Pro-Poor Urban Development: China and Africa Workshop - "Affordable Housing Finance in Africa", Jing Feng - Luanda slum upgrading 07/30/2012

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Published on February 6, 2014

Author: AfricaChinaUrbanInitiative



Pro-Poor Urban Development: China and Africa Workshop - "Affordable Housing Finance in Africa", Jing Feng - Luanda slum upgrading 07/30/2012

From microscopic perspective to macro co-ordination Case study: slum upgrading in Luanda, Angola JING Feng CAUPD

Outline 1. Background 2. Diagnosis 3. Goals and Strategies

Work Partner institutions and Scope ANGOLA CITIC CAUPD Spatial Strategy Study of Luanda (1000-2000 Sq Km) Comprehensive Plan of K.K. (206 Sq Km) Urban Design of K.K. New Town (Approx. 60 Sq Km) Regulatory Planning in 10 Sq Km ( 10 Sq Km )

Role of Angola in Africa •“The next decade will likely mark the first since the industrial revolution when merging economies add more to global growth than all the developed countries combined. In our view, Africa will be a core part of this economic renaissance.” McKinsey (2010) “Africa, a continent on the move” •Angola ranks high among African countries in terms of economic progress and potential. ANGOLA • It will undoubtedly play a significant role in the process

Order and chaos in Luanda Population growth  1866 -15000  1970 - 500,000  2010 - 6,500,000 Space growth  1980 -50,10 Km²  1989 – 103,04 Km²  1998 – 249,35 Km² 1980 1989 1998  2000 - 270,05 Km²  2010 – 350,00 Km² 2000 2010

Outline 1. Background 2. Diagnosis 3. Goals and Strategies

Site Investigation Survey Route In Kilamba Kiaxi

Spatial relationships Kilamba Kiaxi and Luanda city Construction area:480 Sq Km Musseques:380 Sq Km Total population: 6,500,000 Residents in Musseque: Old colonial city Vegetation Analysis 5,000,000-5,500,000 Land Use Analysis Ground Temperature Analysis

Lack of infrastructure Transport :sprawl pattern: Musseques Insufficient road network and indistinct road grade , low accessibility , Lack important traffic nodes have been seriously damaged Some of public services and infrastructure Road Network of Water & Electricity Accessibility “Musseques” Area in K.K. in “Musseques” Area electricity & Pumping water Electricity & no truck water Electricity & truck water Truck water & no electricity No water & electricity Self-supplied water & electricity

Natural Disasters The most crucial issue facing Musseques are water logging and solid waste Case: July 2000, trash dump Payatas in Manila collapsed and killed 218 people. Waterlogging & Garbage in “Musseques” Area in K.K. Águas estagnadas Drainage Channel Waterlogging Area Solid Waste Accumulation Terrible Waterlogging Area

Drawbacks and potentials for Musseques: Drawbacks • Huge Income Disparity • Severely Insufficient Urban Infrastructure • Shortage of Employment Opportunities • Urban Safety Concerns Potentials • Economic Level • Plentiful labor force • Low-skilled level of employment opportunities • Potential consuming market • Social Level • Low cost housing and services for low-income group • Offer social service network for new migrants • Cultural Level • Carrier of diverse culture and grass root’s culture lack of capability lack of chance

Population burden or demographic dividend

Outline 1. Background 2. Diagnosis 3. Goals and Spatial Strategies

Three macro-planning themes industrial Economic revitalization agricultural Ecological background Service Inclusive growth tourism Projects layout Infrastructure Improving livelihood living environment Space resource

Diversification planning strategy Luanda old city (Colonial city) •Alleviate traffic congestion: build beltway around old city center •Enhance environment quality Musseques (Informal city) •Upgrade environment quality : clean up river system , build waterfront parks, connect green spaces •Enhance utility access: build upon existing network, establish universal access to water, electricity, drainage, and telecommunication •Create private-public partnership: form a gradual and sustainable approach •Efforts led by government: demolition of areas with high safety risk, provision of water pumps and other infrastructure •Efforts driven by market: development of TOD and buffer area •Efforts led by residents: other aspects Newly built areas (modern city) •infrastructure is priority •emphasize eco-system

Diversification planning strategy

Transportation 1. Ports – Build Dande cargo port – – Passenger port planning Luanda port will function only as a passenger port; Expand capacity and establish ports in Panguila, Cacuaco, and Benfica. – – – – Port Ground Access Network connect port and railway connect port and expressway 2. Railway – plan a specific route to support Dande port ground access; build Cacuaco cargo depot; – Passenger transport : inner city – Freight transport: outskirts 3. Airport Ground Access – connect airport with ADR expressway 4. Road – 3rd Ring road: through traffic – Corridors: external-internal traffic • north : NGK , • east : ADR , • south : waterfront expressway – construct passenger station – construct cargo station

Infrastructure 400kV Power corridor pipeline natural gas power plant sewage treatment plant 400kV Transformer substation Recyclabl e energy 5% Natural Gas 31.5% comprehensive garbage treatment facilities Importe d Electrici ty 14% Product Oil 49.5%

Musseque upgrade

Through planning, I hope to eventually create a future that will put smiles on the children in Musseque. Thanks!

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