Process Economics ECO19311: Hydrogen Cyanide Production

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Information about Process Economics ECO19311: Hydrogen Cyanide Production

Published on September 21, 2015

Author: intratec


1. Economics of Hydrogen Cyanide Production Report 19311 About This Report This report presents the economics of hydrogen cyanide production from ammonia and natural gas using a combustion process. The process examined is similar to Andrussow process. An up-to-date economic analysis is provided covering one-time costs associated with the construction of a United States-based industrial plant and continuing costs associated with its daily operation. Keywords: Prussic Acid, DuPont, Reactor Waste-Heat Boiler, Air, Methane, Combustion Key Reference(s): Cyano Compounds, Inorganic, Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry, 7th edition Report Coverage INTRODUCTION ABOUT HCN ▪ Description and applications ▪ Production pathways diagram PROCESS OVERVIEW ▪ Product(s) generated and raw material(s) ▪ Physico-chemistry highlights INDUSTRIAL SITE ▪ Description of production units (ISBL) and site infrastructure (OSBL) ▪ Key process input & output figures and labor requirements CAPITAL INVESTMENT ▪ Total fixed capital required (ISBL investment; OSBL investment and contingency) ▪ Working capital and costs incurred during industrial plant commissioning and start-up PRODUCTION COST ▪ Manufacturing variable costs (raw materials, utilities) ▪ Manufacturing fixed costs (e.g., labor and maintenance costs, operating charges, plant overhead) ▪ Depreciation and corporate overhead costs ▪ Production cost history (4-year timeframe) PROCESS ECONOMICS SUMMARY ▪ Product value analysis ▪ Return on capital employed (ROCE) MULTI-REGIONAL FIXED CAPITAL ANALYSIS REFERENCES & ANALYSIS METHODOLOGY Suitable for Teams Needing a Solid Understanding of Industrial Processes Costs Know the Investment Required Examine the Operating Costs & Raw Materials Consumption

2. Who Are Using This Report? Strategic Planning Groups: ▪ To quickly screen and assess capital investment options ▪ To evaluate/select independent industrial process licensors ▪ To define consistent business cases for investments New Business Development Teams: ▪ To obtain unbiased estimates of ventures capital and operating costs (CapEx & OpEx) ▪ To assess various locations for new business opportunities ▪ To evaluate M&A alternatives R&D, Innovation Staff: ▪ To make realistic assessments of the economic potential of R&D breakthroughs / early-stage technologies General Features of This Report ▪ Up-to-Date. This report is based on current technical and economic data. This unique feature ensures clients will always access reliable assessments which enable them to make timely and well-informed decisions. ▪ Unbiased & Independent. The present report provides unbiased perspectives on the HCN Production Process examined, through independent and objective assessments. ▪ Value for Price. This report can be bought online for a few thousand dollars - the best value for the price when it comes to making high-level assessments of industrial processes' economics. Purchase & Pricing Info Learn pricing information and order this report at: Up-to-Date Assessments Unbiased & Independent Best Value for Price About Intratec Solutions, LLC Established in 2002, Intratec is an independent research and leading advisory firm, recognized for excellence in the evaluation of chemical markets & the economics of industrial process.

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