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Published on March 15, 2014

Author: caitlinejm

Source: slideshare.net

I’m creating the layout for my Digipack first as it will give me a clear idea of what I need to do and the space I need to fill to make it look professional As I have picked the photo I am using for the cover I can now start making the Digipack, I am experimenting with typography and what style and colour looks best and fits in with the genre. I have mainly used the yellow and that is the colour that standouts against the photo the best however I don’t feel it fits in with the genre or the song I’m trying to make the font standout but also pick the right colours to fit with the genre so I’m just experimenting. I have tried putting a blue line around plain text hopping it will standout, it does do this job however I don’t feel like it fits with the genre again it looks like a pop album I like the dark blue navy I think it works well with all the aspects I have to consider, as it is quite a dark colour I feel it gives the impression of being moody and that works well with the Digipack photo. I’m trying different ways to make the cover look different so it fits in with my genre so I have tried adding in a line to go under the text however I don’t feel it works very well it breaks up the text too much. I’m adding in the band’s name I want it too look different to the typography of the name of the song, I also want a colour that will complement the blue so I have gone for a white and I feel they work very well together, where I have placed the white text means it standout against the photo.

I’ve chosen on just black for the colour of the disk side on the Digipack this colour fits in with the genre, song and photos however as at the moment it is slightly boring I might add a photo to the disk I was think for a while what I can add on the inside cover, I wanted to add a photo of my model and not the ink photos again as I feel if I place the photo there is will be too samey I want something different, however I felt that just having a one photo there might look random as I haven’t used a photo of the model yet so I came up with the idea of adding lots of small photos, this way the audience also gets to see more about the artist. I’m unsure whether to have the mini photos black and white or in the original colour so I have used the same photo and changed one to black and white and placed them next to each other on the Digipack template so I can compare what they look like and select the one that looks best. I have picked the black and white on; it fits in with the rest of the Digipack and doesn’t draw any attention away from anything. When I first thought of adding mini photos in the Digipack I wanted the photos to be all in line and horizontal and vertical from each other, however the photo I want to use some are landscape meaning I can’t have them all in line. However now that I have seen uneven I prefer it, it fits in with the genre as its alternative and a bit different.

I’m trying to find a font style and colour that will go with the rest of the Digipack and the genre of my song. I have selected white text with a navy line to fit in with the other text on the Digipack however I’m not sure if I like it together I not sure if it fits with the genre it looks like a pop genre I am changing the name of my band from the original name of the band from the actual bands name ‘london grammar’ to a new name that I have created ‘anytime’. I’m also trying to improve my digipack, before the disc was just blank I am now trying to make it more creative I am adding text to make the disc more visual as looking back at my research text or an image on the disc is a big convention on professional work so I feel it is very important to add in When doing my digipack i missed out key pages, therefore making it an album and not a digipack so i am adding more images. I have also changes one side of the digipack that was made up of little photos and now been replaced with some of the same images just edited in a unique way, i feel this links the digipack together more so they work well as a set and fits in better with my genre if alternative

when doing my research into digipack I noticed that a lot of them had legal information about copyright issues and about the record label so to follow conventions I have experimented with creating my own niche record label called ‘levels records’ and have tried making a logo for it. This fills up some gaps on the disc and makes it look less bare Throughout my digipack process I have developed my idea a lot. I have constantly referred back to research to find ways to improve my work and make it more realistic and I think this has worked very well for me as the constant change I feel the work has got stronger and stronger.

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