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Published on December 30, 2008

Author: scotthadfield


Slide 1: PRIVATE LENDING PROGRAM SECURED BY REAL ESTATE Slide 2: We want to cut out the middle man How Banks Make Money Retains deposit money as CD’s or Term-Savings accounts The “BANK” then loans the money out at a higher rate of interest Slide 3: What do we do? WE BUY AND SELL HOUSES We use: PRIVATE MONEY Think of it like you would a “Certificate of Deposit” The CTR Development Concept Slide 4: PLP (Private Lending Program) How it works… We locate a property we want to buy We use your investment to purchase the property We have a formal closing and you get a mortgage on the home with other related documents PLP investment allows for purchases with a deep discount Slide 5: Rent Payment Tenant/Buyer Purchase House Private Lender 12 % Interest Accrual Documents Securing Investment Slide 6: Private Lender Program Payments 1) We can make quarterly payments of 10% simple interest Or 2) The interest accrues until the house is sold and we issue one check for principle plus 12% simple interest Slide 7: Our Security Guarantee We won’t lower your earnings potential while money is invested in a CTR PLP property We pay you 12% simple interest Secured interest in real property Slide 8: 12 Month Return $350 $1,200 A bank’s six month interest penalty for early withdrawal is $175 PLP - you would still earn $1,025 Bank Penalties For Early Withdrawal APY 3.5% 12% There is NO withdrawal penalty with the PLP Slide 9: PLP deposit of $25,000 x 12% (simple interest) $625 per quarter (25,000*.10/4) $3,000 per year (25,000 *.12) Bank Certificate of Deposit 3.5% APR pays $875 per year $25,000 Loan Sample With PLP That’s $2,125 per year!!! Slide 10: Our specialty is pre-foreclosure properties with some degree of renovation We know where to look, what to buy, and how to renovate. We margin value by purchasing pre-foreclosure homes with deep discounts from banks before they go to auction We Buy Houses Far Below Market Value Slide 11: Promissory Note Mortgage/Deed of Trust Hazard Insurance Policy Title Insurance Appraisal Documents Securing Your Investment PLP investors have no expense Slide 12: We will never lose/lower your earnings as secured by the real estate Earn 12% simple interest Quarterly earnings statements 5,000 MINIMUM, (NO MAXIMUM) CTR’s Private Lender Program Earnings not tiered by how much you deposit like CD’s Slide 13: #1 Rule: Property liens (PLP investor holdings) will never exceed 75% of the properties fully renovated value Added Protection Of Your PLP Investment Added security: We don’t ever over leverage your investment Slide 14: $150,000 After Repaired Value 75% loan to value Plenty Of Value In Reserved Equity $112,000 Max Loan $38,000 worth of protection Slide 15: Today’s Current Investment Climate It’s not time to spin and watch your portfolio suffer make a difference today!!! Slide 16: We can allocate your IRA or pension plan Returns have the potential to be tax deferred or tax free It’s simple, easy and we do all the work Where Is Your IRA Money? How about some tax free earnings @ 12%!!! Slide 18: Banks Private Home Owners Real Estate Brokers/Agents Where Do We Find All These Houses? Properties = $$$$ Slide 19: Those who have the ability to achieve the “American Dream” of home ownership With Lease Ownership programs we can help families suffering with the market conditions or credit challenges People Who Buy Our Houses Slide 20: This Business is structured to sell properties and pay you off. Your loan is still secured by the property not CTR When the property is sold, your principal and interest will be paid as agreed. The value of the real estate is protected My Investment If CTR Fails? Slide 21: We acquire, rehab, and lease residential and commercial real estate We are a Limited Liability Company We hold properties short-term and long-term We utilize professional property management services The company is a Privately Held For-Profit Real Estate Acquisition Investment Company CTR Development, LLC Slide 22: How To Find Us Office Location: 203 West Broadway Trenton, IL 62293 Office Contact info: 618 224-9503 phone 618 224-9268 fax Slide 23: Our Websites: CTR Sells Homes Slide 24: Our Websites: Fire the Banker Slide 25: What makes our company unique Integrity, systems, speed & knowledge What makes our company successful Teamwork, drive, focus, & hard work Critical Success Factors Slide 26: This program works You can earn 12% starting today You have three options The Reality Of The PLP With CTR Join CTR’s PLP team Slide 27: Option One… Set up a one-on-one meeting today and discuss your investment details Option Two… Complete the interest form and leave it with us. We’ll set up a private meeting Option Three… Do nothing. This isn’t for you. Maybe you know some folks that you feel it would serve better The Next Step Slide 28: Name _____________________ Address ___________________ Phone _____________________ YES! I want to secure my financial future now! Your Commitment Form YES! YES!

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