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Information about Procedure ppp avaiable now Act Fast please

Published on February 20, 2014

Author: newbwwllc


New Business Worldwide llc Company Nr 4697147 1220 N. Market St. Ste 808 - DE 19801 Wilmington (USA) skype id newbwwllc ooVoo id newbwwllc Website mail Member Manager i|ÇvxÇéÉ V|vv|â: For a Private Placement Program (PPP) with a procedure that not only provides absolute security for your money, but also with a direct contract with a TOP BANK and an extraordinary income. For your request about Euro 100M there will certainly be special conditions that the investor can discuss directly with the trader after submitting the accompanying documents. You may expect BULLET Program offering 100% to 200% in 10 banking days or better and ..etc..., but we have no problems to provide you a very good offer soon after the reception of the complete documentation and positive due diligence. With an option thereafter to enter further transactions which will provide for the investor regular investment returns over longer periods, to be agreed...! Below in brief the main points of this program: • Direct trading agreement with a Top Bank • The capital is blocked by admin hold at the bank, without collateral, • Contract duration 40 weeks, • Rapid processing / implementation, • Exceptional income. Procedure: • For acceptation the enclosed bank forms must be completed in full and signed in blue ink. • After successful due diligence, the trader will enter directly in contact with the investor and either agree an appointment directly in the trading bank or contract to be send. • Once the contract is accepted and signed, the investor's bank must cause the blocking of capital with Admin Hold undertake and confirm. See the attached form (Letter of Confirmation of Bank Officer). This bank Letterhead is for information only and is needed later for the blockage. The application documents are required to use this format exclusively. Alternatively the client may transfer his funds into the trading bank on his own non-depletion account. Please also attach a current proof of funds ( in top quality scan please!) Feel free to contact me for further info’s at

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