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Published on February 19, 2014

Author: Sutanu



Private Label Booking Engine is available for a host of primary suppliers like Airline, Hotel, Cruise but think about a 2 weeks holiday covering 9 places with Whole Gamete of Travel Service including sightseeing, meals and even guide. Now we are offering this for partnership. We shall change our presentation , we shall perfect more service options. But for that we shall also need your feedback. Do write us or visit us in .


How we do it Knowledge Base Happy Clients Reduce Time Reduce Cost Accuracy

Features  Application based on an architecture and design that is scalable, modular, and customizable  Flexibility to integrate to multiple GDS, external interfaces using web services integration  Multilingual  Huge content of hotels and tour packages with prices and details  Can be easily integrated to any partner website so as to give them the content to service their client

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