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Published on January 17, 2008

Author: Tirone


Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte:  Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte A review for students and teachers in the classroom Borrowed from Each link will lead us to topics which we will discuss as a class. :  Each link will lead us to topics which we will discuss as a class. After going through all of the topics, you will each take a short quiz to assess your knowledge. Key Facts Characters Themes And Symbols Quiz This button will always bring you back to this slide. Key Facts:  Key Facts Charlotte Bronte published Jane Eyre under the pen name Currer Bell. Jane Eyre was published in London in 1847. Borrowed from Key Facts Cont.:  Key Facts Cont. All events are told in the past from Jane’s point of view. This novel is set in Early 19th Century England. Jane Eyre is classified as both a Gothic and a Romantic novel. Practice Question #1:  Practice Question #1 Who is the novel’s protagonist? Jane Eyre Edward Rochester Bertha Mason Mrs. Reed Try Again:  Try Again Correct!:  Correct! Jane is our protagonist because she is the principal character in the novel. Click on each button to explore character descriptions.:  Click on each button to explore character descriptions. Jane Eyre Edward Rochester Rivers Family Reed Family Mrs. Fairfax Other Characters Bertha Mason Other Characters Practice Question Jane Eyre:  Jane Eyre Our protagonist Governess at Thornfield Cousin to the Reed family Cousin to the Rivers family Marries Rochester Jane is a feisty young child, who grows into a strong woman. Jane’s life is centered around herself and the few people she is close to. Embodies the English working-class woman. Edward Rochester:  Edward Rochester Jane’s boss and love Gruff and rude Made wealthy by family money Married to Bertha Mason Benefactor to Adèle Varens Very secretive and sometimes deceitful Rivers Family – Jane’s Cousins:  Rivers Family – Jane’s Cousins Jane’s benefactors when she leaves Thornfield St. John – Minister at Morton, tries to get Jane to be his missionary wife Diana and Mary – kind and independent women, serve as role models for Jane, discourage Jane from marrying their brother, governesses Reed Family – Jane’s Cousins:  Reed Family – Jane’s Cousins Uncle Reed – the only Reed to treat Jane well, died when Jane was young Mrs. Reed – Jane’s cruel aunt who sends Jane to Lowood, incites the Red Room experience by punishing Jane John, Eliza, and Georgiana – Jane’s spoiled cousins, rude and selfish, they either torment Jane or ignore her Bertha Mason :  Bertha Mason Edward Rochester’s wife from Jamaica Bertha is locked in the attic at Thornfield Starts the bedroom fire, and eventually burns the house down Kills herself in the house fire Exotic, sensual personification of the Orient Mrs. Fairfax:  Mrs. Fairfax Housekeeper at Thornfield Serves as a mother figure/role model for Jane Tells Jane about Grace Poole, and the other secrets of Thornfield and the Rochesters. Other Characters:  Other Characters Helen Burns – Jane’s friend at Lowood, teaches her character, dies in Jane’s arms Mr. Brocklehurst – cruel and dishonest master of Lowood School Miss Temple – Jane’s favorite teacher, positive female role model/mother figure Bessie Lee – maid at Gateshead, treats Jane kindly, lifelong friend of Jane’s Other Characters Cont.:  Other Characters Cont. Grace Poole – Bertha’s mysterious keeper, serves as Bertha’s scapegoat Adèle Varens – Jane’s pupil, daughter of Rochester’s old mistress, Celene Richard Mason – Bertha’s brother, exposes the secret marriage Blanche Ingram – socialite after Rochester’s money, opposite of Jane John Eyre – Jane’s wealthy uncle, leaves her a fortune after his death Practice Question #2:  Practice Question #2 To whom does the mysterious laugh that is heard at Thornfield belong? Mrs. Fairfax Bertha Mason Grace Poole Jane Eyre Try Again:  Try Again Great Job!:  Great Job! Although we are led to believe that the eerie laugh that frightens Jane belongs to Grace Poole, it is actually Bertha Mason’s laugh. Themes and Symbols:  Themes and Symbols Click on each of the buttons. When we have explored all of them, try the practice question. Love Social Class Empire Mother Figures Religion Bertha Mason Red Room Practice Question Love:  Love Jane is constantly in a search for love. She is searches for romantic love in Rochester, motherly love through Miss Temple, Bessie Lee, or Mrs. Fairfax, and friendship through the Rivers sisters, Helen Burns, and Rochester. Jane’s search for love might stem from the scorn she felt as a child Social Class:  Social Class Jane often feels inadequate compared to many of the other main characters in the novel. Jane feels that her love for Rochester is wrong because she isn’t from the same class. Class segregates Jane from her cousins on both sides, although it is more obvious on the Reed side Blanche Ingram is the class opposite of Jane. Religion:  Religion Religion plays a huge role in this novel Helen Burns taught Jane a view of faith and God that she could understand. Mr. Brocklehurst’s Evangelical view had negative effects on Jane, as did St. John River’s Empirical view. Even the once cruel Eliza Reed joins a French convent. Empire:  Empire Written during the Victorian Era in England, Jane Eyre depicts a negative image of the Empire and the Orient. There is a constant threat of the outside (India, Ireland, Jamaica) that frightens Jane. Bertha (as the antithesis of Jane) is the perfect image of the Orient. Mother Figures:  Mother Figures In her search for love, Jane also looks for the mother figure that missed as a child. Jane finds the characteristics she is looking for in: Bessie Lee Miss Temple Mrs. Fairfax Rivers sisters Bertha Mason:  Bertha Mason Bertha is the antithesis of Jane. Her Creole heritage, and sexual and sensual nature personify the Orient. This personification is emphasized with her wild nature, insanity, and evil acts. Bertha expresses all the things that that Jane must keep to herself. Red Room:  Red Room The room at Gateshead where Uncle Reed died, and where Jane was locked up to be punished. This punishment haunted Jane for the rest of her life. Memories of the night in the Red Room occur when Jane is at a crossroads in her life. Practice Question #3:  Practice Question #3 Besides the Red Room, what room is Jane fearful of? Lowood School Room Her Bedroom at Thornfield Attic at Thornfield Rochester’s Bedroom Try Again:  Try Again Great!:  Great! Because she often hears Bertha’s eerie laugh coming from the attic, Jane is fearful of that room. Quiz:  Quiz Answer each of the questions to the best of your ability. Keep track of which questions you answer correctly on the first try. Good Luck! Who starts the fire in Rochester’s Bedroom?:  Who starts the fire in Rochester’s Bedroom? Bertha Mason Jane Eyre Blanche Ingram Grace Poole Try Again:  Try Again Remember: The fire started while Rochester had guests staying at Thornfield Which character helps to put out the fire Very Good!:  Very Good! Who acts as Jane’s main benefactor after she leaves Thornfield?:  Who acts as Jane’s main benefactor after she leaves Thornfield? Miss Temple Bessie Lee St. John Rivers Rochester Try Again:  Try Again Remember: Jane arrived on her benefactor’s doorstop in a storm pleading for help. Hooray!:  Hooray! Which teacher befriends Jane at Lowood?:  Which teacher befriends Jane at Lowood? Miss Temple Mrs. Reed Mrs. Scatcherd Mr. Brocklehurst Slide39:  Try Again Remember: This is the same teacher that took care of Helen when she was dying. Awesome Job!:  Awesome Job! Where does St. John Rivers want to take Jane as his wife?:  Where does St. John Rivers want to take Jane as his wife? Jamaica Ireland Africa India Slide42:  Try Again Remember: This novel was set during the Victorian Era, think about British expansion. Well Done!:  Well Done! Which servant takes care of Jane while she was living with the Reeds?:  Which servant takes care of Jane while she was living with the Reeds? Adele Grace Bertha Bessie Slide45:  Try Again Remember: Jane and this woman remained friends throughout their lives. Fantastic!:  Fantastic! Which character embodies the dangerous Orient?:  Which character embodies the dangerous Orient? Diana Rivers Rochester Bertha Mason Grace Poole Slide48:  Try Again Remember: The Orient was often seen as dark, sensual, and wild. Great! Keep It Up!:  Great! Keep It Up! To whom does Jane act ass governess?:  To whom does Jane act ass governess? Helen Blanche Eliza Adele Slide51:  Try Again Remember: Jane works for Rochester, therefore teaches someone close to him. Good Job!:  Good Job! Who is the Gypsy at Thornfield?:  Who is the Gypsy at Thornfield? Blanche Ingram Celene Varens Rochester A Beggar Slide54:  Try Again Remember: The gypsy questions Jane about her love for Rochester. Excellent!:  Excellent! Who is Celene Varens?:  Who is Celene Varens? Rochester’s First Wife Adele’s Mother Servant at Gateshead Teacher at Lowood Slide57:  Try Again Remember: Think about Celene’s last name. Nicely Done!:  Nicely Done! Where does Rochester go after his house is destroyed?:  Where does Rochester go after his house is destroyed? Jamaica Ireland Gateshead Ferndean Slide60:  Try Again Remember: Think about who destroyed the house, and which house it was. Where did Jane find Rochester? Wonderful!:  Wonderful! Who was put in the Red Room?:  Who was put in the Red Room? Jane Eyre Bertha Mason John Reed Mrs. Mason Slide63:  Try Again Remember: This character thinks about the Red Room experience for the rest of her life. Well Done!:  Well Done! Who does Jane help on the ice near Thornfield?:  Who does Jane help on the ice near Thornfield? Blanche Ingram Mr. Mason Adele Varens Rochester Slide66:  Try Again Remember: This person’s dog scared Jane right before she helped him/her up. Outstanding!:  Outstanding! Only one question left… Who was in Jane’s room the night before her wedding?:  Who was in Jane’s room the night before her wedding? Bertha Mason Celene Varens Rochester Grace Poole Slide69:  Try Again Remember: Think of the face that Jane saw, and when she sees it again. Well Done!:  Well Done! Congratulations!:  Congratulations! Please raise your hand to let your teacher know that you have finished. Remember to study hard so you can do well on your exam! Exam Date:

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