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Published on April 22, 2014

Author: billuanand1



application and advantages of printed electronics.

Revolutionary technique of making electronics
•Printed electronics is based on new materials
and manufacturing processes.
•Simple way of fabrication of simple electronics

Printed Electronics[PE] PRINTED LED Solar Cells ©Flisom©UniSolar by……………. Billu Anand 11AK5A0401 © Aveso © Molecular Vision Integrated Smart Systems (ISS) and Sensors

Contents ØWhat is printed electronics. ØWhy printed electronics Ødifferences between printed and conventional electronics ØProcess of printed electronics ØPrinted Electronic MaterialsØPrinted Electronic Materials ØAdvantages ØDisadvantages ØApplications ØFuture of printed electronics ØConclusion ØReferences

ØWhat is printed electronics. •Revolutionary technique of making electronics components •Printed electronics is based on new materials•Printed electronics is based on new materials and manufacturing processes. •Simple way of fabrication of simple electronics components

ØWhy printed electronics •Primary advantages of printed electronics include low cost •Additive Process (low waste) •Low Capital Investment•Low Capital Investment •Flexible form factor •Pe is suitable for solar panels, RFID tags, packaging •Potentially a more environmentally friendly process

ØDifferences between printed and conventional electronics conventional electronics Printed electronics •high cost •Low cost •In this may involve 7 •In this may involve•In this may involve 7 step of fabrication •In this may involve 3 step of fabrication •Rigid •Flexible •High performance •Low performance •High capital investment •Low capital investment

ØProcess of printed electronics

ØSteps in printed electronics fabrication Printing Printing: is printing of Nanoparticle ink on substrate Curing : is a photochemical process in which high- Curing Laminating process in which high- intensity ultraviolet light is used to instantly cure or “dry” inks Laminating: is protecting from outer environment

ØPrinted Electronic Materials Semiconductors:- is place main role in electronics and it necessary to form as ink. E.g.:- any Nanoparticle semiconductor inksemiconductor ink Dielectric. This is a non-conductive (i.e. insulating) material used to block or inhibit charge migration. E.g.:- Imide-Norbornene copolymer, Metal oxide

Conductors:- anywhere that charge always needs to be able to move freely. E.g.:-silver ink, conductive carbon ink, silver chloride Substrate. This is the foundation on which the device is built E.g.:-plastic, steel or even paper

ØAdvantages •Printed electronics include low cost •Flexible form factor •Ease of production •Ease of integration•Ease of integration •Lighter Weight •Rapid development cycles

ØDisadvantages •Less integration capacity (not for VLSI) •Less life time •Easy to damage •Low power capacity•Low power capacity

ØApplications •Solar cells •Printed LED •TFT •SENSORS •Printed batteries(Paper)•Printed batteries(Paper) •MEDICAL SENSORS •RFID •Smart Packaging •Touch Screens •Smart textiles •Logic and memory

•Solar cells •Main problem to use solar cells is cost to use this technology to reduce costreduce cost •Other problem in usage of PV is flexibility can also be achieved

•Printed LED •Using printed technology flexible led will develop •Organic light emitting diodes (OLED) arediodes (OLED) are receiving a lot more attention in recent years,

•SENSORS •Printed batteries(Paper)•RFID •Smart Packaging Flexible Displays Touch Screens

ØFuture of printed electronics •IN Future printed electronics gives Color •And easy fabrication •Colorful wide area solar cells •Combination of other technologies in wide range of applications · PE with nano technology · PE with NEMS · PE with robotics · PE with biomedical science range of applications

ØConclusion Printed electronics main advantage is very low cost so it is used in solar cells is good idea. Printed electronics will have implications across a wide range of industries. Displays, RFIDs, sensors, and wearable or biocompatible electronic equipmentand wearable or biocompatible electronic equipment are amongst the hottest research topics.

ØReferences • • electronics • •

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