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Published on February 16, 2014

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Ted Movie Production Companies: • Universal Studios • Media Rights Capital • Fuzzy Door Production

Universal Studios Universal Studios Inc. (also known as Universal Pictures), is an American motion picture studio, owned by Comcast through its wholly owned subsidiary NBC Universal,[1] and is one of the six major movie studios. Its production studios are at 100 Universal City Plaza Drive in Universal City, California. Distribution and other corporate offices are in New York City. Founded in 1912 by Carl Laemmle, Mark Dintenfass, Charles O. Baumann, Adam Kessel, Pat Powers, William Swanson, David Horsley, and Jules Brulatour, it is the oldest movie studio in the United States of America. It is also the fourth oldest in the world that is still in continuous production; the first being Gaumont Pictures, the second oldest is Pathé, the third is Nordisk Film, and the fifth oldest is Paramount Pictures. On August 2, 2004, the controlling stake in the company was sold by Vivendi Universal to General Electric, parent of NBC. The resulting media super-conglomerate was renamed NBC Universal, while Universal Studios Inc. remained the name of the production subsidiary. In addition to owning a sizable film library spanning the earliest decades of cinema to more contemporary works, it also owns a sizable collection of TV shows through its subsidiary NBC Universal Television Distribution.

It also acquired rights to several prominent filmmakers' works originally released by other studios through its subsidiaries over the years. Three of Universal Studios' films Jaws (1975), E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982), and Jurassic Park (1993), all of which were directed by Steven Spielberg achieved box office records, each becoming the highest-grossing film at the time.

Media Rights Capital Media Rights Capital (MRC) is an American independent film and television studio founded by Mordecai Wiczyk and Asif Satchu. MRC specializes in the creation of premium content. It has full in-house development, physical production, legal, finance and corporate development teams. MRC has distributed its films through many major domestic and international distributors in the industry.

Fuzzy Door Production Fuzzy Door Productions or The Spotted Door is the production company of television producer Seth MacFarlane. Its productions include the animated series Family Guy, American Dad! and the Family Guy spin-off The Cleveland Show, as well as the live-action sitcom The Winner. The name of the company comes from the leopard-printed fake fur–covered door to the house MacFarlane lived in when he was attending Rhode Island School of Design as an undergraduate in animation. The house itself also went by the nickname The Fuzzy Door during MacFarlane's residence and was the location of many "Fuzzy Door" parties. The company was established in 1996. Cory Brookes, a friend and housemate of Seth‘s at the Fuzzy Door residence, designed the ―Fuzzy Door Productions‖ logo.

Production Houses

Hollywood Hollywood was a small community in 1870 and was incorporated as a municipality in 1903. It merged with the City of Los Angeles in 1910, and soon thereafter a film industry began to emerge, eventually becoming dominant in the world. From the late 1990s to 2013, new buildings, roadways and a subway public transportation system have transformed the neighborhood.

Production Houses • • • • • Universal Studios Lions Gate Entertainment DreamWorks 20th Century Fox Walt Disney

Universal Studios Universal Studios Inc. (also known as Universal Pictures), is an American motion picture studio, owned by Comcast through its wholly owned subsidiary NBCUniversal,[1] and is one of the six major movie studios. Its production studios are at 100 Universal City Plaza Drive in Universal City, California. Distribution and other corporate offices are in New York City. Founded in 1912 by Carl Laemmle, Mark Dintenfass, Charles O. Baumann, Adam Kessel, Pat Powers, William Swanson, David Horsley, and Jules Brulatour, it is the oldest movie studio in the United States of America. It is also the fourth oldest in the world that is still in continuous production.

Lions Gate Entertainment Lions Gate Entertainment Corporation (or Lionsgate) is a North American entertainment company. The company was formed in Vancouver, British Columbia, on July 3, 1997, and is headquartered in Santa Monica, California. As of November 2013, it is the most commercially successful independent film and television distribution company in North America and the seventh most profitable movie studio.Lionsgate Films is not to be confused with Robert Altman's former company, "Lion's Gate Films" (although both names refer to the same Vancouver landmark).

DreamWorks DreamWorks Studios (officially DW II Distribution Co., LLC) also known as DreamWorks, LLC, DreamWorks SKG, DreamWorks Pictures, or simply DreamWorks, is a California film studio which develops, produces, and distributes films, video games and television programming. It has produced or distributed more than ten films with box-office grosses totaling more than $100 million each. Most of DreamWorks' films are marketed and distributed by The Walt Disney Studios under its Touchstone Pictures label. DreamWorks began in 1994 as an attempt by media moguls Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen (forming the SKG present on the bottom on both the DreamWorks and DreamWorks Animation logos) to create a new Hollywood studio of which they owned 72%. In December 2005, the founders agreed to sell the studio to Viacom, parent of Paramount Pictures

20th Century Fox Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation (Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation, with hyphen, from 1935 to 1985)—also known as 20th Century Fox, or 20th Century Fox Pictures, is one of the six major American film studios as of 2011. Located in the Century City area of Los Angeles, just west of Beverly Hills, the studio used to be a subsidiary of News Corporation, but now it is currently a subsidiary of 21st Century Fox. The company was founded on May 31, 1935, as the result of the merger of Fox Film Corporation, founded by William Fox in 1915, and Twentieth Century Pictures, founded in 1933 by Darryl F. Zanuck and Joseph M. Schenck. 20th Century Fox has distributed various commercially successful film series, including Star Wars, Ice Age, XMen, Die Hard, Planet of the Apes, Fantastic Four, Alien and Predator. Television series produced by Fox include The Simpsons, M*A*S*H, The X-Files, Family Guy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, How I Met Your Mother, Glee, Modern Family and 24. Among the most famous actresses to come out of this studio were Shirley Temple, who was 20th Century Fox's first film star, Betty Grable, Gene Tierney, Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield. The studio also contracted the first African-American cinema star, Dorothy Dandridge.

Walt Disney The Walt Disney Studios is an American film studio, one of five major business segments of The Walt Disney Company. The studio, known for its multi-faceted film division, which is one of Hollywood's major film studios, is based at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, California. Walt Disney Studios' film division is a member of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). The Studios generated an estimated income of $661 million during the 2013 fiscal year. The studio entertainment business alone (live-action and animated motion pictures, direct-to-video content, musical recordings and live stage plays) brought in $5.83 billion in 2012.

Cinema of the United Kingdom The United Kingdom has had a significant film industry for over a century. While film production reached an all-time high in 1936, the 'golden age' of British cinema is usually thought to have occurred in the 1940s, during which the directors David Lean, Michael Powell, (with Emeric Pressburger) and Carol Reed produced their most highly acclaimed work. Many British actors have achieved international fame and critical success, including Michael Caine, Sean Connery and Kate Winslet. Some of the films with the largest ever box office returns have been made in the United Kingdom, including the two highest-grossing film series (Harry Potter and James Bond). The identity of the British industry, and its relationship with Hollywood, has been the subject of debate. The history of film production in Britain has often been affected by attempts to compete with the American industry. The career of the producer Alexander Korda was marked by this objective, the Rank Organisation attempted to do so in the 1940s, and Goldcrest in the 1980s. Numerous British-born directors, including Alfred Hitchcock and Ridley Scott, and performers, such as Charlie Chaplin and Cary Grant, have achieved success primarily through their work in the United States.

Production Houses • • • • • Warner Bros. BBC Films Film4 Working Title Films ITC Entertainment

Warner Bros. Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., formerly known as Warner Bros. Studios, commonly referred to as Warner Bros. (spelled Warner Brothers during the company's early years), or simply WB—is an American producer of film, television, and music entertainment. One of the major film studios, it is a subsidiary of Time Warner, with its headquarters in Burbank, California and New York. Warner Bros. has several subsidiary companies, including Warner Bros. Studios, Warner Bros. Pictures, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Warner Bros. Television, Warner Bros. Animation, Warner Home Video, New Line Cinema,, and DC Entertainment. Warner owns half of The CW Television Network.

BBC Films BBC Films is the feature film-making arm of the BBC. It has produced or coproduced some of the most successful British films of recent years, including Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa, Quartet, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, My Week with Marilyn, Jane Eyre, In the Loop, An Education, StreetDance 3D, Fish Tank, Nativity!, Iris, Notes on a Scandal and Billy Elliot.BBC Films co-produces around eight films a year, working in partnership with major international and UK distributors. Christine Langan is Head of BBC Films, responsible for the development and production slate, strategy and business operations. Until 2007, BBC Films was based in Mortimer Street, near Broadcasting House in London, while still under the full control of the BBC. A re-structuring of the division integrated it into the main BBC Fiction department of BBC Vision. As a result, it moved out of its independent offices into Television Centre, and its head David M. Thompson left to start his own film production company. Since 2013, it has relocated into Broadcasting House, where BBC Vision became simply 'Television'.

Film4 Film4 Productions is a British film production company owned by Channel Four Television Corporation. The company has been responsible for backing a large number of films made in the United Kingdom. The company's first production was Walter, directed by Stephen Frears, which was released in 1982. Prior to 1998, the company was identified as Channel Four Films or FilmFour International. Later, the outfit was re-branded as FilmFour, to coincide with the launch of a new Digital TV channel of the same name. The company cut its budget and staff significantly in 2002, due to mounting losses, and was re-integrated into the drama department of Channel 4. In 2004, Tessa Ross became head of both Film4 and Channel 4 drama.The name "Film4 Productions" was introduced in 2006 to tie in with the relaunch of the FilmFour broadcast channel as Film4.

Working Title Films Working Title Films is a British film production company, based in London owned by Universal Studios. The company was founded by Tim Bevan and Sarah Radclyffe in 1983. It produces feature films and several television productions. Eric Fellner and Bevan are now the co-chairs of the company. Working Title Films was co-founded by producers Tim Bevan and Sarah Radclyffe in 1983. In 1992, PolyGram became the company's corporate backer. Radclyffe left Working Title, and Eric Fellner, a fellow independent film producer, joined the company.The company produced a variety of films for PolyGram's London-based production company PolyGram Filmed Entertainment. An Anglo-Dutch film studio, PolyGram Films became a major Hollywood competitor. In 1999, PolyGram was sold to Seagram and merged with MCA Music Entertainment, to form Universal Music Group. PolyGram Films was sold and folded into Universal Studios in 1999.

ITC Entertainment The Incorporated Television Company (ITC, or ITC Entertainment as it was referred to in the US) was a British television company involved in production and distribution.ITC was founded by television mogul Lew Grade in 1954 as the Incorporated Television Programme Company. Originally designed to be a contractor for the UK's new ITV, the company failed to win a contract when the Independent Television Authority felt that doing so would give too much control in the entertainment business to the Grade family's companies (which included large talent agencies and theatre interests) although the ITA said that ITPC were free to make their own programmes which they could sell to the new network companies.

Bollywood Bollywood is the informal term popularly used for the Hindilanguage film industry based in Mumbai (Bombay), Maharashtra, India. The term is often incorrectly used to refer to the whole of Indian cinema; however, it is only a part of the total Indian film industry, which includes other production centres producing films in multiple languages. Bollywood is the largest film producer in India and one of the largest centres of film production in the world. Bollywood is also formally referred to as Hindi cinema.There has been a growing presence of Indian English in dialogue and songs as well. It is common to see films that feature dialogue with English words (also known as Hinglish), phrases, or even whole sentences.

Production Houses • • • • • Yash Raj Films Red Chillies Entertainment PVR Pictures UTV Motion Pictures Eros International

Yash Raj Films • Yash Raj Films (YRF) is an Indian entertainment company established by Yash Chopra, an Indian film director and producer who was considered an entertainment mogul in India.His son Aditya Chopra also produces films under this banner. Initially, Chopra worked for his brother, B.R. Chopra's, production company (B.R. Films). He set up his own company in the year 1976.Since the 1980s, it has produced many hits in India and the overseas market.

Red Chilies Entertainment Red Chilies Entertainment (RCE) is an Indian motion picture production and distribution company, based in Mumbai. The company was founded in 2002 by Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan and his wife Gauri Khan. It was transformed from the now defunct Dreamz Unlimited. The company has five sub divisions: apart from film production, RCE has a visual effects studio known as Red Chilies VFX, a studio for TV commercials known as Red Chilies TVC, a Television programs production division under the name of Red Chilies Idiot Box and an equipment Leasing division. The company also has a little over 50% stake in the Indian Premier League cricket team Kolkata Knight Riders. Sanjiv Chawla is the Executive Producer of the company, while Gauri Khan serves as a producer. In February 2013, Venky Mysore, the CEO of Kolkata Knight Riders took over additional responsibility as CEO of Red Chillies Entertainment as well. Red Chillies Entertainment was ranked as the third, fifth and seventh most powerful production house in Bollywood in 2007, 2008 and 2009 respectively.

PVR Pictures PVR Pictures is the film production and distribution arm of PVR Group. PVR Pictures film production début came in 2007 with 'Taare Zameen Par' & 'Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na'. It has distributed over 200 Hollywood films, including ‗The Aviator‘, ‗Mission: Impossible III‘, ‗Kill Bill‘ ‗The Hurt Locker‘, ‗The Twilight Saga‘ and ‗Chicago‘; over 100 Bollywood films, including blockbusters such as ‗Ghajini‘, ‗Golmaal Returns‘, ‗All The Best‘, ‗Don', ‗Sarkar Raj‘, ‗Omkara‘ and nearly 25 Regional films since its inception.In October 2012 the company acquired the Indian distribution rights for the film adaption of Salman Rushdie's Booker Prize winning novel Midnight's Children. Its President is currently Kamal Gianchandani, and its current promoters are Ajay Bijli and Sanjeev K Bijli. Ajay Bijli is the Chairman & Managing Director of PVR Ltd while Sanjeev K. Bijli is the Joint Managing Director of PVR Ltd.

UTV Motion Pictures UTV Motion Pictures is a film unit of Disney-UTV, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. UTV Motion Pictures have formed one of the leading film studios in India. The Studio‘s activities span across creative development, production, marketing, distribution, licensing, merchandising and syndication of films in India and worldwide. UTV Motion Pictures as a dominant player in the Indian film industry has been in the forefront of bringing Indian films to a global audience and the last decade in Indian cinema has seen UTV Motion Pictures delivering some of the most iconic films. UTV Motion Pictures' films have also been selected to represent India at the Academy awards; films were Rang De Basanti (2006), Harishchandrachi Factory (2009) Peepli Live (2010) and Barfi! (2012). In 2011, UTV Motion Pictures also became one of the few studios to successfully venture into South Indian cinema. UTV Motion Pictures has a library of over 70 films including Hindi, Regional, Animation and International Productions, which have been showcased in over 50 festivals across 28 countries, receiving almost 250 awards in the last 7 years.

Eros International Eros International is an Indian motion picture production and distribution company, based in Mumbai. The company was founded by Arjan Lulla in 1977. It is a leading global company in the Indian film entertainment industry. Eros co-produces, acquires and distributes Indian language films in multiple formats worldwide, including theatrical, television syndication and digital platforms. The group distribution network of over 50 countries, with offices in India, UK, USA, Dubai, Australia, Fiji and Isle of Man. Eros has over 1,900 films in its library, plus an additional 700 films for which the group hold digital rights only. In 2006, Eros International Plc, the holding company of the Eros Group, became the first Indian media company to list on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) of the London Stock Exchange. In 2010, Eros listed its Indian subsidiary Eros International Media Limited on the Bombay Stock Exchange ('BSE') and National Stock Exchange ('NSE') in India.

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