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Published on March 12, 2014

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An Project Report On Production Analysis at Jet Granito Pvt. Ltd. Submitted In The Partial Fulfillment of the Degree Of Master of Business Administration Semester – II Submitted By : - Submitted To: Donda Nikunj (021) Dr. Hiren Patel Gadhavi Hiren (022) (Co-ordinater) Gangani Chirag (023) VMPIM Gardhariya Dhaval (024) Gohil Jaypal (025) March – 2013-2014 PREFACE

As a part of the MBA curriculum and to gain practical knowledge in the field of management, we are required to make a report on any business related topic. The basic objective behind doing this project is to gain the knowledge about the directing and supervisionand to interpret its various implications. In this project we have included the various concept, effects and implication regarding to study directing and supervision in business field. Doing this project helped us to enhance our knowledge regarding the field work.Throughout the study, we did undergo many new experiences related topeople’s opinions as well as their tendencies. Through this report we come to know about importance of effective direction and supervision. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT It is a matter of proud for me that as being a management student, I got very great opportunity to prepare the report for the Directing and the Supervision. , I came to know lots of operations and functions of different theories,. I am very much thankful to VMPIM, for arranging such kind of study report every year. I am also thankful to Dr. Hiren Patel and Mr.Mahendrasharma for providing sufficient and required guidance for the same. I am especially thankful to my friends for providing very good guidance for my topic. I also thanks to university and all the staff members for helping me in making my assignment and providing me sufficient help.

INTODUCTION OF COMPANY JET GRANITO PVT.LTD is the one of the reputed manufacturer of vitrified tiles and ceramic wall & floor tiles in India and serving the domestic and international clients on the sphere. As the company is introduced in the year 2006 and manufacturing the world class Vitrified Tiles and ceramic tiles for the last 5 years. The founder of JET GRANITO PVT. LTD. Mr. Jerambhai Vansjaliya deems in producing high quality Vitrified Tiles and Ceramic tiles. The passion of providing the tiles domestically as well as at international level is leveraged by the founder¿s experience and in-depth knowledge of producing high standard tiles. JET GRANITO is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Ceramic Wall & floor Tiles and Vitrified Tiles manufacturing company of India and keeps the quality of tiles according to standards of the modern tile industry. The ultra modern plant of the company has capacity of producing 18000 sq Mtr per day. The production capacity and quality of tiles is constantly improving under jurisdiction of highly trained employees of the company and it is almost double within the last five successful years. Company believes in raising the quality and match to specific requirements of the customers. The endeavors of company is leveraged with skilled personnel of manufacturing plant, very well established laboratory and mind power of strong R&D department. Ultimately, such powerful efforts of the company has made possible to develop & maintain the strong business relations with other potential entities of the tile industry.

HISTORY AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE COMPANY Jet Granito (India) Ltd. has got a hi-tech plant, located at him wankaner, 70 kms away from Rajkot. This state of the art plant has capacity to produce approx. 18000 sq .mt of vitrified tiles everyday. Jet granito has got all world class technologies from different parts of the globe available for ceramic industries. Jet granito has started manufacturing 605mm x 605mm size of vitrified tiles in 2004 which was also equipped by 4280 MT Hydraulic Press, Longest kiln at that time and superior policing machine. Now Jet has added manufacturing capacity by installing world's latest innovative technology which is going to produce 990mm x 990mm and worlds biggest slab size tile 2100mm x 1000mm. We have got specially designed and developed hydraulic press PH6200 and multi layer fast drying machine from SACMI Italy. This machine is supported by longest roller kiln, which is 200 MT long and 48 head policing line. Now Jet has become only manufacturer of 2100mm x 1000mm size of vitrified tile in the world. This product is capable to replace natural marble and granite product across the globe. Jet It committed to supply best quality of tiles in the Indian and overseas market and it is already proven in Indian market for last three years. And now with the new blend of technologies we will be much stronger in the market to supply quality and innovative tiles.

OUR MOTTO IS………….  To achieve & sustain quality of the production continuously.  To provide confidence in our own organization  To provide confidence and service to our customer as well as suppliers. This shall be achieved by....  Strictly adhering to the quality management systems for our operations and monitoring the same periodically for its effectiveness.  Taking timely and effective action to prevent none conformities.  Create the team to train, committed people who is striving forward with ever-growing technology.  Supplying quality productmeeting National/International standard and on early delivery of products. MISSION & VISION:- To be an innovative leader in ceramic tile industry with the power of providing high quality at all stages and retain steadiness to be triumphant the reliance of our Valued Customers Worldwide. Always move forward keeping modern and innovative philosophy to approach hundred percent client’s satisfaction and remain revolutionary global leader. Listening is creating is our idea of excellence. We never get tired of listening to what our

customers want because it is the only way towards achieving creative excellence that is functional. Listening to us is state of mind, which is continuously evolving to challenge and push the limits of excellence. As pioneers in the ceramic industry, we stand committed for Creating excellence through technology to foster the best products and services that fit rational as well as aesthetical purposes. STRACTURE & FORM OF ORGANIZATION Mr.Ramanbhai Patel (CHAIRMAN) Director of Finance Director of Marketing Director of Production

General General Manager Manager (Accounts) (Finance) Taxation Branch H.R.Manager H.O.Acc.Manager Manager Manager (Acc.) Recruitment Pay Roll T.D.S, I.T., Service Tax. F.B.T. Excise, Sales Tax South Zone North & East West in charge In charge in charge Data Reporting Data Reporting Data Reporting Entry Entry Entry Purchase & Sales & Debtors (C-Form) Banking

54 CORPORATE INFORMATION  CHAIRMAN:- Shree Mr.Ramanbhai Patel  M.D:- Shree mr.Amershibhai patel  DIRECTOR:- nikyunj patel

BANKER (1) Axis Bank of India. (2) State Bank of India. SIZE OF THE UNIT Jet Granito Tiles Ltd is the one of the largest manufacturer of the vitrified tiles and also cover major portion of total production of this kind of units. Jet plays major role in total industrial production. For that it needs much more raw material and also all production resources. As it is manufacturing large so it need much more amount of investment so it need millions of rupees to be invested. So it is a large scale company. It is based on the management theories and also applies the satire management concept I their department. Today Regent Granito Tiles Ltd is private company but soon it is going to be converted in to the public ltd company.

INTRODUCTION OF PRODUCTION PROCESS “Production is the process by which goods and service are created to of the particulars product”. It means creation of procurement allocation and utilization of resources such as

material, equipment machinery and labor energy, etc. It needs no exaggeration to say that production marks significant contribution to society is well being. The standard of living of people depends of production of function of a product of service requires satisfying customer need want and desires. It is quite obvious that activities of production system must be closely related to the customer demand as reflected in the continuous flow order. Production is important to the individual organization as well it must can income the organization should sell goods are services, before selling the goods and services must be created by organization.

AVAILABILITY OF FACTORS OF PRODUCTION  Raw material availability  Water  Land Transport  Labor  Fuel and Electricity

TYPES OF PRODUCTION There are two types of production in any organization. They are:  Continuous production  Intermediate production In Jet granito factory is running for continuous process. It is working 24 hours per day with 3 shifts. PRODUCTS & MANUFACTRING PROCESS

VITRIFIED (605 x 605 MM) Jet vitrified tiles are made with high purity raw material and fired at high temperature to give very low water. Absorption (less than 0.05 percentages) and white of white colored body. They are homogeneous and have exceptionally high mechanical properties like the strength, abrasion resistance, stain resistance, chemical and frost resistance and scratch resistance station. When polished their aesthetic beauty and appearance starches all other material normally used for flooring. PRODUCT:- 1) Super Series A). RGL B). Tomato Red C). Lemon Yellow 2) Series 01 A) Jet Black B) Travertino C) Ocean blue D) Pista Green E) Glacier

F) Super White 3) Series 02 A) Mushroom B) Jesalmer C) Teracota D) Jet blue E) Wonder 4) Series 03 A) Daino B) Ivory C) Torento D) Pallazio E) Neptune F) Venito G) Brazila H) Lily PRODUCTION PROCESS Raw materials storage

Bathing Continues or discontinues grading Spray draying Spray drying powder storage Slewing Pressing Draying Printing

Fairing Polishing Fired product storage Shorting Packing Warehouse ORAGANAZATION STRUCTION OF PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT Managing Director Technical Director Production Manager

Quality Control Production Supplier Store Department Quality Assurance Raw material Department Packing Material Department Finish Good RAW MATERIAL & ITS SOURCES  China Clay  Ukraine Clay  Zirconium  Frit  Silica  Kaolin

 Feldspar  Soluble Salt SOURCES OF RAW MATERIAL  The raw materials comes from Kutch, Saurastra and Also from other local market.  The gas provided by government from ONGC(GOVT.)  The electricity provided by Gujarat electricity board. TECHNOLOGY AND MACHINARY

Biggest Ball Mill Ball mill is used to mix the different raw material to make the homogenous slip for the spray drier. The capacity of the ball mill is 32 tons raw material, 16 tons of water, 45 tons of 85% alumina pebbles. The milling hour is 6 hours to give the homogenized slurry for the spray drier. Generally the composition of the raw material is white fired ball clay(Ukraine ball clay) imported from Russia, quartz of 99% Silica, Potash feldspar of 12% to 14% Alkalizes, Soda feldspar of 12% to 14% alkalizes, strengthening agent, china clay, body stains imported from Ithaca Spain. We are having total 6 Ball Mills, so the daily production of slurry is more than 300 tons. Largest Roller Kiln Kiln is generally used to vitrify the dried tile to give final size and the fired properties like final shape, size, water absorption, less porosity, color, stain resistance, fired strength. The tiles are fired to 1200 Co with a soaking time of 8 min in 1200 Co. with 58 cycles; the production is around 8500 m2/day.

The Sacmi Kiln is imported from Spain of 185 meter length with working area of 2.65 meter. Polishing Line Polishing machine makes the tiles completely surface flat with glossiness of greater than 75 gloss value. The machine consists of pre squaring machine, calibrating machine of 12 heads to make the surface completely flat, than passes to the polishing heads consisting of 38 polishing heads to give the glossiness. Step by step reaching final 75 gloss value, the tile than passes to final squaring & champering machine to give the perfect squared tile with joint less lying. The machine is imported from Kexinda China consisting of pre squaring machine, calibrating machine consisting of 12 heads, 38 polishing heads, final squaring machine. The production

of the machine is greater than 9500 m2 per day Pressing machine The main function of the Press is to give the shape of tile from the granules. The tile is compacted using ph 6200 hydraulic press with a specific pressure of 360 kg/cm2. The green tile is passed through a 5 layer horizontal to remove the residual moisture uniformly & also to give dry strength so the tile is able to move in the glazing line. The press is ph 6200 Sacmi Press imported from Spain and the no of cavity is 3 tiles. The press cycle is 6 cycle/min i.e. 9500 m2 per day.

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