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Published on October 19, 2007

Author: Techy_Guy


Slide1:  P-RNAV Issues Group (PRIG) Status report of implementation in Switzerland Safety case and related activities:  Safety case and related activities Safety case Preliminary Safety Case closed (pending deliverable of evidence to regulator) Safety case review with ECTL to update safety case documentation Training for ATCO Service Order Regional training sessions where required Monitoring Extraction of Flight Tracks and comparison of real flight data and planned flight tracks Slide3:  ANSP Data House Operators Eurocontrol Safety Argument & National Safety Case DO200 A + Eurocontrol Safety Argument TGL 10 + Eurocontrol Safety Argument Regulator responsibility Interface issues / ANSP - Partners Interface / Operator – ANSP Interface / Data Houses – ANSP Publication & Implementation / 1:  Publication & Implementation / 1 Procedures submitted for publication on 11.09.07 AIC with pre-announcement of implementation will be published on 25th October 2007 AIRAC Publication is foreseen on 11th October 2007 Implementation date on 22nd November 2007 Application to LSZH Standard Instrument Departures LSGG Standard Instrument Departures Publication & Implementation / 2:  Publication & Implementation / 2 System update Systems in Test phase (according to P-RNAV Safety Argument requirements) Doc 8168 Part III Section 5: Publication requirements for RNAV:  Doc 8168 Part III Section 5: Publication requirements for RNAV Textual or tabular procedure description on verso of chart Required navigation performance Description of path and method of termination Geographical coordinates of significant point to the tenth of a second Geodetic distance to a tenth of a mile Magnetic track to the degree True track to the tenth of a degree Altitude limit at significant points Speed limit at significant points Publication:  WPT 1/10 second Standard Annex 15 Publication will affect lists in AD 2.23 (LSZH & LSGG) and ENR 4.3 CHAIN recommendations should be implemented as soon as possible Critical DME Published (Charted and in textual description) Publication Slide8:  5900 8600 Beyond MSA ??? Below MSA Below MVA Procedure Description:  Procedure Description Validation:  Validation Flight validation / Flight Inspection Desktop validation (Ground validation) with a skyguide internal tool Flight validation of results with FCS Conclusions GNSS available without restriction in both LSZH and LSGG DME/DME excluded from procedures in LSGG due to insufficient layout/coverage DME/DME results from LSZH validated One beacon needed although IFP beyond DOC For long turns (120°), shading of fuselage provoked loss of DME information (15sec memory mode)  will be monitored after implementation Future activities:  Future activities Future implementations foreseen LSZH transition routes to final approach (RWY28 & RWY34) Initial & Intermediate approach to LSZH (tbc)

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