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Information about Pristine Intro SDN Concertation Workshop

Published on February 6, 2014

Author: ictpristine


PRISTINE Project A different approach to SDN Joan A. García-Espín Area Director Distributed Apps and Nets January 30th, 2014 RINA Research, Korea-EU Workshop

Primary Goals of SDN 1. Commoditization of network equipment 2. Programmability What for? • Flexibility, agility, re-use and automation • Seamless integration with infra. management solutions • … and lowering CAPEX and OPEX! SDN Concertation Workshop January 30th, 2014 1

Generic Scenario App. MW or Orchestrator Northbound interface Controller Southbound interface (Openflow or other) SDN Concertation Workshop January 30th, 2014 Northbound interface East/West interface App. MW or Orchestrator Controller Southbound interface (Openflow or other) 2

Inconveniences • Commoditization: Who decides what is the minimum? • Programmability: Only for the forwarding table? – What about data transfer, flow control, resource allocation, authentication, access control, enrolment, … • Complexity: Still based on TCP/IP? – Tons of RFCs, security, multi-homing, mobility, … SDN Concertation Workshop January 30th, 2014 3

RINA, Foundation of PRISTINE Inter-Process Communication (IPC) ↓ Distributed IPC Facility (DIF) ↓ Recursive Inter-Network Architecture (RINA) Ref. : J. Day: “Patterns in Network Architecture: A Return to Fundamentals”, Prentice Hall, 2008. SDN Concertation Workshop January 30th, 2014 4

RINA Architecture SDN Concertation Workshop January 30th, 2014 5

RINA and SDN Goals, how? • Commoditization: – RINA defines the common elements in computer networking • Programmability: – RINA defines the variable behaviour for common elements, and hence common APIs to program them • Complexity: – RINA maximizes the invariants, hence requires far less protocols to provide computer networking SDN Concertation Workshop January 30th, 2014 6

PRISTINE at a glance • Design a RINA SDK • Design and implement a RINA management system (multi-layer) • Implement trial policies to create optimized DIFs: distributed cloud, DC networking and NSP SDN Concertation Workshop January 30th, 2014 External Advisory Board Cisco Systems, Telecom Italia, Deutsche Telekom, Colt Telecom, Boston Univesity, Interoute 7

PRISTINE and RINA Roadmap • Research on policies for different areas: – Congestion control, distributed resource allocation, addressing, routing, authentication, access control, encryption, DIF management • Prototype and Test: – Implementation leveraging IRATI for Linux OS. – Develop SDK, Policies and DIF-MS • Experiment: – Complex deployments, coexisting technologies at once (IPv4, IPv6, Ethernet), business applications SDN Concertation Workshop January 30th, 2014 8

PRISTINE Infrastructure Virtual Wall EXPERIMENTA SDN Concertation Workshop January 30th, 2014 Trentino Testbed 9

Summary • SDN is not only OpenFlow and controllers • RINA offers a new playground for SDN • PRISTINE project just started, to build RINA SDK for you to experiment SDN in a different way SDN Concertation Workshop January 30th, 2014 10

Moltes gràcies! Thank you! Joan A. García-Espín @joanange

Bottomline TCP(L4) IP(L3) IEEE 802.3 (L2) Are all these protocols for each layer really required? VXLAN(L2) UDP (L4) IP (L3) IP (L3) IEEE 802.3 (L2) MPLS (L2.5) IEEE 802.1q (L2) How many layers you say? 5? 7? 11? Err.. Who cares? IEEE 802.1ah (L2) Thanks we have RINA!  SDN Concertation Workshop January 30th, 2014 12

From Theory to Practice DIF creation Data transfer Manage ment Security Multiplexing Research on policies for different areas Routing Application discovery Policy specs Enrollment Resource allocation Simul ators Design and development of simulators New Insights & Invariance s Research on RINA reference model Study different use cases and deployment options Core RINA specs SDN Concertation Workshop January 30th, 2014 Use case analy sis SDKs Prot. analyz Data and conclu sions Experiment ation and validation Prototy pes & Tools Test apps Tools Java VM Linux OS TCP/UDP /IP Prototyping & Tool Development Coexisting with different technologies Different Platforms Android OS NetFP GA MPLS VLANs WiFi LTE 13

PRISTINE Use Cases • Distributed cloud – Decentralized cloud technology; customer’s applications run in DCs but also in servers from offices and home users. – Infrastructure interconnected through multiple ISPs, overall connectivity provided through overlay on top -> Use RINA to provide this overlay • Datacentre networking – Evaluate RINA as a technology that allows more dynamicity and tighter integration with applications (dynamic instantiation of application-optimized VPNs) • Network Service Provider – Investigate benefits of RINA for NSP: better network design, simpler management, DIFs that support different levels of QoS with stronger flow isolation, better security, programmability, etc. SDN Concertation Workshop January 30th, 2014 14

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