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Published on March 13, 2014

Author: SpeakDawn



In the customer service arena problems will occur. It is important to equip staff with the skills to diffuse the problems so that they can serve the clients need.

Regional Acceptance BBT

 Recognizing a potential problem before escalation  Utilizing LAST Model  When all fails – De-escalation skills  Making it all PCE

How to solve an issue before it becomes a problem

 Customer is reluctant to verify account  Customer is accusatory  Customer won’t allow rep to speak  Customer uses profanity

 Outline a strategy to resolve the situation, and offer it to your customer.  Bring in a third party.  Be as empathetic and understanding as possible.  Make suggestions on how you will prevent this from happening again.  Apologize immediately for the mistake

Listen to your client’s issue or concern. Apologize for the situation and demonstrate your concern. Solve the issue by educating your client or involving the appropriate parties for resolution. Thank your client for allowing BB&T the opportunity to resolve their issue and for banking with BB&T (being a Regional Acceptance client)

 Taking their attitude personally  Failing to allow the customer to vent  Ignoring the emotional  Focusing only on the policy  Falling into a “me vs. you” approach  Overusing “you”  Making inappropriate sounds  Telling customers to calm down  Using slang synonyms for “upset”

Perfect Client Experience Commitments

 Reliable - “I am dependable and my clients can count on me”  Responsive – “I act quickly to help my clients with their needs.”  Empathetic – “I listen to my clients and am sensitive to their feelings.”  Competent – “I am equipped with the skills and knowledge to help my clients.”

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