Procedure of Khula in Pakistan - Get Legal Advice For Khula

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Information about Procedure of Khula in Pakistan - Get Legal Advice For Khula

Published on July 14, 2020

Author: zubairali2


slide 1: Khula Procedure in Pakistan “Nazia Law Associates” slide 2: Get Best Service For Process of Khula in Pakistan By: Advocate Nazia slide 3: Consultancy For Khula in Pakistan: Khula procedure in Pakistan is the legal way to get a divorce by in Pakistan. Process of khula in Pakistan is for the Muslims women. The procedure of khula is introduced by Islam. In Pakistan to get khula you need to follow Islamic law And Khula Pakistani law. slide 4: How to get Khula in Pakistan The process of khula in Pakistan can be done through family court on-demand of women to get separated by her husband. For the khula procedure in Pakistan a professional khula lawyer is required who can do manage your case of khula in Pakistan. Khula is the right of a woman given by Islam so she can get separate from her husband permanently. For the procedure of khula in Pakistan first of all you need to file khula case with support of khula lawyer then khula papers can send to your husband by family court with the notice. And All of this process cant be done without an expert lawyer. 4 slide 5: Service For Khula in Pakistan: For the khula in Pakistan Nazia Law Associates is the best law firm in Lahore Pakistan. Nazia Law Associates is providing the service for khula procedure in Pakistan from more than 10years. Advocate Nazia CEO Nazia Law Associates is the professional khula lawyer in Lahore for procedure of khula in Pakistan. She is an expert and most experienced lawyer for khula procedure in Pakistan. slide 6: Thank You For khula lawsuit proceeding freely contact Advocate Nazia. Call At: +923244207207 Or Visit our website to get further details for khula procedure in Pakistan. procedure-in-pakistan/

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