Process Economics 08562: Methyl Methacrylate Production

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Information about Process Economics 08562: Methyl Methacrylate Production

Published on September 14, 2015

Author: intratec


1. Economics of Methyl Methacrylate from Acetone Report 08562 About This Report This report presents the economics of methyl methacrylate (MMA) production from acetone and hydrogen cyanide (HCN). The process examined is similar to Evonik Aveneer process. In this process, hydrogen cyanide, acetone and methanol are used as raw materials for the production of MMA. Different from the conventional acetone cyanohydrin (ACH) process, this process does not use sulfuric acid. An up-to-date economic analysis is provided covering one-time costs associated with the construction of a United States-based industrial plant and continuing costs associated with its daily operation. Keywords: Propanone, Hydrolysis, Transesterification, Dehydration, Prussic Acid Key Reference(s): (1) US Patent 8569539, issued to Evonik in 2013; (2) US Patent 20120232305, issued to Evonik in 2012; (3) US Patent 20080194875, issued to Evonik in 2008 Report Coverage INTRODUCTION ABOUT MMA ▪ Description and applications ▪ Production pathways diagram PROCESS OVERVIEW ▪ Product(s) generated and raw material(s) ▪ Physico-chemistry highlights INDUSTRIAL SITE ▪ Description of production units (ISBL) and site infrastructure (OSBL) ▪ Key process input & output figures and labor requirements CAPITAL INVESTMENT ▪ Total fixed capital required (ISBL investment; OSBL investment and contingency) ▪ Working capital and costs incurred during industrial plant commissioning and start-up PRODUCTION COST ▪ Manufacturing variable costs (raw materials, utilities) ▪ Manufacturing fixed costs (e.g., labor and maintenance costs, operating charges, plant overhead) ▪ Depreciation and corporate overhead costs ▪ Production cost history (4-year timeframe) PROCESS ECONOMICS SUMMARY ▪ Product value analysis ▪ Return on capital employed (ROCE) MULTI-REGIONAL FIXED CAPITAL ANALYSIS REFERENCES & ANALYSIS METHODOLOGY Suitable for Teams Needing a Solid Understanding of Industrial Processes Costs Know the Investment Required Examine the Operating Costs & Raw Materials Consumption

2. Who Are Using This Report? Strategic Planning Groups: ▪ To quickly screen and assess capital investment options ▪ To evaluate/select independent industrial process licensors ▪ To define consistent business cases for investments New Business Development Teams: ▪ To obtain unbiased estimates of ventures capital and operating costs (CapEx & OpEx) ▪ To assess various locations for new business opportunities ▪ To evaluate M&A alternatives R&D, Innovation Staff: ▪ To make realistic assessments of the economic potential of R&D breakthroughs / early-stage technologies General Features of This Report ▪ Up-to-Date. This report is based on current technical and economic data. This unique feature ensures clients will always access reliable assessments which enable them to make timely and well-informed decisions. ▪ Unbiased & Independent. The present report provides unbiased perspectives on the MMA Production Process examined, through independent and objective assessments. ▪ Value for Price. This report can be bought online for a few thousand dollars - the best value for the price when it comes to making high-level assessments of industrial processes' economics. Purchase & Pricing Info Learn pricing information and order this report at: Up-to-Date Assessments Unbiased & Independent Best Value for Price About Intratec Solutions, LLC Established in 2002, Intratec is an independent research and leading advisory firm, recognized for excellence in the evaluation of chemical markets & the economics of industrial process.

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