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Published on March 14, 2008

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ebXML Core Components and UBL – the recipe for ebusiness data interoperability?:  ebXML Core Components and UBL – the recipe for ebusiness data interoperability? Sue Probert Vice-Chair, UN/CEFACT Intl. Trade & Business Process Group Chair OASIS UBL TC Context Drivers Sub-Committee Commerce One Fellow, Document Standards Slide2:  Data Exchange Standards Semantic Interoperability Introduction to: ebXML UN/CEFACT Core Components UBL Agenda Slide3:  Syntax for file structure Structure for contents Semantic Meaning Business Process Models Internationally agreed: What is a global data exchange standard? Bilateral Flat Files:  Bilateral Flat Files 2TRG20 140 3P CAUTO FMGBN ABC INS. ABC Insurance carrier 000110009807161000 980222 PCH00000000 D 2TCG135 90050910709171092051921309302093310937205013252031 5BIS172 B10001CABC Hardware 123456788 CP 9BIS168 B10001258 CHARLES STREETLUZERNE PA18709BPI240 F100015BISB10001 BA 123456 78 123456AUTOBVOL 98022299022201 0000000+YAAGEAA5FOR199 F200035BPIF10001 000CA9944 LOSS P AYABLE CLAUSE 931201 5PAY101F200015BPIF10001BM00060200 T086F200015BPIF10001 PAN00016CAS140 F2 00015BPIF1000198022201 07 6SDV221 F200015BPIF10001 0001CJohn Smith123456980001M194608236S DV221LUZERNE PA18709 5AOI186200025CARR100010LP01NCFDITY^HNNN FY6ST GHTMNGS 3LUEV AINNC178W 100015CARR10001CSL 00000047400+00300000 6CVC178W100025CARR10001 4CVC176CVC178 W100065CARR10001 C OLL 00000046300+000250A5CAR233 R100025SSGJ10001 0001199697JNUYRCjuu&&848789756165 008 0022500+01 LUZERNE PA187096BVS199 R200025CARR10002N7391306CVC1785CARR10002 CSL 00000047400+00300000 6CVC 178 W100105CARR10002 UMISG00000000800+00178 W100135CARR10002 COMP 0012100+000100A6CVC178 W100145C 6300+ UN/EDIFACT Messages:  UN/EDIFACT Messages UNB+UNOA:1+SENDER PHONE:12:RECIPIENT:12:+981119:1142+12+PSWD:TE+APPL REF+A+1+COMM AGREE ID+1' UNH+ORDERS12+ORDERS:D:96A:UN+COMM ACCESS REF+1:F' DTM+2:910214:102' ALI+US+1+6+8+12+6+8' IMD+B+11+AN415:12:5:SHORT WAVE RADIO:BARREL OF MONKEYS:DAN+IN' RFF+AAA:REFERENCE NUMBER:247:REFERENCE VERSION NUMBER' NAD++:25:15+BETTY BROWN, SUITE K:PO BOX 543, HOUSTON TX 75321:TREET+COLUMBUS+ONTARIO+43210+US' FII+AG+ID7321:PATRICIA HOLDEN:BEST COMPANY:USD+FNB66302211:12:5:BR0021:16:11::TOWN PLAZA+UK' CTA+EX+MURPHY BROWN:PURCHASING' MOA+5:10:DEM:3:7' CUX+1:ARP:6:9568+3:USD:7:3831+654+NYC' PCD+9:781:2:12:5' TDT+10+ABCXX72916+40:AIR+13:TRUCK+ROAD RUNNER:16:11:+1TRANS:25:15::US+1' DTM+2:910214:101' TOD+1+CC+CAF:12:5:COST AND FREIGHT TO DESTINATION:FREIGHT, CARRIAGE PAID TO' QTY+46:1391:KGM' UNT+155+ORDERS12' UNZ+1+12' XML Instances:  XML Instances <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <n:Invoice xmlns:n="urn:oasis:names:tc:ubl:Invoice:1.0:0.70" xsi:schemaLocation="urn:oasis:names:tc:ubl:Invoice:1.0:0.70 UBL_Library_0p70_Invoice.xsd"> <cat:ID>token</cat:ID> <cat:IssueDate>2003-02-14</cat:IssueDate> <n:TaxPointDate>2003-02-14</n:TaxPointDate> <cat:BuyerParty> <cat:PartyName> <cat:Name>Bills Microdevices</cat:Name> </cat:PartyName> </cat:BuyerParty> <cat:SellerParty> <cat:ID/> <cat:PartyName> <cat:Name>Joes Office Supply</cat:Name> </cat:SellerParty> <cat:InvoiceLine> <cat:ID>1</cat:ID> <cat:InvoicedQuantity unitCode="token">5</cat:InvoicedQuantity> <cat:Item> <cat:Description>Pencils, box #2 red</cat:Description> </cat:Item> </cat:InvoiceLine> </n:Invoice> XML as an Exchange Syntax:  XML as an Exchange Syntax Does: Offer greater opportunities for SMEs Enable the use of the Internet rather than proprietary networks Allow easier translation of messages into formats needed by applications. But does not: on its own lead to semantic understanding naturally lead to implementation convergence Some XML Purchase Orders!!:  W3C Specifications Documentation Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) Channel Definition Format, CDF (Based on XML) RDF Rich Site Summary (RSS) Open Content Syndication (OCS) W3C Document Object Model (DOM), Level 1 Specification Web Collections using XML Meta Content Framework Using XML (MCF) XML-Data Namespaces in XML Resource Description Framework (RDF) Australia New Zealand Land Information Council (ANZLIC) - Metadata Alexandria Digital Library Project ATLA Serials Project (ATLAS) XML Metadata Interchange Format (XMI)-Object Management Group (OMG) OMG Common Warehouse Metadata Interchange (CWMI) Specification Object Management Group XML/Value RFP MDC Open Information Model (OIM) Educom Instructional Management Systems Project (IMS) Metadata Specification Structured Graph Format (SGF) Legal XML Working Group and UELP XML Court Interface (XCI) Georgia State University Electronic Court Filing Project Web Standards Project (WSP) HTML Threading - Use of HTML in Email Open Software Description Format (OSD) XLF (Extensible Log Format) Initiative Apache XML Project WAP Wireless Markup Language Specification HTTP Distribution and Replication Protocol (DRP) Chemical Markup Language Molecular Dynamics [Markup] Language (MoDL) Bioinformatic Sequence Markup Language (BSML) BIOpolymer Markup Language (BIOML) Virtual Hyperglossary (VHG) Weather Observation Definition Format (OMF) Open Financial Exchange (OFX/OFE) Interactive Financial Exchange (IFX) FinXML - 'The Digital Language for Capital Markets' Extensible Financial Reporting Markup Language (XFRML) Open Trading Protocol (OTP) Financial Products Markup Language (FpML) Mortgage Bankers Association of America XML Workgroup Digital Property Rights Language (DPRL) XML Digital Signature (Signed XML - IETF/W3C) Digital Receipt Infrastructure Initiative Digest Values for DOM (DOMHASH) Signed Document Markup Language (SDML) FIXML - A Markup Language for the FIX Application Message Layer Bank Internet Payment System (BIPS) smartX ['SmartCard'] Markup Language (SML) Real Estate Transaction Markup Language (RETML) OpenMLS - Real Estate DTD Design ACORD - XML for the Insurance Industry Customer Profile Exchange (CPEX) Working Group Customer Support Consortium XML for the Automotive Industry - SAE J2008 XML.ORG - The XML Industry Portal X-ACT - XML Active Content Technologies Council Electronic Business XML Initiative (ebXML) Portal Markup Language (PML) EDGARspace Portal DII Common Operating Environment (COE) XML Registry Open eBook Initiative Mathematical Markup Language OpenMath Standard OpenTag Markup Metadata - PICS MIX - Mediation of Information Using XML CDIF XML-Based Transfer Format Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL) Precision Graphics Markup Language (PGML) Vector Markup Language (VML) WebBroker: Distributed Object Communication on the Web Web Interface Definition Language (WIDL) XML/EDI - Electronic Data Interchange XML/EDI Repository Working Group European XML/EDI Pilot Project EEMA EDI/EC Work Group - XML/EDI ANSI ASC X12/XML and DISA Information and Content Exchange (ICE) CommerceNet Industry Initiative eCo Interoperability Framework Specification BizTalk Framework eCo Framework Project and Working Group Commerce XML (cXML) RosettaNet Open Catalog Protocol (OCP) vCard Electronic Business Card iCalendar XML DTD XML Encoded Form Values Capability Card: An Attribute Certificate in XML Telecommunications Interchange Markup (TIM, TCIF/IPI) aecXML Working Group - Architecture, Engineering and Construction Product Data Markup Language (PDML) Product Definition Exchange (PDX) Electronic Component Information Exchange (ECIX) and Pinnacles Component Information Standard (PCIS) ECIX QuickData Specifications ECIX Component Information Dictionary Standard (CIDS) ECIX Timing Diagram Markup Language (TDML) Encoded Archival Description (EAD) UML eXchange Format (UXF) XML Data Binding Specification Translation Memory eXchange (TMX) P3P Syntax Specification Scripting News in XML Initiative NuDoc Technology Coins: Tightly Coupled JavaBeans and XML Elements DMTF Common Information Model (CIM) Universal Plug and Play Forum Process Interchange Format XML (PIF-XML) Ontology and Conceptual Knowledge Markup Languages XOL - XML-Based Ontology Exchange Language Procedural Markup Language (PML) QAML - The Q&A Markup Language LACITO Projet Archivage de données linguistiques sonores et textuelles [Linguistic Data Archiving Project] Astronomical Markup Language Astronomical Instrument Markup Language (AIML) GedML: [GEDCOM] Genealogical Data in XML Newspaper Association of America (NAA) - Standard for Classified Advertising Data 5.5 News Industry Text Format (NITF) XMLNews: XMLNews-Story and XMLNews-Meta NewsML and IPTC2000 Notes Flat File Format (NFF) Java Help API Cold Fusion Markup Language (CFML) Document Content Description for XML (DCD) XSchema Document Definition Markup Language (DDML) WEBDAV (IETF 'Extensions for Distributed Authoring and Versioning on the Web') DAV Searching and Locating (DASL) Graphic Communications Association - GCA 'Paper' DTD DocBook XML DTD Tutorial Markup Language (TML) International Development Markup Language (IDML) Call Processing Language (CPL) Call Policy Markup Language (CPML) VoiceXML Forum (Voice Extensible Markup Language Forum) VoxML Markup Language Telephony Markup Language (TML) SABLE: A Standard for Text-to-Speech Synthesis Markup Java Speech Markup Language (JSML) SpeechML TalkML XML and VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) - X3D XML for Workflow Management [NIST] SWAP - Simple Workflow Access Protocol XML-Based Process Management Standard: Wf-XML Theological Markup Language (ThML) LitML: A Liturgical Markup Language XML-F ('XML for FAX') Extensible Forms Description Language (XFDL) XML Forms Architecture (XFA) Broadcast Hypertext Markup Language (BHTML) IEEE LTSC XML Ad Hoc Group IEEE Standard DTD Open Settlement Protocol (OSP) - ETSI/TIPHON Directory Services Markup Language (DSML) WDDX - Web Distributed Data Exchange Business Rules Markup Language (BRML) Common Business Library (CBL) Open Applications Group - OAGIS Schema for Object-oriented XML (SOX) XMLTP.Org - XML Transfer Protocol The XML Bookmark Exchange Language (XBEL) Simple Object Definition Language (SODL) and XMOP Service Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) XML and Music Clinical Trial Data Model Human Resource Management Markup Language (HRMML) HR-XML Consortium XML-HR Initiative - Human Resources ECMData - Electronic Component Manufacturer Data Sheet Inventory Specification Bean Markup Language (BML) The Koala Bean Markup Language (KBML) Jigsaw XML Format (JXML) Chinese XML Now! MOS-X (Media Object Server - XML) FLBC (Formal Language for Business Communication) and KQML ISO 12083 XML DTDs Extensible User Interface Language (XUL) User Interface Markup Language (UIML) Process Specification Language (PSL) and XML XML DTD for Phone Books Using XML for RFCs Schools Interoperability Framework (SIF) Guideline XML (gXML) Extensible Protocol XML Belief Network File Format (Bayesian Networks) Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) The Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) XML and CORBA Some XML Purchase Orders!! Removing Semantic Ambiguity:  Removing Semantic Ambiguity Many terms are used differently in different contexts e.g. shipment, consignment, delivery date etc. etc. Many different terms are used for the same thing in different contexts e.g. shipment and consignment, seller and supplier Challenge is to build a de facto data dictionary with an understanding of multilingual requirements including: definition of terms methodologies for documenting real world relationships to these semantic anchors We all build on sand until we can share data with semantic clarity Slide12:  Syntax Neutral Intl. eBusiness Framework Architecture, Business Processes and Core Components Transport, Routing & Packaging, Partner Profile & Agreements and Registry & Repository Global XML Technical Framework eb XML UN/CEFACT Forum Structure:  UN/CEFACT Forum Structure ebXML Phase 2 Organisation:  ebXML Phase 2 Organisation UN/CEFACT OASIS ebXML CC & BP Tech Specs TBG TMG TRP TC RegRep TC UBL TC Syntax Neutral BP Models & CCs XSD Design Rules, Document Schemas And Context Assembly Forum Joint Co-ord Committee ATG Syntax Solutions EDIFACT & XML ebXML Messaging ebXML Registry & Repository CPPA TC ebXML Partner Profiles & Agreements ebXML JCC Slide15:  Standards Bodies UN/CEFACT TMWG, EWG, BPAWG OASIS, W3C & eCo ANSI X.12 ISO TC154 BSR TC68 (Finance) OMG CEN/ISSS OAGIS … Industry Groups OTA & ATA (Air & Travel) MIST (European Trade & Transport) ACORD & GDV (Insurance) AIAG (Automotive) SWIFT (Finance) EAN.UCC & GCI (Retail) EDIFICAS (Accounting & Audit) BASDA (Accounting & ERP) EDIFICE & RosettaNet (Electronics) Biztalk … Slide16:  Core Component Hierarchy Controlled Vocabulary CC Types Basic & Aggregate CCs Basic, Aggregate & Association BIEs Business Process Model CC Semantic Framework BPs CCs Slide17:  ‘Discovery’, Analysis & Harmonisation methodologies Leading to Formation, Publication & Maintenance of the UN/CEFACT ebXML Library of Core Components (CCs & BIEs) Naming Conventions & Rules Controlled Vocabulary of Business Terms & Synonyms Context Definition Classification of context drivers Extension Methodology Describing ways in which components are reused, refined or extended in defined contexts Core Component Technical Specification v1.9 (TMG – CCWG) ebXML Naming Convention:  ebXML Naming Convention Describes the rules for naming ebXML Core Components Derived from guidelines and principles of ISO 11179 and have drawn from the UN/EDIFACT Design Rules and the TC154 Basic Semantic Registry Methodology naming rules Specifies reference dictionary to be Oxford English Requires allocation of Unique Global Identifiers (UID) Designed to support extensions to other languages ebXML CC Representation Types:  ebXML CC Representation Types Application of CC Naming Rules:  Application of CC Naming Rules ebXML Context Drivers:  ebXML Context Drivers Business Process: Process, collaboration, or transaction.   Business Process Role: Sender and Receiver roles. Supporting Role: Third-party roles. Industry Classification: Industry vertical. Product Classification: Type of product or service. Geopolitical: Trading region. Official Constraints: Legal or contractual influence. System Capabilities: System/Application constraints or compliance requirements. Operation of the Context Mechanism:  Operation of the Context Mechanism UN/CEFACT ebXML CC/BIE Library:  UN/CEFACT ebXML CC/BIE Library TBG Harmonisation Group project (TBG17) Take candidate names, definitions & structures submitted by UNTDED (ISO TC154 7372MA), UN/EDIFACT, UBL, OAGIS, WCO G7, EAN.UCC, etc. Confirm context parameters Validate against ebXML naming convention rules Validate against Controlled Vocabulary Harmonise and simplify (July 2003) Allocate unique identifier (UID) Put out results for review (Aug/Sep 2003) Publish, extend and maintain over time CC/BIE Discovery:  CC/BIE Discovery Work underway in these UN/CEFACT WGs: TBG1 Supply Chain (e-procurement & materials management) TBG3 Transportation & Logistics TBG4 Customs Procedures TBG5 Finance TBG6 Construction, Architecture & Engineering TBG7 Statistics TBG8 Insurance TBG9 Travel, Tourism & Leisure TBG11 Accountancy & Audit TBG12 Social Security TBG13 Environmental Safety CC/BIE Discovery contd.:  CC/BIE Discovery contd. Work also underway in these external Groups: EAN.UCC (FMCG Retail Supply Chain) via TBG1 AIAG (Automotive) via TBG1 SMDG (Maritime Container Terminal Handling) via TBG3 ISO TC 204 (Multimodal Logistics Supply Chain) via TBG3/4 WCO (World Customs Organisation) via TBG4 SWIFT (Interbanking) via TBG5 SDMX (Statistical Data & Metadata Exchange) via TBG7 ACORD (Global Insurance Standards) via TBG8 OTA (Travel, Tourism & Leisure) via TBG9 XBRL (Accountancy) via TBG11 OAGIS (eBusiness & Application Integration) via TBG17 UBL (Cross Industry Supply Chain) via TBG17 … Other Requirements:  Other Requirements TMG-CCWG Formal verification of UN/CEFACT ebXML CC TS TBG-TBG17 Controlled Vocabulary for business terms Common format for candidate submissions Harmonisation methodology and tools Repository for storing UN/CEFACT artefacts Confirmation of user communities willingness to converge on building upon UN/CEFACT CC building blocks The Universal Business Language:  The Universal Business Language XML alone doesn't solve anything – we need agreed-upon interoperable semantics for the payload UBL plus Web Services technologies enable the next generation of EDI Cheaper, easier, Internet-ready Extending benefits to SMEs Defines a library of standard electronic business documents UBL fulfills the promise of ebXML i.e. XML for business by defining a standard cross-industry vocabulary OASIS:  OASIS Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards Non-profit Open, publicly visible process Open membership UBL Scope & Objectives:  UBL Scope & Objectives International Applicable across any sector or domain of electronic trade, transport, and administration (purchasing, payments, logistics, transportation, statistical reporting, customs, social administration, healthcare, etc.) Interoperable with existing EDI systems UBL Inputs:  UBL Inputs UBL is a highly pragmatic effort that builds on many years of EDI, XML & Semantics standards work including: xCBL 3.0 (a large existing XML business library unencumbered by intellectual property claims) ISO 11179 naming rules ebXML Context Methodology and Core Components Technical Specification W3C XML and XDR Recommendations Some UBL Participants:  Some UBL Participants APACS (UK) Boeing Commerce One Danish Bankers Association France Telecom General Electric US GSA Government of Hong Kong Government of Korea LMI Oracle PricewaterhouseCoopers SAP Sterling Commerce Sun Microsystems U.K. Cabinet Office US Navy Visa International UBL Liaisons So Far:  UBL Liaisons So Far ACORD (insurance industry) EIDX (electronics industry) ARTS (retail sales) RosettaNet (information technology) XBRL (accounting) X12 (EDI) UN/EDIFACT (EDI) International Standardisation:  International Standardisation UBL intends that the UBL standards should become de jure standards for global electronic commerce UBL is built upon the UN/CEFACT ebXML CCTS OASIS is a Class A Liaison to ISO TC 154 OASIS is a member of the MoU/MG (Management Group for the ISO IEC ITU UN/CEFACT Memo of Understanding on Electronic Commerce Standards) UBL is in negotiations to move into UN/CEFACT for further developments UBL and ebXML:  UBL and ebXML based on ebXML CC TS OASIS UBL Sub-Committees:  OASIS UBL Sub-Committees Technical SCs Naming and Design Rules* Context Methodology Tools and Techniques Content SCs Library Content Forms Presentation Administrative SCs Marketing Administration Liaison SC Chairs NDR SC Progress Report:  NDR SC Progress Report Canonical schema language: XSD Canonical naming rules: ebXML CC (ISO 11179) Position papers Modularity, Namespaces & Versioning Type Derivation Elements v Attributes Global v Local Code Lists UBL Draft Naming & Design Rules Document submitted to UN/CEFACT ATG2 WG LC SC Progress Report:  LC SC Progress Report Derived from but not backward-compatible with xCBL 3.0 First schemas and associated library BIEs for simplified 80:20 Procurement Trading Cycle released for review 31 January 2003 (see Current review cycle ended 14 April 2003 Disposition to be completed by end May 2003 UBL v1.0 release planned Q3/4 2003 Slide38:  Basic Business Information Entity Aggregate Business Information Entity Association Business Information Entity ABIE - 1 BBIE - 1 1..1 BBIE - 2 1..1 BBIE - 3 0..1 ABIE - 2 BBIE - 4 1..1 BBIE - 5 0..1 BBIE - 6 0..1 BBIE - 7 0..1 1 0..* ABIE - 3 BBIE - 8 1..1 BBIE - 9 0..1 1 1..2 ASBIE - 1 ASBIE - 2 BBIE ABIE ASBIE Context Methodology:  Context Methodology Defines how document formats can be extended based on specific trading partner characteristics Takes ebXML context rules as starting point Builds on experience with OO extension methodology, but will be: More structured More consistent Easier to track Easier to automate Require a lower level of skill For More Information:  For More Information OASIS UBL TC portal can be accessed via To join the OASIS UBL Technical Committee, contact the TC chair:

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