Pro Pooch Cleaning Your Dogs Ears

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Information about Pro Pooch Cleaning Your Dogs Ears

Published on November 9, 2016

Author: propooch


1. HOW TO CLEAN YOUR DOGS EARS Benefits Of Cleaning Your Dogs Ears Keeping your dogs ears clean prevents infection which can be caused by: By regularly inspecting and cleaning inside and outside the ear, you will be able to easily spot whether your dog is showing signs of infection. Moisture (which can create a prime growing environment for bacteria and yeast) Viruses Mites (more common in puppies than in adults) Allergies Wax buildup Foreign bodies Bacteria Yeast/fungus Brown, yellow, or bloody discharge Odor coming from the ear Excessive and continued scratching Crusts or scabs on inside of the outer ear Hair loss around the ear Clean ears will keep your dog comfortable and will stop them itching, scratching and shaking their head. If these symptoms occur, contact your Vet. Step by Step Instructions: 1 2 4 5 6 3 Give your pet a treat to reward them for good behaviour when they sit still before administering the ear cleaner. Start to massage the ear canal, just below the ear so that you can hear the liquid sloshing around. Now the messy bit!! Let your pet shake their head to dislodge any excess liquid. Use a large pad to clean away any dislodged wax. Gently wipe an ear bud around the ear to remove any debris still visible and carefully wipe around the entrance to the ear canal. DO NOT force the ear bud down into the ear. Hold the ear open and fill the ear canal until the product is just visible and starting to overflow. Repeat every 3 – 4 weeks ( A thin layer of lightly coloured wax is healthy and should be left in the ear). #1 Brand For Happy Health Dogs References:

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