performance of the company to newer heights but also are crucial decision makers. The Directors and Technica l Head provide the day-to-day operational directions to meet the demands of the industry. A dedicated team of 100 qualified and highly driven workforce exercise their acumen and expertise in different departments of administration, design, R&D, marketing, manufacturing, dispatch, quality control, installation & commissioning and after sales service. 6 |PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT AND MATERIALS MANAGEMENT


DAIRY PRODUCTS Lab Scale / Pilot Plants – Goma designs manufactures Lab scale / pilot plant for R&D Centres ,Laborotaries , Govt. institute & Universities . Goma manufacture following food processing plants – Milk & Milk By product Processing plant – it includes turnkey project for processing milk i.e. Pasteurisation , separation , homogenisation process &Utilitilities like Refrigeration system , Steam boiler , cooling tower & its interconnecting piping. Goma offers complete plant for milk byproducts like Paneer , Ghee , Yoghurt , Flavoured Milk , Cheese , Khoa , Shrikhand etc. the plant will be exact replica or prototype of commercial production plant. Goma client list include IVRI , NDRI , BHU , MPKKV , JNKVV , TNAU , IFDT , CEAPHET GANGTOK , NERIS , SDAU , JAU , SMC etc. 1 |PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT AND MATERIALS MANAGEMENT

High Pressure Homogenisers Goma an ISO 9001 company is a pioneer & leader in manufacturing High Pressure Homogenisers in India. We have supplied more than 600 units ranging from 20 LPH to 30000 LPH for various Dairy, Icecream, Flavours, Food & Beverage, Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Textile industries in India & abroad. We have also exported equipments to countries like USA, Australia, Rus sia, Uzbekistan, Latin America, UAE, Oman, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, Sudan, Mauritania, Ethopia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Indonesia & Nepal. With an experience of over two decades & after rigorous R&D, Goma has rolled out New Generation Homogenisers with advanced technology & higher pressures upto 2000 bar. Working Principle High Pressure Homogenisation is a process of increasing the consistency of a product by means of dispersions. The product is displaced under the generation of high press ure and is forced through homogenising valve gap. Cavitations turbulence and sheer force break the product into particles of size less than 1 microns. Product Features 1. High Pressure Triplex or Quin Tuplex Plunger Pump. Robust & rugged in construction. 2. Top openable type crank case for easy maintenance. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Two Stage Homogenising Head. (Manual / Hydraulic operated) Cooling arrangement & safety interlocking. All contact parts made out of acid Proof / Corrosion Resistance Stainless Steel. Valve assembly made from imported STELLITE, Tungsten Carbide or Special Alloy Steel material. Plungers made of special hardened steel with super finished surface. Sanitary Design for CIP Cleaning 2 |PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT AND MATERIALS MANAGEMENT

9. Imported Diaphragm type glycerine filled Pressure Gauge 10. Plunger seals consists of sin gle "V" ring packing, Cheveron packing made of special food grade material. 3 fold benefits of Goma Homogenisers Technology The homogenisers incorporate advanced features & match international standards. Service The after sales service is the best in the industry. The prompt service ensures that production down time is minimal at customers end by providing spares off the shelf. Innovation The R&D is based on continuous feedback from customers. The continuous efforts of R&D make the homogenisers most econo mical and of international quality. 1. Dairy Industry : Milk, Evaporated milk, Sterilised / Condensed Milk, Chocolate Milk, Yoghurt, Baby Foods, Creams, Cheese, Recombined Dairy Products, Reconstituted Milk Products, Flavoured Milk, Sterilised Cream, Ice Crea m. 2. IceCrea m Industry : Well homogenised ice cream mix gives a richer taste, smoother & better ice cream. It whips more rapidly and to a higher overrun in the freezer, moreover the fat does not butter out during the freezing process. Advantages 1. Better product stability. 2. No rise of the cream layer. 3. Lo wer curd tension. 4. Increases viscosity. 5. Enhances whiteness & richness to the product. 6. Smoothens texture of product. 7. Richer Taste 8. Rapid Whipping Fat does not burn out during freezing 3 |PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT AND MATERIALS MANAGEMENT

Heat Exchangers (Plate / Tubular type) Goma is involved in designing, manufacturing and marketing of Pasteurisers and Chillers for Dairy, Ice Cream, Food, Fruit Juice, Beverage, Paper, Chemical, Pharmaceutical Industries. Pasteurisers are mainly of Plate type or Tubular type Heat Exchangers. Goma offers a complete range of all performance level required by the market. Goma Pasteurisers are compact, economical and efficient units for liquid to liquid heat. Plate Heat Exchanger These consist of number of corrugated plates of SS 316 (0.5 mm, 0.6 mm thickness) CLIP-ON type imported from Germany, mounted between fixed and moveable pressure plates. These are positioned by upper and lower carrying bars and compressed by several tightening bolts. The frame is M.S. cladded with SS 304. Depending on the operating condition, medium and temperature resistant gasket of glued on or clip -on version are used. These Plate type Heat Exchangers can be used for liquid / semi -liquid kind of products with low and medium viscosity and temperature. Tubular type Pasteuriser Tubular type Pasteurisers are used for high viscous products like Fruit Pulp. These have tube in tube type arrangements where the product passes through one tube and heating or cooling media passes through other tube. For higher heat transfer efficiency, the tube surface area increases by spiral corrugation. These are skid mounted. 4 |PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT AND MATERIALS MANAGEMENT

Advantages 1. Plates made of SS316, imported from Germany and highly acid and corrosion resistant 2. Economical, compact, flexible unit compared to conventional heat exchangers. 3. High regeneration efficiency upto 90% 4. Low hold-up liquid volume thereby giving quick process time. 5. Ease of maintenance 6. Loc-in type gaskets, make replacements easy & ensure the product is free from contamination 7. Quick dismantling & reassembly 8. Easily expandable for higher capacities 9. Intermixing of liquids eliminated . Applications Dairy industry Pasteurising Milk & cream Ultra-high treatment Cooling Milk & Cream Heat treating Yoghurt Cooling Yoghurt Heating Milk in tanks Ice Cream Mix 5 |PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT AND MATERIALS MANAGEMENT

S.S. Storage Tanks / Silos / Cooling tanks Goma manufactures S.S. Storage Tank of capacity 50 Ltrs . to 10000 Ltrs. ,S.S. Silos of Capacity 20000Ltrs. To 100000Ltrs capacity .The tank designing is as per NDDB standards. Goma also manufactures tanksfor Mixing &blending of sugar syrup & RTS Juice / Beverage line. Home Process Equipments Tank / Process Vats Tank / Process Vats Goma manufactures Process vats for milk byproducts – PaneerVat - 50 Ltrs to 2000Ltrs. Cheese Vat – 50Ltrs to 3000Ltrs. Multipurpose Vat – 50Ltrs to 2000Ltrs. Ghee Boiler – 50Ltrs to 3000Ltrs. Yoghurt / Curd Vat – 50Ltrs to 2000Ltrs. Batch Pasteuriser – 50 Ltrs to 3000Ltrs. Aging Vat – 50Ltrs to 3000Ltrs. 6 |PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT AND MATERIALS MANAGEMENT

Centrifugal Sanitary Pumps Goma an ISO 9001 Company is specialised in execution of Turnkey Projects for Dairy, Ice Cream, Yoghurt, Fruit Pulp/ Juice. We are the pioneers in High Pressure Technology, manuf acturing High Pressure Pumps, Homogenisers, Pasteurisers, Skid Mounted Process Modules, CIP Cleaning Systems, Sanitary Pumps, Jet Cleaning Systems. Advantages 1. SS Sanitary design with wide Range of applications. 2. Manufactured as per prevailing 3. standards for the Dairy and Food Processing Industry. 4. Compact in size and Optimal in Performance. 5. Noise & Vibration-free operation 6. Specific applications for Milk, Fruit juices, Ready to serve beverages, Oils, Emulsions, Paints, Fine Chemicals, Essences, Flavours & many more... 7 |PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT AND MATERIALS MANAGEMENT

Salient Features 1. SS 316 Sheet Metal Construction 2. Special open type impeller design in investment cast SS 316 with specially contoured blades set far into the suction cover and spirally formed housing ensures greatest operational reliability 3. Gentle product handling 4. Fast clean design 5. High durability 6. Tailor-made mechanical seal 7. SS 316 pump shaft 8. Standard IEC class motors 9. Height adjustable base frame provided with cup -shaped feet for ease of operation 10. Connections as per SMS / IDF / DIN Skid Mounted Process Module Goma an ISO 9001 Company is specialised in execution of Turnkey Projects for Dairy, Ice Cream, Yoghurt, Fruit Pulp/ Juice. We are the pioneers in High Pressure Technology, manufacturing High Pressure Pumps, Homogenisers, Pasteurisers, Skid Mounted Process Modules, CIP Cleaning Systems, Sanitary Pumps, Jet Cleaning Systems. Process Module consists of: 1. High Pressure Homogeniser 2. Pasteuriser (PHE / Tubular) 3. Float Balance Tank 4. SS Pump 5. Inline Filter / Interconnecting pipeline 6. Remote control panel 8 |PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT AND MATERIALS MANAGEMENT

Salient Features 1. Ready to start 2. Factory tested 3. Easy installation 4. Space saving 5. Compact Design Applications Milk Flavoured milk / Soya Milk / Ice -cream / Fruit Juice / Beverage / Lab process Home Process Equipments S.S. Storage Tanks / Silos / Cooling tanks UHT Steriliser GOMA an ISO 9001 engineering company has more than 25 years experience in designing, manufacturing, execution of projects on Tunrkey basis for Milk, Yoghurt, Flavoured Milk, Cheese, Butter, Ghee, Ice -cream projects. Goma has successfully executed Dairy & Fruit Juice plants in India and abroad on Turnkey Basis. Goma has ventured into UHT Sterilisation for Milk, Fl avoured Milk, Drinking Yoghurt & Juices. The UHT sterilizer is supplied in technical collaboration with renowned international company. 9 |PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT AND MATERIALS MANAGEMENT

The UHT sterilization is the process of heating the product upto 138 -140°C to reduce microbes or reach the commercial aseptic level, thus increasing the shelf life by 30 -150 days. The product then is filled in aseptic condition in flexible plastic pouches. The UHT sterilizer is made of Tubular Pasteuriser which consists of multiple stackes of tube in tube structure. The benefits offered by UHT Sterilisation is that the original flavor, texture and nutrients contents are preserved because of rapid heating and cooling. Aseptic Plastic Pouch Filling Machine The Aseptic Filling machine is used to fill sterilized product like M ilk, Flavoured Milk, Drinking Yoghurt, Juices, etc., in pouches/pillow/brick fro long shelf life of 30 180 days at ambient temperature. 10 |PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT AND MATERIALS MANAGEMENT

In conventional method pasturised milk is packed and stored under refrigerated conditions before consumption which has shelf life of 3-4 days. With Aseptic Plastic Pouch Filling machine, sterilized product is filled at ambient temperature under aseptic condition at 25 -30°C in plastic pouches of 3/5 layers coextruded film. This gives shelf life of 30 -45 days for a 3 layer film and 60-90 days for a 5 layer film. The product can be kept under normal room temperature and requires no cold transport and storage. Goma's Aseptic Plastic Pouch Filling Machine is a high speed machine which is operated automatically through a PLC. Th e machine is double head and sterilization of the film is done by H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide and UV Treatment). It is under positive air pressure to maintain aseptic conditions within the machine. The machine is provided with inbuilt CIP system. Machinery Cost is Much Economical than Paper carton Economical Packaging material available easily with many suppliers in India Very Compact and Easy to install Adjustable speed - 200 ml-9000 pouches/hr 500 ml -6000 pouches/hr 1000 ml -5000 pouches/hr Varying Shelf Life - 3 Layer Pouch - 30 days 5 Layer Pouch - 90 days Continuous Freezer Design, Manufacture & Supply of self -contained Continuous Ice Cream Freezer at ( -) 50C. Of Ice Cream suitable for 100% overrun with mix inlet at (+) 40C. Utilities required 11 |PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT AND MATERIALS MANAGEMENT

Cooling Tower Water @ 300C.and 3 Phase power connection It will be complete with :1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Frame and covering panel in SS 304 High conductivity metal hard chrome plated cylinder Hollow two piece construction dasher Hardness Controller with digital ammeter Hour meter, speed variable device for mix pump with indicator, hour meter, SS Diaphragm sanitary design pressure gauge 6. Suction and Discharge pressure gauge for refrigeration kit 7. Hot gas supply for freezing cylinder 8. Interlock and safeties for single phase, overload, low/h igh refrigerant pressure etc. 9. FRESCOLD / Reputed make refrigeration compressor with water cooled condenser of 404 A. 10. Pump Drive arrangement – A. C Drive Continuous Freezer will be supplied with set of spares. High Pressure Cratewasher Goma's High Pressure Cratewasher have been successfully working in various industries. The crates/trays are washed thoroughly by high pressure water jetting only. There is no requirement of steam, detergent, chemicals etc. Thus there is saving of cost & energy as compared to conventional cratewasher. General Arrangement & Operation 12 |PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT AND MATERIALS MANAGEMENT

The crates/ trays are conveyed automatically by conveyor chain fitted on stainless steel fabricated frame. The crates/trays pass through specially designed High Pressure Water Jet Nozzles having accurate spray angle for washing. The high pressure is generated by a high pressure pump driven through electric motor & mounted close to conveyor. Advantages High Pressure jetting system for efficient cleaning. Fully automatic & continuous duty. Ensures optimum cleaning in the fastest possible time. Compact design for space saving. Time and man power saving. No need of steam, chemicals, detergents etc. Easy for operation and maintenance. Special cleaning system can be designed for higher pressure. Vacuum Evaporation System A vacuum evaporator suitable for concentrating fruit juices and other liquid foods. The equipment should consist of vacuum pan, vapour separation system, condenser, vacuum pump (water seal with silencer), and other necessary accessories and mountings. The complete equipment should be made from SS 304 sheets and sections of appropriate size and thickness. Hemispherical bottom with cylindrical extend shell with top closed. Inner shell and jacket with minimum 3mm thickness. Teflon scrapper with shaft having geared drive unit of 1HP of standard make on top outside. Provided with digital temperature sensor, vacuum gauge, sample valve, sight glass, air vent, vacuum release valve, condensate system (strainer, steam trap, by pass valve), safety valve, pressure gauge, steam supply point, etc. 13 |PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT AND MATERIALS MANAGEMENT

Framing from SS channel supports. Product inlet and outlet from 1.5 inch SMS union. Manhole for inspection, cleaning, drain provision at bottom, etc. The unit should be connected to a shell and tube type condenser with fittings for vapour piping, cold water inlet, hot water outlet, vacuum pump of 2 HP with fittings, etc. Other connections from existing cooling tower. Capacity: 65 Kg/hr. water evaporation per hour. The system should be complete with all piping's, fittings, valves and other accessories. There should be appropriate control panel for observation of various process parameters. Cheese / Paneer Equipments Goma manufactures complete plant for Cheese and Paneer manufacturing from 100LPD to 30000LPD. The equipments are as follows – 14 |PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT AND MATERIALS MANAGEMENT

Paneer Plant SR.NO. SECTION/EQUIPMENT 1 Paneer Vat 2 Paneer Hoops(SS 304) 3 Pneumatically Operated Paneer Press 4 SS Working/Cutting Table with cutting knives 5 SS Trays with trolley type racks for diced cubes 6 SS Showel of suitable size 7 Insulated Rectangular Paneer washing tank 8 S.S. pipes & fittings 9 M.C.C Panel Cheese Plant SR.NO. SECTION/EQUIPMENT CHEESE SECTION 1 Cheese Vat 2 Cheese Press (Pneumatically operated) 3 Cheese Mould 4 Cheese Cubing & Dicing Machine 5 Cheese Cutting Knives 6 Vaccum Sealing Machine 15 |PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT AND MATERIALS MANAGEMENT

Curd Milk Pasteuriser The HTST Pasteurisation Plant will be used for pasteurization of milk & subsequently cooling it to required culturing temperature for Curd. CAPACITY 20LPH -20000 LPH Temp. Program 35/4- 50-70-90-42deg.C Raw Milk Feed Temp. 35 / 4 OC Milk Take Off Temp. to Homogeniser 70OC Curd Milk Pasteurisation Temp. 90OC Curd Milk Outlet temperature 42OC Milk side : 1.5 kg/cm² / 15 mwc Max. Pressure drop on Cooling Water : 1.0 kg/cm² / 10 mwc Hot Water : 1.0 kg/cm² / 10 mwc Curd Milk Pasteurisation Holding time 10 Minutes Holding In tubes Material of Gasket NBR Food Grade Type of Gasket Snap in Plate material SS 316 Frame material C.S. Cladded with SS 304 with adjustable ball feet arrangement Ports in / Out 11/2” extended SS 304 connected Thermo well and SMS Union Design Pressure 4 bar Thickness of Plate 0.5 / 0.6 mm Utilities required Steam required @ 3.5 bar Size : 2.0” Line Compressed air @ 7.5 bar Cooling Tower 1 : 5 at 35ºC 16 |PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT AND MATERIALS MANAGEMENT with

Cup Filling & Sealing Machine Goma an ISO 9001 Company. is specialiled in Designing. Manufacturing.Supply. Froctlon. Installation and Commissroning of Turnkey Projects for Dairy Ice -cream. Yoghurt Fillil PulP. Juice and for the Eyaporated and condensed Milk and Powder Plants Goma also nranuf"ctures equipment like Homogenisels, Pasteurisers. Chillers, Sanitary Pumps & Crate Washers. Introducing Indigenously manufactured SallltllY DeSigned CUP FILLING & SEALING MACHINE, (pneumatic Cum Mechamcal workilly) With template SS consuuction and PLCcontrolled operation The basic machine consists of the following stations: Cup de- stacking station Filling station lid placing station lid sealing station CuP discharge stauon Indexing driving system Gome also msnufactcres automatic cup and cone filling machIlles for Ice cream applications. The machine will be PLC based easy for maintenance and operations. 17 |PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT AND MATERIALS MANAGEMENT

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Machine Capacity 1000 - 6000 cups /hr Type Rotary / Liner Product contact SS 304/ SS 316 Suitable for Cup size 50 to 500 ml Operation Pneumatic PLC based 18 |PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT AND MATERIALS MANAGEMENT

So, we have observed that GOMA produces its products only on orders posted, thus reducing the waste of raw materials, manpower and finished goods. This is one of the best methods for surviving in the market. Material management is an important management tool which will be very useful in getting the right quality & right quantity of supplies at right time, having good inventory control & adopting sound methods of condemnation & disposal will improve the efficiency of the organization & also make the working atmosphere healthy any type of organization, whether it is Private, Government ,Small organization, Big organization and Household. Even a common man must know the basics of material management so that he can get the best of the available resources and make it a habit to adopt the principles of material management in all our daily activities.Production management means planning, organising, directing and controlling of production activities. Production management deals with converting raw materials into finished goods or products. It brings together the 6M's i.e. men, money, machines, materials, methods and markets to satisfy the wants of the people. The main objective of production management is to produce goods and services of the right quality, right quantity, at the right time and at minimum cost. It also tries to improve the efficiency. An efficient organisation can face competition effectively. Production management ensures full or optimum utilisation of available production capacity. 19 |PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT AND MATERIALS MANAGEMENT

The following recommendations shall be based on the conclusions and arguments above. To control labour costs, managers must first measure the amount and type of work required to produce a product and then specify well-designed, efficient methods for accomplishing the necessary manufacturing tasks. it is important to anticipate human resource requirements and to translate them into recruiting and training programs so that a nucleus of appropriately skilled operators is available as production machinery and equipment are installed. Specialized groups responsible for support activities (such as equipment maintenance, plant services and production scheduling, and control activities) also need to be hired, trained, and properly equipped. This type of careful personnel planning reduces the chance that expensive capital equipment will stand idle and that effort, time, and materials will be wasted during start-up and regular operations. The effective use and control of materials often involves investigations of the causes of scrap and waste; this, in turn, can lead to alternative materials and handling methods to improve the production process. The effective control of machinery and equipment depends on each machine’s suitability to its specific task, the degree of its utilization, the extent to which it is kept in optimum running condition, and the degree to which it can be mechanically or electronically controlled. 20 |PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT AND MATERIALS MANAGEMENT


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