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Published on February 25, 2014

Author: hollyanneharris


Product Research Product Magazine Double Page Spread

The font of the main title of the article is in a scrapbook style, this is different and edgy. It also supports the fact that the writing is a quote from Lily Allen and its personal from her. Important words on the page are written in red such as “Lily Allen” as the article is about her and it works as a caption for the main image. The writing of the article is split into 4 sizeable paragraphs rather than being one single column or block of writing, this makes it look like less to read and the reader is more enticed to read the whole article as it looks like a small amount of writing. Because the quote is Lily Allen justifying herself for something, it makes the reader want to find out the story behind it and why she feels the need to stick up for herself. It also invites the reader to make their own opinion on whether she's an attention seeker or not. The black and red of her self image connotes danger and edginess, this could attract the audience as its aimed at teens who tend to experiment with edgy and rock chick appearances.

The main image on the contents page is the stereotypical appearance of what teen girls who like rock music are attracted to. The scruffy hair, stretched ear and tattoos create the idea of rebellion. The word “absolutely” is in capital letters and has an exclamation mark next to it, therefore it seems like a very definite answer. Because its such an unexpected answer to the question which encourages the reader to look further into the article. The interview is separated clearly into questions and answers, this makes the article more reader friendly as they can skim through the questions that have clearly outlined in white, and can therefore chose which parts they wish to read.

Naming the celebrity in the image and who the article is about can encourage interest. This could be that readers recognise the name and want to know more about the celebrity, or it could be that they recognise the face in the image and want to put a name to it. The shadows and interesting bokeh effect in the photography creates a sense of mystery and being different. The shadows on her face could connote that the article is linked to the fact she has something to hide or a secret. The font size of the first paragraph is larger than the column on the right, this makes it easier to read without concentrating too deeply, therefore if you read this first paragraph and are interested than you can concentrate on the smaller print.

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